Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1620 to 1699

Chronological sources of information regarding Goyen names from 1620-1699:
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1620 to 1699
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1700 to 1739
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1740 to 1775
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1776 to 1810

The following are names of people with surnames that are either ancestors or potential ancestors of the Goyen, Gowen, Gowin, Goyne, Going, Goin lines in the Americas.  Some of the information is included in our family tree.  Most of the information below is not included in our tree.  It doesn’t mean it is or is not part of our tree – it just means its far enough back that I don’t know . . . but since the name “could” be related, I saved the info for further review.  Info on this page is from 1616 to 1699:

1616 – William Gainye arrived on “The George” – On October 13 of 1626, Thomas Spelman, William Gainye, William English, and Frances Mason appeared in court in James City and were granted permission to “goe for England”. No reason for the visit is found. Mason and Gainye had family connections, Ganey had also arrived on The George in the 1616 (Dorman, p. ) with Thomas Spelman. Ganey petitioned Governor Wyatt in 1623 for wages and reimbursements owed to him by the deceased Captain Nuse, describing himself as an employee of Nuse who had paid the debts and wages to other employees since Nuse’s death, indicating he may have been an accountant for the Company Land at Elizabeth City. (Jefferson Papers, Vol. 4, p. 455-456) Ganey’s 200 acre land grant describes him as a mariner seated at the harbor of the Hampton River, near Spelman’s plantation. In various records, William Ganey is listed as arriving on the The George, The Bona Nova, and The Treasurer, which could indicate business travel. Records do not indicate that these men were with Spelman when he died shortly after arrival in County Cornwall, England.  https://archive.org/stream/cavalierspioneer00nuge/cavalierspioneer00nuge_djvu.txt

1620 – William Gayne is listed in the Muster of Inhabitants of Virginia, Aged 36 – in the Bona Noua, Va – Elizabeth Cittie.  https://archive.org/stream/originallistsofp00hottuoft#page/266/mode/2up
Location: Elzabeth Cittte
ROBART NEWMAN aged 25 in the Neptune 1618
WILLIAM GAYNE aged 36 in the Bona Nova 1620
JOHN TAYLOR aged 34 in the Swan 1610
REBECCA TAYLOR aged 22 in the Margett and John 1623
JOHN COKER aged 20
RICHARD PACKE aged 23 in the Warwick 1621
ABRAHAM AVELIN aged 22, in thc Elzabeth 1620
ARTHUR AVELIN aged 26, in thc Elzabeth 1620
PROVISION: Corne, 10 barreles; Fish, 200 ct; houses, 1. ARMES: peeces, 5; swords,
2; Coate of male, 1; powder, 2 lb; lead, 40 lb.
(Source): Adventurers of Purse and Persons, Virginia, 1607-1625 and Their Families, COMPILED AND EDITED BY ANNIE LASH JESTER IN COLLABORATION WITH MARTHA WOODROOF HIDEN , F.A.S.G.

1623 Feb 16 – William Gayne (age 39) is on the List of the Living in Virginia, Elizabeth Cittie. https://archive.org/stream/originallistsofp00hottuoft#page/198/mode/2up

1624 – Rebecca Taylor, 1623 voyage, aged 22 at muster Elizabeth City with Robart Newman and William Gayne. http://www.packrat-pro.com/ships/margaretjohn.htm

1624 Jan 12 – William Gainye, “an Elizabeth Citty mariner” receives 200 acres of land adjacent to the lands of Elizabeth Cuthborne (sp), and William Gapps, land granted out of James Citty, Va.   http://image.lva.virginia.gov/LONN/LO.html


(Also see: Elizabeth Dunthorne’s grant noted as adjacent to William Gainye).


1626 Oct 13: William Gainye given a pass to go to England with Will’m English, Thos Spilman, and Ffrances Mason:
           A Court at James Citty the 13th of Octob., 1626, present S’r George Yeardley, Knt., Governor, &c, Capt. West, Doct’r Pott, Capt. Smyth, Capt. Mathewes, Mr. Persey, Mr Claybourne, Capt. Tucker & Mr fferrar.
           At this Court Mr Will’m Gainye, Will’m English, Tho. Spilman & ffrances Mason had a graunt of their passes to goe for England.  

1626 James Citty Va court testimony regarding William Gainye and wife, regarding the death of a servant they had hired:
           A Court at James Citty the 24th day of October 1626, present S’r George Yeardley, Knt., Governor 8cc, Capt Roger Smyth, Mr Clayboume & Capt Tucker
           1. Steven Dixon sworn & examined sayeth yt uppon the 29th day of July last past at Mr English his house He [?], Anthony Asson & Mrs Ganye cam.e running upp from ye waterside into ye house, & the said Anthonye prayed this deponent to goe downe suddenly to ye waterside, for yt Mr Ganeys boy named Thomas Canadye was stucke in the mudd & was like to be drowned, soe when this deponent came downe he could not see any part of the boy above water, then presently. Mrs Ganey said to this deponent that ye said Anthony did not borrow ye boy of him, neither did he lend him unto him what measure can he make unto my husband, & this deponent saved, I know not, the next day about ten of o ‘clock in ye morning this deponent, it being low water went thither & found ye boy uppon ye mudd where ye water had ebbed away fro’ ye body about five strides, then this deponent went & told Mrs Gany, who intreated this deponent to goe to Mr English his house & and take one of his men to helpe to make a grave & soe to bury him, w’ch this deponent did performe. And further this deponent sayeth yt when hee tooke upp the body it laye uppon ye mudd lyeing over one side & his leggs a little crooked, more- over this deponent sayeth yt were [where] he found ye body hee thinketh yt ye water is about as deep as his middle, but hee thinketh by Mrs Ganye her words unto how yt ye body was removed about ten foote fro ‘ ye place were [where] ye boy was drowned: And further this deponent sayeth yt he could not perceive yt ye said Anthony Asson had walked or gone into ye water to save the boy.
           It is the opinion of the main part of the table [court] that Anthony Asson shall pay for his offence in sending a boy nam.ed Thomas Canadye over a creeke at Keconghton uppon Mr Gainy’s land to fetch his Canoe on the other side whereby the said boy was drowned, viz: one hundred weight of tobacco to Mr Wm Gainy who had hyred ye boy for yt yeare & two hundred waight more to Mr Humphrey Rastell whose servant he was; for that it appeareth that he ye said Anthony might w’thout doubt have saved the boy by wading a little into ye water, & for yt he had not asked leave of anyone to have the said boy to fetch his Canoe.
           finis Curiae
[55 is not among transcripts it is probable that the order of the court, preceding, was p. 55]

