1707 Patrick Gowen born about 1707 of Kittery, Maine, m. Miriam Shackley

Patrick Gowen born about 1707 of Kittery, Maine, m. Miriam Shackley



  • David Gowen 1737-1825
  • Samuel Gowen 1738-1758
  • Patrick Gowen 1741-1745
  • Richard Gowen 1742-1801
  • Moses Gowen ?
  • Patrick Gowen 1745-1801
  • Benjamin Gowen 1747-1816
  • Abigail Gowen ?
  • Paul Gowen 1751-1810
  • Elizabeth Gowen ?
  • Stephen Gowen ?
  • Sarah Gowen ?



TOWN RECORDS – Kittery, York, Maine:
30 March 1707 – Patrick Gowen
was born to Nicholas and Abigail Gowen.

Occupations – Tanner; Surveyor.

Patrick married Miriam SHACKLEY
{baptized on 10 November 1717
in the First Church of Berwick
at Berwick, York, Maine
daughter of Richard SHACKLEY
and Hannah HODSDON.
Married 17 November 1709.

Patrick and Miriam were the parents of;
David, Samuel, Miriam, Patrick, Richard, Moses, Patrick, Benjamin, Abigail, Paul, Elizabeth, Stephen, Sarah.

Patrick came to Upper Chebogue from Kittery, Maine in the spring of 1762. He landed at Chebogue, later name ‘Gowen’s Point’ where he, and others, settled in this area and built log homes among the trees near the shore line. Here, he resided for the rest of his life.
He died on 5 March 1776 and was buried on his own property at Gowen’s Point.

Son of Nicholas GOWEN
and Abigail HODSDON.