1750 to 1760 Frederick Gowen fought and died in Revolutionary War in South Carolina 1776-1780

Frederick Gowen born abt 1750 to 1760 fought and died in Revolutionary War in South Carolina 1776-1780








16) Frederick Gowin – enlisted in the 2nd Regiment on 1 Aug 1779 under Capt Thos Moultrie. At some time he was a sergeant. Saffell, p. 292; N.A.246; N.A.853.
– Frederick Going on 2nd Regiment payroll with Rapes Going on as well in SC 1776.
17) Frederick Gowin in 1st Regiment in SC in 1779
18) Frederick Going m. Mary ____ , he was killed in the siege of Charleston. A.A.2923A.
(1750-1760 Frederick Going of South Carolina – died in 1780).

Gowin, Frederick enlisted in the Second Regiment on 1 August 1779 under Capt. Thomas Moultrie. At sometime, he was a sergeant. Saffell, p. 292; N.A.246; N.A.853.

Frederick Going was killed in the seige of Charleston in 1780, according to “Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution.” His widow, Mary Going, applied for a pension.

[p 2]
Petition of Mary Going
29 November 1797
Mr. Robinson
Major Threewits
Major Hampton
[p 3]
To the Honorable the President and Members of the Senate of the State of South Carolina
The humble petition of Mary Going
That your petitioner is justly entitled to an annuity by an Act of the Legislature of this State past the 15th day of March 1786, as will appear by a certificate of a majority of the Judges of Claremont County Court; not receiving any part, previous to the 1st of January 1793 appears to be precluded by a resolve passed in December 1794 –
Your petitioner humbly prays, as her not making timely application was owing to her ignorance of the Law which does not do away the justness of her claim. That your Honors will take her case into consideration and grant such relief as to your Honors shall seem meet.
And your petitioner will pray
S/ Mary Going
[p 5: identical petition addressed to the South Carolina House of Representatives]
[p 6]

South Carolina Clermont County} Personally appeared before us Judges of the County aforesaid Mary Goins [sic] who being duly Sworn deposeth & saith that she is Still a Widow Residing within this County and Entitled to Annuities agreeable to an Act of the Legislature passed the 15th day of March 1786 all of which appears to us to be Just & true.
Sworn in Open Court this
7th day of January 1797 before us S/ Isham Moore
S/ Wm Mayrant [William Mayrant]
The Public Treasury at Columbia will please pay to Jesse Nettles Such Annuity or Annuities as appears Due to me up to the 15th day of March 1797
Test Wit
S/ Isaac Lenoir S/ Mary Going, X her mark
[p 16]
Charleston April 3rd 1816

We the Subscribers do Hereby Certify that Mary Going is the widdow of Frederick Going who was killed at the Siege of Charleston2 and Defense of his Country, which entitles the said Mary to a pension from this State, & did draw her pension ever since until three [years?] back, & is still alive and Entitled to her pension
S/ George Kickeley, J. Q.
S/ Dennis Gilmore, Q. U.

The Treasury will pay Mr. Burbridge the Brother of Mary Going Sixty-four Dollars 26/104
pension to March 1816
S/ Thos. Lee

Received 30 April 1816 of John Waldron Treasurer Sixty-four dollars 26/100
S/ Thos Burbridge [Thomas Burbridge]
[p 17]

South Carolina Charleston District } We do hereby certify that we are acquainted with Mary Going the widow & Relic of Frederick Going who was a pensioner of the Revolutionary War and that she is still living and at this Time residing in the parish of Saint James Goose Creek in the District aforesaid. That she is a person of good Character and in our opinion entitled to an increase of annuity.
Given under our hand and seal this 5th day of May 1820
S/ John J. Reardon, Representative for St. James Goose Creek
S/ Dennis Gilmore, Q. U.
S/ Bernard E Bee, Q. U.
S/ Thomas J Smith, Q. U.

[Note: Documents in the file indicate that the widow received a pension of $60 per annum until May 23, 1820, the date of the last certificate of payment.] https://revwarapps.org/sc3191.pdf

Rev War indents Frederick Going

Rev War indents Mary Gowan for Frederick Gowan

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