1626 Nov 6, James Cittye Court regarding an offense of Henry Gainye:
           A Court at James Cittye the 6th day of November 1626, present, S’r George Yardley, Knt., Govemor &c, Doctor Pott, Capt. Smyth & Mr Claybourne
           Whereas Henry Gainye hath formerly by an order of Court bene amerced & condemned to paye 300 li. of Tobacco for an offence commited by him in trading for come contrary to a proclamation in yt case p ‘vided it is thought fitt in regard of divers considerations & ye porre estate of ye sd Henry Gainye yt there shalbe 200 li. of ye said tobacco remitted & released unto ye said [p. 37] Henery & that he shall likewise have a discharge & release fro’ ye bond of his good behaviour for that offen se & trespass commityed.

1623 – William Gones is noted as transported to America in a land transaction for a Captain William Epes, of Accomacke, 450 acs on the Easterne Shoare of the Bay of Chesepeiacke, nere unto the plantation of Accomacke, 3 Feb 1626, p. 49. Nly. on the mouth of Kings Cr. parting this from the land belonging to the place of Secretary, Sly. towards the pursimond ponds, Ely. along the shore of the sd. Bay of Chesepeyacke &c. Due for trans. of 9 men: William Gones (or Jones), William Gallaway, John Barker, Edward Rogers, & Thomas Warden, whoe all arrived in the Anne 1623; Nicholas Raynbeare (or Raynbeard) in the Swann in 1624, Henry Carter in the James 1624 & assigned over to him by William Streate Marriner; & Richard Reeve (or Reene); & John Robbins in the Returne 1625.

1623 Feb 16 – Thomas Guine is listed on A List of the Names of the Dead in Virginia Since Last April, in Va. – on a plantation of James Cittie. https://archive.org/stream/colonialrecordso00virg#page/56/mode/2up

1626 Jan 12 – Willm Gaines is listed as a tennant to Capt Tucker, in Va. James Citty. If this is the same William Gayne as listed above, he is now 42 years of age. https://archive.org/stream/minutesofcouncil00virg#page/136/mode/2up

1626 Jan 12, At this Court Henry Gainye was plfented before y Gouerno’ & Councill by y Prouoft Marfhall for drunkennes, wherevppon it was ordered that hee fhould enter into bond of his good behauior in 300 1 To: & pay the prouoft Marfhall twenty waight of Tobacco as being the halfe of his fine & due for informing. The fame time Robert Adams was plfented likewife for drunkennes by y* Provoft Marfhall, & y e like cenfure inflidled on him as vppon y e faid Henry Gainy.

1633 a Jon Gowing is noted as arriving in Virginia in 1633. Name: Jon Gowing; Arrival Year: 1633; Arrival Place: Virginia. Source Publication Code: 6220; Primary Immigrant: Gowing, Jon. Annotation: Record of 20,000 very early immigrants, with much relevant information. Taken from Patent Books 1 through 5. Title page states, “In 5 volumes,” but up to 1979 only three had appeared. See nos. 6221 and 6223 for second and third volumes, published in 1977. Source Bibliography: NUGENT, NELL MARION. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666. Vol. 1. Richmond [VA]: Dietz Printing Co., 1934. 767p. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1983. Page: 32.


1634 –William Gayne is listed on Colonial Records of Va. Elizabeth Cittie (he would now be age 50). https://archive.org/stream/colonialrecordso00virg#page/52/mode/2up

1635 July 4 – Brian Gawyn (McGawyn) age 3yrs is listed in the “Original List of Persons of Quality”, Transported on the “Transport” of London (ship) to Virginia. https://archive.org/stream/originallistsofp00hottuoft#page/100/mode/2up

1635 Sept 28 – John Gowing is noted in a land transaction for Thomas Crompe, who receives 500acres James Co. 28 Sept 1633 p. 287. In the neck of land bounding E. on a Cr. which runs between the Gleab land & sd. neck, W. upon a Cr. between sd. neck & land in the tenure of Thomas Phillipps, S. adj. land belonging to the Orphans and heirs of Mr. Richard Buck. 50 acs for his own per adv. & 450 acs for trans. of 9 pers: Jon. Gowing, Roger Arnwood, Robt. Ackerman, Fr. Peale, Jon. Abbott, Lewis Depoma, Peter Brill, Wm. Mallett, Tho. Trunchfield. p. 31-32. Va. Land Transaction. http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/pictures/1633transjohngowingjamescova.jpg




1635 – Aug – Thos Gowen, 18 yrs old., is listed in “Original List of Persons of Quality”. He is transported on the “Globe” of London (ship) to Virginia. https://archive.org/stream/originallistsofp00hottuoft#page/118/mode/2up

1637 Thomas Games: witnesse Leonard Calvert Commission to Thomas Games mariner. p. 29 Cecilius Lord Proprietr of the Provinces of maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltemore &c to all psns to whom these pnts shall come, greeting. Know you that we for divers good considerans vs therevnto moving, have given & granted and by these pnts doe give & grant vnto the bearer hereof Thomas Games mariner, full and free power liberty licence and authority to passe & transport himselfe & his vessell out of our Province of maryland and throughe any parts hereof & to trade & commerce for come beaver or any other commodities with the dutchmen in Hudsons river or with any Indians or other people whatsoever being or inhabiting to the northward with out the Capes commonly called Cape Henry and Cape Charles, willing and requiring all such as shall accompany him in the said voyage to be obedient to him in all his lawfull commands; and also willing & requiring the said Tho. Games not to sell or barter or otherwise give or lend any armes powder or ammunition vnto any Indian or forreigner whatsoever vpon paine of such severe punishmt as such a crime shall deserve And we will that this our Commission continue in force for the space of one whole yeare ensuing the date hereof. Given at our ffort of St maries this 1 2th ffebr: in the yeare of Or Lord &c 1637 witnesse Leonard Calvt &c.

