1745 Ursula Going



Alexander Gowen b. 1705 – d. bef. Feb 1775, married to Sophia (unk maiden name, she also appears to have used the name Scythe) – Stafford Va till 1739, Orange Co NC 1753, Fairfax 1768-74, Pittsylvania Co 1773-75


  • unknown


  • Daniel Gowing b. abt 1735 (Note:  listed in probate as a buyer at estate, and living with Suffiah after Alexander’s death. One of the biggest buyers at Alexander’s estate sale).  
  • Sophia Gowing Jr b. abt 1739 m. David Logan (Note:  listed in probate as buyer, files suit against mother Sophia as admin of Alexander’s estate). 
  • Alexander Gowen Jr b. abt 1742 – d. ?  (Note:  listed as buyer in probate and living next to Suffiah after Alexander Gowen’s death)
  • Ursula Gowen b. abt 1745 – d. ? , m. to Johnathan Tyra  (Note:  Not confirmed yet).
  • John Goyen b. abt 1748 (Note: maybe a child of Alexander – listed as buyer in probate, and living next to Suffiah after Alexander Gowen’s death.  The confusing thing about the probate is that he is named “John Going Jr” which may mean this is actually Alexander Gowen’s nephew (son of John Going and Mary Keith Going).
  • Dian Gowing b. abt 1745 m. John Kenedy (Canaday) b. abt 1745 (see new information – suit in 1807 by her children against Sophia Gowing and Sherwood Gowing – found in Virginia Chancery Index – file 1809-001 shows she is a daughter of Alexander Gowing)
  • Jesse Gowing b. abt abt 1750 (Note:  listed living next to Suffiah after Alexander’s death).
  • Sherwood Gowing b. abt abt 1748-58 (Note:  Dian’s lawsuit against Alexander’s estate confirms Sherwood is a son of Sophia (wife of Alexander) – confirming Sherwood is a son of Alexander.).

Facts and Events:

Ursula Gowen, regarded as a daughter of Alexander Gowen, was born about 1745, probably in Stafford County. “Ursely Gowing” was married about 1768 to Jonathan Tyra, according to Dorothy Ford Wulfeck in “Marriages of Some Virginia Residents,” page 133

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