1638, March 10: THOMAS BURBAGE, 1,250 acs. Accomack Co., Mar. 10, 1638, page 652. On N. side of the mouth of Hungars Cr., adj. William Andrewes, etc. Sd. land formerly granted to William Gayny. Due sd. Barbage for trans, of 25 pers: William Burbage, Tompson Evan, (first written Swan) Hugh Price, Owen Doltie, David Williamson, Phillip Conner, Richard Hutchinson, John Dary, John Hvre, Robt. Young, William Sanders, William Brackett, Jane Bedford, Lawrance Evans 4 times, James Abbin, 3 times, William Waltham, Georg Brooke, Robert Plaine, John Goodman, Edward Craortt.

1640 Thomas Games: Thomas Games lived in Virginia on Kent Island in 1640. He was a mariner who was commissioned by Governor Leonard Calvert (brother of Cecil, Lord Baltimore and son of George Calvert, the original Lord Baltimore). I’ve included information from my annotated bibliography which includes the document showing Thomas Games (in some copies of the record it’s Games and in some it’s James, but the oldest one I saw said Gems) put up a bond for Edward Griffin to protect him from being arrested.

1640 Thomas Games – Vol 1 Page 214 State Archives Albany Calendar p. 14
I, the undersigned Thomas Gems, an inhabitant of Maryland, bind myself as bail and principal for Edward Griffins who has agreed and contracted with Peter Draper for the sum of five pounds sterling who also acknowledges in the presence of the underwritten Witnesses to have received the money and that for the freedom of said Griffens and if it happen should he exhibit Captain Clavers indenture, and molest him, Griffens, I substitute my person and property as aforesaid in place of the principal Edward Griffens. Done this 28 August 1640.

1640 Thomas Games: Journal and Correspondence of the Maryland Council of Safety, July 7:December 31, 1776 Games, John, 416.
Assembly Proceedings, October 1640. 91
12th October 1640. These are to will and require you to goe fortwith a board the Pinnoce belonging to Thomas Weston or Thomas Games or any other & there to prohibite any person from Comeing aboard or treating with any person belonging to the vesell & to give notice to myself of all persons as shall offend against the proclamation published in that behalfe. Signed.
To the Sherrif of St Leonard Calvert. Maries or his Deputie

1640 June 30 – Philip Gayne is noted as being punished in court records for having married a woman who was an indentured servant of another without permission of the owner of the indenture. Upon the petition of Edward Prince to this court that whereas Philip Gayne hath divers times unlawfully without the privity and consent of him the said Prince inveigled on Catherine Wilkins a maid servant belonging to him and gotten her with child and since married her: the court doth thereupon order that the said servant shall serve the said Edward Prince her full time of service due unto him by covenant and that he the said Philip Gayne shall make satisfaction to the said Edward Prince for such further damages as he shall hereafter make appear that he hath sustained thereby. James City, Va. https://archive.org/stream/minutesofcouncil00virg#page/468/mode/2up

1641 March 31 – John Graweere, a black servant who may have later changed his last name to Gowen, is listed in a lawsuit. [The suit of John Graweere reveals that there were greater restrictions on the ownership of personal property by black servants. In addition, Graweere’s successful petition to purchase his child indicates another difference between white and black men. Graweere’s decision to use the court to secure his son’s freedom indicates that he was one of the many blacks in Virginia who knew how to use the colony’s institutions.]
Whereas it appeareth to the court that John Graweere being a negro servant unto William Evans was pmitted by his said master to keep hogs and make the best benefit thereof to himself pvided that the said Evans might have half the increase which was accordingly rendered unto him by the said negro and the other half reserved for his own benefit: And whereas the said negro having a young child of a negro woman belonging to Lieut. Robert Sheppard which he desired should be made a christian and be taught and exercised in the church of England, by reason whereof he the said negro did for his said child purchase its freedom of Lieut. Sheppardwith the good liking and consent of Tho: Gooman’s overseer as by the deposition of the said Sheppard and Evans appeareth, the court hath therefore ordered that the child shall be free from the said Evans or his assigns and to be and remain at the disposing and education of the said Graweere and the child’s godfather who undertaketh to see it brought up in the christian religion as aforesaid. Source: McIlwaine, ed., Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, p. 477. http://www.virtualjamestown.org/practise.html

1642 Hugh Gwyn receives 1700 acres neare the mouth of Pyankatanke river (unk county).

1643 Aug 1 – Bernard Gaying is noted as one of the people transported to Virginia in a land transaction for CAPT. SAMUELL MATHEWES, who receives 4,000 acres on a neck of land on the N. side of Rappahannock River, bounded on the W. by Cannatawoman Cr. which runs E. N. E. towards head of Wiccokomocco River, on the N. by Wiccocomocco Riv., on S. by Rappa. Riv. & on the E. with the main bay. Aug. 1, 1643, Page 882. Trans. of fowerscore pers.: (See list above) Va. Land Transaction – Rappa Co., Va.  https://archive.org/stream/cavalierspioneer00nuge/cavalierspioneer00nuge_djvu.txt ,
Curioman Creek is same as Canawoman Creek: See: http://www.hookandbullet.com/fishing-currioman-creek-warsaw-va/

1647 March 6, JONATHAN GILLS, 450 acs. Northampton Co., Mar. 6, 1647, Page 112. At Haigers Cr., adj. William Gayny. Trans, of 9 pers: Francis , Phillip Wattkins, Wm. Starling, Timothy Thrallop, Alex. Wignall, Thomas Wignail, William Smart, Roger Burrough, Elizabeth a Negro. https://archive.org/stream/cavalierspioneer00nuge/cavalierspioneer00nuge_djvu.txt

1648 July 17 – Thomas Gaynes is noted as a neighbor of a MR. GEORGE HARDY, who receives 500 acres, lyeing on the E. side of Lawnes Cr., extending to the main river, along land reputed Thomas Gaynes, along the great river to a er. dividing same from land of Alice Bennet. 300 acs. by former patent & 200 acs. for trans. of: 4 pers., 3 of whom are named: Ellin Sleeve, Ann Clarke, Ann Poorey. p. 177. Va. Land Transaction – Stafford Co., Va. http://interactive.ancestry.com/48408/CavaliersPioneers-005066-577?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fsearch%2fdb.aspx%3fdbid%3d48408%26path%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnBrowsing#?imageId=CavaliersPioneers-004663-177

1648 June 22, John Goneere sayth uppon his oath, that he neuer knew any sort of fleash brought in, or spent in the howse of Tho: Munday since his comming uppon this Hand, more then hoggs properly belonging to the s”* Munday. And specially he sayth th’ he neuer knew Edw: Hudson bring any fleash into the howse of Tho: Munday, though frequendy hee went into the woods to kill meate. And further he sayth, th’ he knoweth not of any priuate place, eyther abroad or att home, wherein meate was hid. Jurat cora Gou’
Edward Claxton sayth uppon his oath, th’ Edw: Hudson did shoote a fayre Sow of AP Brent’s, uppon the Land of the s”^ M’ Brent in the He of Kent, about 3 weeks agoe, & th’ uppon the report of the gun, he this Dep’ came up to him, & saw the s”^ Hudson, sett his dog uppon the s” Sow. And afterwards
see him cutt the throate of the sow. And then M” Brent’s folks comming in, uppon the report of the gun, & the cry ot the sow, the s” Hudson, hid the s** sow in a marsh. And this Dep’ went home w”‘ Hudson to Tho: Munday’s howse. Where the s”* Dep’ heerd the s*^ Hudson, tell the s^ Munday, th’ he had killed a sow, & th’ M’ Brents folke came to him, & inquyred & sought, what he had killed : But for any thing he knew, the sow was not fownd. And next morning afore day, the s”^ Munday spoke to this Dep to fetch the s” sow home, to the s”* Munday’s howse. Who went not; But Hudson went, & came home, & sayd the sow was there. And the next night the s’* Dep’ & Hudson brought the s” Sow to a branch of a Creeke neare Brownes. Where the fores’^ Munday & Jn”
Goneere, had appoynted to meete them, to helpe to bring the Sow home. Munday came not, but Jn° Goneere came, &
392 Court and Testamentary Bnsifiess, 1648.
Liber A. cartyed one halfe of the s”^ Sow, to the s”^ Mundays howse. Where the s” Munday dressed it, & his Wife held the light. And further this Dep’ sayth th’ when the s”^ Hudson told the s”^ Munday he had killed this Sow : Hee added th’ hee wished hee had beene sick in his bed, when hee did it. And further
he sayth not. Sig. Jurat, cora Gou’ Edward Claxston.
p. 162 Jhon Goneere sayth uppon further examinaon th’ he heard Edw: Hudson tell Tho: Munday th’ he had killed a hog & hid it. And th’ M’ Brents men came to him, uppon the killing of it ; & s” th’ he thought they had not fownd it. And further heard the s”^ Hudson appoynt the s”* Munday & this Dep’ to meete him in the night, to helpe to bring home the hog & th’ the s”* Munday went not, but sent this Dep’ who carryed halfe the hog to the s”^ Mundays howse.
Jurat coram Gou’
Roger Baxster complayneth agst Edw: Commins for defam- ing him, saying That he was a periur’d Rogue, & th’ he would iustify it.
warr’ to the Sheriffe ret. 22° Junij.
Sub pn” to the Sheriffe to haue W”” Lant, Walter King, & Jn° Bennett to testify.
20″‘ Junis The Depos” of Rich: Duke taken by Tho: Garrard Esq’ one of his Lp’ Councell.
Rich: Duke aged thirty hue yeares, or thereabouts deposeth & sayth, as followeth. Viz th’ M’ Sowth came to this Dep’ & desyred him to sell him an Indian. This Dep’ answered him, he had none to sell. And then he desyred this Dep’ to goe w”* him up to Wicocomoco, & gett him an Indian, & hee would giue him content. And uppon these speeches they went w’** the Sloope up to Wicocomco purposely to gett an Indian. & further this Dep’ knoweth not of their designe
Sig. Jurat, cora Tho: Gerrard. Richard Duke
The Depos”” of Jn° Lancelett taken by Thomas Gerrard &c: ut supra.
Jn° Lancelett aged 19 yeares or thereabout sayth uppon his oath. Viz That M’ Sowth asking Rich: Duke to goe w’*’ him to Wicocomoco to gett him an Indian girle, went w”’ the s” Rich: Duke for company. And for what truck they had aboard the sloope. The s” Sowth told him, they had shooes, & one peice
of Broad-cloath Sr further this Dep’ sayth not. But presently
Court and Testamentary Business, 1648. 393
added th’ they told him, there was some powder & shott, in Liber a. the sloope ; But it was Will”* Cooks & they could not dispose of it. Sig
Jn° Lancelett Jurat, coram Tho Gerrard.
Att a Court held att “v Thomas Mathews in the behalfe of the
Henry Morgans howse f \j Prop^ complayneth ag^st Jn° Goneere,
att Kent. 220 Tunis / -nt 1 • n 1 . & -> ‘
prnt/Gouernor 1 hat Dcing Called to answere uppon his
\ Capt G. Brent -‘ oath, not hauing the feare of god afore his eyes, hee answered falsly & agst his knowledge, whereby he committed a willfull Periury. Wherfore the s” Tho: Mathews requyreth in the behalfe of the L” Prop’ the s^ Goneere to be brought to condigne punishm’
Jn° Goneere not hauing any thing to say for his defence, more then th’ it was the first time, he euer committed the like offence. The Court adiudged him to bee nayled by both the eares to the pillory, w”‘ 3 nayles in each eare ; & the nailes to bee slitt out, & afterwards to be whipped w”‘ 20 good lashes. And this to bee e.xequuted immediately, before any other busines of Court be proceeded uppon, warr’ to the Sheriffe ad Exequend.  https://archive.org/stream/archivesofmaryla04brow/archivesofmaryla04brow_djvu.txt

1650 May 22 – Jane Gaynes is one of the persons transported to Virginia by ANDREW GILSON, who receives 600 acs. in Rappa. Riv. on the S. side, beg. at a point by the N., side of Tigners Cr. 22 May 1650, p. 243. Trans. of 12 pers. p. 197. Va. Land Trans – Rappa Co. , Va. http://interactive.ancestry.com/48408/CavaliersPioneers-005066-577?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fsearch%2fdb.aspx%3fdbid%3d48408%26path%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnBrowsing#?imageId=CavaliersPioneers-004683-197

1650 July 29 – Anne Guyne (or Gayne) is listed as one of the people transported by ROBERT BIRD, who receives 1400 acres lyeing on N. side of Rappa. Riv., next above land of Silvester Thacker & Thomas Whitlock, 29 July 1650, p. 218. Trans. of 28 pers. p. 192. Va. Land Trans, Rappa Co.  http://interactive.ancestry.com/48408/CavaliersPioneers-005066-577?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fsearch%2fdb.aspx%3fdbid%3d48408%26path%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnBrowsing#?imageId=CavaliersPioneers-004678-192

1650 Sept 20 – Edw. Gaynes and Sarah wife are transported to Virginia by EDWARD WALKER, who receives 900 acres in Northumberland Co., 20 Sept. 1650, p. 248. Abutting Ely. upon Potomeck Riv., Nly. upon land of Thomas Hoyles (or Hayley), Sly. towards Yeacomico Riv. &. Wly. upon a br. issuing out of sd. River. Trans. of 18 pers: (see above). p. 198. Va. Land Trans – Northumberland Co.

1650 Oct 18 – John Goane is transported to Virginia by Walter Broadhurst, Gent., who receives 500 acres, on S. side of Potomeck R., beg. at a point on the W. side of Poore Jack Cr., extending nigh the main river course NW to a point on the mouth of Conawoman Cr., which divides same from land of William Hardigg etc., to an Indian cleerfield, etc., 18 Oct 1650, p 249 Trans of 10 pers: William Hardigg, Robert Beard, William Enson, Ann Knowles, Richard Broadman, Hump. Farmar, John Goane, John Piper, Richard Sabrell, 2 Indians(see above). p. 199. Va. Land Trans – Stafford Co.
Curioman Creek is same as Canawoman Creek: See: http://www.hookandbullet.com/fishing-currioman-creek-warsaw-va/

1650 Stephen Gary – immigrated to Maryland: He was christened Steephen Gerry 2 May 1624 at Talland, Cornwall County, England, the son of John and Elizabeth Gerry (Gary). (Talland parish records, LDS film #0916986)) He and John Withers were first granted 1000 acres of land in Westmoreland County, VA ;on October 6, 1654, the land bounded on the N.E. by land of Capt. Brent and S.W. with a branch of the Petomeck Creek, for the transportation of 20 persons, including a Cleare Browne. (VA Land Patent Book 3, p. 373; also “Cavaliers and Pioneers,” Vol. 1, p. 315).
Cleare Browne could well be Stephen’s future wife, Clare. Patent Book 5 records that on March 18, 1662, Col. Vallentine Peyton was granted 500 acres on the N. side of the branch of the Petomecke Creek and on the N.E. side of the land of Capt. Brent; and 150 acres upon the head of a branch of said Petomecke Cr. and E. upon land of Capt. Brent; 500 acres being the moiety of 1000 acres granted to Withers and Garey.
Clare (Browne??) Gary, wife of Stephen, immigrated in 1653 (Liber Q, Folio 204) Stephen Gary immigrated in 1650, was referred to as “Gent.” with commission to survey 1500 acres on the Eastern Shore (Maryland) (Liber 7, Folio 581).
Stephen Gary and Arthur Wright were appraisers of the estate of Thomas Skinner, Henry Beckwith, bondsman, 10 Feb 1675.
Stephen Gary and William Stevens and others were appointed to keep the peace in Dorchester County in 1669. (History of Dorchester County, MD, p. 31)
On June 14, 1674, Stephen Gary and William Stevens and others were appointed Justices of the county, and on August 9, 1676, Stephen was appointed one of the justices. (Hist. of Dorchester Co., pp. 38, 39)
On October 28, 1678, Stephen Gary was paid 85 pounds of tobacco for serving in the campaign or aiding the troops against the Nanticoke Indians. (HIst. of Dorchester Co., p. 40, 41)
At a Colonial Council in 1681, a petition was presented by James Peterkin against Stephen Gary, Sheriff of Dorchester County, that Gary and others had combined to defraud and deceive him of his just rights and property; that they illegally proceeded in the execution of a warrant; for summoning a jury to lay out the bounds of Capt. Anthony Dawson’s land in Transquaking River, by compelling jurors excepted by Peterkin, and that damage had almost ruined him. An investigation was ordered. (Hist. Of Dorchester Co,, p. 43.)
27 Oct 1675 From will of Stephen Gary- to my grandchild Mary Warner Refuse Neck, 50 acres adjoining my plantation.
Dorchester County is one of the original counties of Maryland, formed before April 13, 1669. Before its formation, the area was already surveyed and home to early settlers such as Anthony LeCompte, William Chaplin, Richard Bentley, Thomas Stone, Thomas Stillington, John Gary and Stephen Gary, Francis Armstrong, Peter Sharpe, John Felton, William Stevens, Thomas Powell, John Hudson, and others. Nearly 500 settlers lived in the area by the time of the county’s formation. The area was also home to Nanticoke and Abacos indians.
“For George M. Radcliffe of Cambridge, Md., farming goes beyond simple dollars and cents. It’s a way of life, seeped in family history. Radcliffe traces his connection to the farm more than 300 years – back to ancestor Stephen Gary, one of Dorchester County’s first “gentlemen justices” who in 1662 made claim to what is now Radcliffe’s land and about 1,250 surrounding acres.”
From the College of Journalism, Capitol News Service on, Friday, February 24, 1995.
Spocott Windmill – In 1663 Stephen Gary of Cornwall, England, secured a patent from Lord Baltimore for approximately 250 acres of land named Spocott on the Little Choptank River. After his death, a descendent, John Anthony LeCompte Radcliffe, built a self-contained community consisting of saw mills, blacksmith shops, shipyards, etc. One project was the erection of a post mill in 1850, at approximately the same site as an earlier windmill. The mill continued to operate until it was blown down in March of 1888. Both the millstones and the original set of interior stairs from the mill were saved as well as certain of the timbers. In 1971 a windmill was reconstructed on Gary’s Creek about 100 feet from the site of the original Spocott Windmill.
27 Feb 1667: Stephen Gary of Little Choptank River to John Gary of Calvert Co and John Stevens of Talbot poa. Wt.: Robt. Turner & Thos Skinner. Vol. I:33.  http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=markfreeman&id=I376136

1651 John Gary to MD:
JOHN GARY, SR. b. ca 1600 of Cornwall, England, migrated with his family about 1650 and settled in Calvert, Co., MD. He md. Judith in England and had a family when he arrived. I have not found when he died; however, his widow, Judith GARY, Sr. md. 2nd: prior to 23 March 1672, Dr. Peter SHARP, a physician of Calvert Co. John GARY had a brother, Stephen GARY, who also settled in MD about the same time. Dr. SHARP recited John GARY, Jr., his son-in-law; however, it is not known if John GARY, Jr. md. the dtr. of Dr. Peter SHARP. Dr. Peter SHARP’s will, 23 March 1672, Dorchester Co., MD, prob. 28 March 1672: “To John GARY and wife, Alice, land on Tuckahoe and four thousand pounds tobacco. To Robert HARWOOD and wife, Elizabeth, and children. To Judith HARWOOD, no more than I have given her. To my children, Mary and William SHARP, and my widow to live with them and be a mother to them and at her decease, estate to return to my children, only I give her permission to give her two children, John and Eliz., ten thousand pounds of tobacco. To my dtr., Mary, wife of William STEVENS.” Ex. friend John GARY, William BERRY, William STEVENS, Jr. and William SHARP. REF: Early Settlers List, bk. O (p.204), Dorchester Co., MD Will Bk. 1 (p.495); Deed Bk. 1 (p.33); Land Grants; MD Hist. Mag. v.37 (pp.316,320,321,326).

1651 October 6, William Gapeing. 250 acres. S of Burcher swamp, S side of upper Chipokes Creek. In James Co, Va.

1651 William Guinsey and wife at Mattapony R. 300a, York Co Va

1652 Richard Games in Charles County, Maryland:
MD Provincial Court Proceedings, 1663-64. 97. That Richard Games did uppon the 4th day of June 1663 assume uppon himselfe to pay…………….
Charles County,MD;
Memd John Gaines Patent Spring plain Dated 30°” June 1668 – 5OAcres in Charles County
John Gaines Patent St Patricks Hill 26th May 1664 – 300Acres in Cha: Coty
( John Wheeler obtained a patent 10 July 1663 for 4000 acres of land,”Wheeler’s Choice”, in Charles County. )
William Edde maketh oath that about the Middle of October last being requested by mr Geo: Mee for that purpose he
willed one Richard Gaines Servant to John Cornelius to tell his Master that the Said Mr Mee did expect him the Said
Gaines to be returned to him againe for that the Servant which the Said Mee had from Cornelius in Exchange for him
was not an able Servant according to the bargaine or to that Effect.
Sworne in open Court 22 January 1652

1652 Alex Gwyn transported: THOMAS DODFORD, 100 acs. in the Easterne branch of Eliz. Riv. on the N. side of same. 11 Mar. 1652, p. 31. Trans, of 2 pers: Alex. Gwyn, Eliz. Browne.

1652 Griffin Gwin transported: EDWARD CANNON & THOMAS ALLEN, 520 acs. Low. Norf. Co., in Linhaven parish, 11 Mar. 1652, p. 190. Beg. on a branch of Mr. Woodhouse’s dam. Trans, of 11 pers: Isaac Worgan, Mary Shewell, Anne Littleton, Tho.
Allen, Griffin Gwin, Geo. Beasly, Henry Shade, Sarah a maid servant, John Maiden, Richard Lee, Thomas Anthony.

1652 Aug 14 – Thomas Gayne is transported to Virginia by NICHO. GEORGE, THOMAS TABERER & HUMPHRY CLARKE, for 900 acres, beg. at the mouth on N. side of a branch where Francis England’s land endeth &c. cross the branch &c. to the great swamp, being the :first branch of the black water, etc. Trans. of 18 pers: (Jane Bayley, Willm. Thomas, John Mackan, Thomas Walker, Mary Burdyken (?), George Mountford, Robert Giles, Hannah his wife, Hannah his daughter, Thomas Holmes, Mary Johns, , John Corvent, SarahDugort, John Sheeres, Richard Dauson, Thomas Gayne, John Dalton, Joshua Taberer. ). p. 278. Va. Land Trans – Francis England’s land.

1653 Apr 14 – Wm. Gowin is transported to Virginia by Mr. William Hoccaday, who receives 1000 acres in York Co, near the head of Ware Creek, NW by N upon a former devdt and NW by N towards Warany Cr Trans of 20 pers: (Alexander Watson, Wm Mackgahye, Andrew Sharpe, Jane Johnson, Randall ____, Isabell Grace, Mary Reeise (?), Tomason Madero (or Maders), Mary Graham, James _____, Edward Hodge, Richard Gillman, Willm. Moline, Fra. Peppett, Richard Jones, Michaell Barrow, Richard Moore, Joane Rivers, Ja. Nicholson, Wm. Gowin). Renewed 20 Nov. 1654. p. 257. 14 Apr 1653, p. 89. Va. Land Trans – Stafford Co, Va.

1653 FRAN. GOWER, 280 acs. Lancaster Co., 15 Nov. 1653, p. 56. S. side Rappa. Riv. on Ewd. side of Hodskins Cr., running W. by S. &c. Trans, of 6 pers: William James, Ann Bartlett, Alice Peeter, Ann Taylor.

1653 COL. HUGH GWYNN, 200 acs. Lancaster Co., upon N. side of Pieantank Riv., 26 Feb. 1653, p. 47. W. N. W. upon a creek dividing this from land of Col. John Mattron, S. E. upon land of Maj. George Read & S. S. W. upon the River. Trans, of 4 pers: Peter Cade, Hum. Higgens, Susan Barker, Susan Hillery.

1653 or 1654 June 8 COL. ARGOLL YARDLY, 2,000 acs. in Ackomack in Northpton. Co., 8 June 1654, p. 269. Bounded on the Westerne pts. on a former devdt. of sd. Yardly, S. on land of Lt. John Savidge & Nly. on land of Capt. Stone. Trans, of 40 pers: Scippia Hackerly, Wm. Band, Robt. Tower, James Palmer, Wm. Richards, And. Gread, Hen. Peirce, Nich. Graddon, John Wilson, Joan Packer, Thorand Thomas, Geo. Demey, Joan Demey, Edm. Krimy, Walter Blake, Roger Bushe, Mich. Hawkins, Wm. Lane, John Webber, John Poole, John Lee, Richard Phillips, Gilbert Welch, John Gill, Zach. Downman, Cressell Downman, Elias Hackerly, Wm. Mule, Hum. Jeckleston, John Beckett, Rice Rammell, Rob. Parramore, Phil. Cantrel, Anto. Towton, Robt. Gayny, Samll. Sellick, Win. Sweet, Hum. Sayne, Howel Merrick, Rob. Roberts.

1654 ELIZABETH GWIN, 700 acs. Isle of Wight Co., 23 Mar. 1654, p. 315. About 2 mi. up the lower bay, on the W. side, beg. at a small Hand called Bennetts Park, adj. land of Sam Jackson &c, running to Goose Hill Cr. & to Seawards Cr. Due as Exix. of Hugh Gwin, who patented the land 3 Mar. 1640.

1654 William Ginings transp by VALLENTINE PATTEN, 1000 acs. Westmoreland Co., 6 June 1654, p. 272. Upon the S. & N. at the head of Oqui River, W. S. W. along land of Richard Codsford, etc. Trans, of 20 pers: Gowry Macalster, John Macal-
ster, Hector Macalster, Daniel Grey, John Wright, John Cook, Tho. Levin, Wm. Gage, Robt. Poynter, Joan Hoote, Henry Odell, Ann Childe (a Childe ?), Rich. Welch, Wm. Ginings, Mich. Upchurch, Fra. Shelton, Tho. Green, John Barkeworth, James Collett, Thomas Wood.

1654 Wm Gopeinge sells 100a to Jno King on Chipoaks Creek in Surry Co Va.

1654 Oct 6 – Bernard Geines and Eliz. Geines are transported to Virginia by R. (Rowland) LAWSON, who receives 400 acres upon S. side of Rappa. Riv., beg. at Eastmost extent of the land of Geo. Eaton, etc., unto sd. Lawson’s former grant &c. 6 Oct. 1654, p. 299. Trans. of 8 pers: (Geo. Eaton, Lawson’s, Trans of -Mary Palmer, Rose Love, Fra. Plumer, Thomas Jones, Roger Clatworth, Dennis Foard, Bernard Geines, Eliz. Geines) p. 297. Va. Land Trans – Rappa Co. http://interactive.ancestry.com/48408/CavaliersPioneers-005066-577?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fsearch%2fdb.aspx%3fdbid%3d48408%26path%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnBrowsing#?imageId=CavaliersPioneers-004785-297

1655 Fran Gower – p,36. Grant,14th June 1655, by Edward Digges, Esq., to Fran Gower (sic) 530 acres situated in Co* of Lane, on S, side of Rappa. River on the Eastward side of Hodskins Creek, 250 aores of this formerly granted Mr. Ja Williamson who assigned it to Goare (sic). Refers further to Francis Goare, 280 aores of this patent aok. in Court by Francis Gower unto Thomas Pettit. signed Edward Digges W Claiborne Seer
Rec. 23 September 1656. (Pg. 10) http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1655 Francis Goure – p.76. Appraisal of est. of Tho Meade late deod July 14th 1655. Total val. 17502 tobo, signed Ambrose Meather. Toby Hurst-Francis Goure Tho Robinson Reo ” 10 die 9bris 1655. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg 19) http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1655 Edward Gover and Thomas Glower – Order Book #2. 20th August 1655. page 33. 63 Mr Thomas his cert for Land 200 acres due to Wm Thomas assigned to Col.Mottram for transportation of following into colony. Lydia Sayer, Edward Gover (Gower ? ), Thomas Glower Lyonell Britton (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. II. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 63) http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1655 Richard Gower – p, 198, Will Tioknor gives bill to Mr Tho Griffith or Richard Gower or either of them for 2000 lb “sweet soented tobacco in cask to bo sorted tho one part of tho plant tho one way and tho other way tho sd tobaooo to be of my own crop x x to be paid 10 October next.” Dat. 26 Dec 1655. Wit, Rogor Radford signed Will Tignor George Holmes Roo, 1st 8ber 1659. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1655 Oct 3: JOHN HINMAN, 800 acs. Northampton Co., 3 Oct. 1655, p. 2, (2). At Anancock Cr., bounded on the Southern parts by the head branch of sd. Cr. & on W. by line extending towards Chiccanssecks Cr. Trans, of 16 pers: John Knight, Eliz. Johnson, Ro. Wright, Miles Gray, Jane Williams, Rich. Gardner, John Dye, Richd. Gayney, Tho. Thorowgood, Alex. Bromley, John Farmer, Tho. Collier, Rob. Rose, Mary Poole, Joane Willms. (Williams), Joane Hodges.

1656 Francis Goare – p, 112. Francis Goare sells 280 aores to Thomas Pettit, Mr Andrew Gilson Mr George Taylor. Reo. 23rd June 1656. “We Thomas Williams & Alexander Porteus assign our right & title to within specified Land to James Williamson.” Datod 6th Aug. – -.signed Thomas Williams his mark Alex Porteus Recorded 23rd Sept 1656, Note: Th© above entries are not altogether clear. B.F. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 30) http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1656 Francis Gaines – p. 38. Will of William Carne. Dated 18th July 1656. To John Waterman and Willm Frisle debt due from Thomas Berfoot. Refers to debts due him from Francis Gaines, Dunkyn Roy, Geo Affeld, John C- -, Patriok Miller, James Bonner, John Bell, Richard Harper, Desires that debts be paid, due by him to Lout Coll Ellis (?), Andrew Cerliff and to Coll Guinn. Wit. John Bell signed the mark of Willm Carne the mark of Jo Needles “Postoript In case the sd Willm Frizell be alive it doth belong half to him if not it doth belong all to Jo Waterman,” Reoordod 23rd September 1656, (Pg. 10)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1656 George Gaynes is noted to have been transported to Maryland. 5:260 Film No: Transported 1656; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1656 March 25, George Mason receives 900a in Northumberland Co near land of Richard Codsford, south of Quiough River (for transport of 18 people). George Mason is a future neighbor of the Thomas, John, William and James Gowing.

1656 WILLIAM GOWERS, 300 acs. Northampton Co., 27 Mar. 1656, p. 21, (33). Ely. upon Deepe Cr. & Sly. towards Chissenessecks. Trans, of 6 pers: Occome, Tonye, Duke, Robin, Tom, Brunke, Negroes, assigned by Col. Scarburgh.

1657 October 25-Mihill Gowen, a black servant, receives his freedom in Virginia. The Manumission of Mihill Gowen. [Christopher Stafford decided to free his black servant, Mihill Gowen, in his will. Stafford’s sister, Amy Barnhouse, carried out his wishes in 1657. The widow Barnhouse also freed Mihill Gowen‘s son, William. She did not free her enslaved woman, who was William‘s mother.]  Bee itt known unto all Christian people that whereas Mihill Gowen Negro of late servant to my Brother Xopher Stafford deced by his last will & Testament bearing Date the 18 of Jan 1654 had his freedom given unto him after the expiration of 4 yeares service unto my uncle Robert Stafford Therefore know all whom itt may concern that I Anne Barnehouse for divers good couses mee hereunto moving doe absolutely quitt & discharge the sd Mihill Gowen from any service & for ever sett him free from any claim of service either by mee or any one my behalf as any part or parcell of my Estate that my be claimed by mee the said Amy Barnhouse my heyres Exers Admrs or Assignes as witness my hand this 25 Oct 1657 Amy (AB) Barnhouse Bee itt knowne unto all Xcian people that I Ame Barnehouse of Martins hundred widdow for divers good causes & consideracons mee hereunto moving hath given unto Mihill Gowen Negro hee being att this time servant unto Robert Stafford a Male child borne the 25 Aug 1655 of the body of my Negro Prosta being baptised by Mr. Edward Johnson 2 Sept 1655 & named William & I the said Amy Barnhouse doth bind my selfe my heyres Exer Admr & Ass never to trouble or molest the said Mihill Gowin or his sone William or demand any service of the said Mihill or his said sone William In wittnes whereof I have caused this to be made & done I hereunto sett my hand & Seale this present 16 Sept 1655 Amy (AB) Barnhouse. Source: York County Deeds, Orders, and Wills (3) 16, 26 January 1657/8.
Mihil Gowen, a slave of Christopher Stafford of York County, Virginia, was given his freedom September 16, 1657 in two declarations made by Anne Barnhouse, sister of Stafford. The declarations, recorded in “York County, Virginia Wills, Deeds and Orders, 1657-1659,” made after the death of Stafford and after Mihil Gowen had served an additional four years with Robert Stafford, read:
“I, Anne Barnhouse of Martin Hundred, widow, have given Mihil Gowen, Negro, at this time servant to Robert Stafford, a male child born 25 August 1655 of the body of my Negro, Prossa, being baptized by Mr. Edward Johnson 25 September 1655 and named William, and I bind myself never to trouble Mihil Gowen or his son, William or demand any service of them. 16 September 1657.”
Mihil Gowen, Negro, of late serving my brother Xtopher Stafford, dcsd, by his last will & testament, had his freedom given him after the expiration of 4 years service to my uncle, Robert Stafford. I, Anne Barnhouse do absolve, quit and discharge the said Mihil Gowen from my service 25 October 1657. A. B. [The mark of Anne Barnhouse]. Witnesses: Arthur Dickenson Joseph Albrighton”. It is estimated that Mihil Gowen was born about 1630, place and parents unknown. Some think John Graweare may have been his father.

1658 May 17 – Christian Gorein is transported to Virginia by Rice Jones, and Anthony Jackman, Mr. Miles Dixon, who receive 1040 acres in Rappa Co, on S. side of Rappa R. 17 May 1658. p. 277 (378). Beg nigh the edge of the great swampe or main pocosan, part of same bounded with marked trees belonging to Mr. Miles Dixon, nigh Matapawny Path near head of Dedmans Cr and Trans of 20 pers: (Edward Howgrave, John Anderton, James Payne, , James Fossett, Thos Bowman, Priscilla Holloway, Alice Kinge, Mary Floyd, Mary ____, Eliz Farme, Edward Allen, Thos Gill, Robert Doore, John Cox, Fra. Overton, Susanna Nurse, Wm Matthews, Fran. Morgans, Doris (?) Williams, Adam Higgison, Christian Gorein) , Renewed 13 Jan 1661. p. 391. Va. Land Trans – Rappa Co. , Va.

1658 Mary Goyse (or Goyne) E. side of Chickacone Riv., N.Wly. upon land of Jacob Contancean & Col. Mattrom, dee’d., running by Mr. Chandlers land & N.Ely, upon a line dividing it from land of Doctr. Russell.

1660 Clement Gaun is transported to Maryland – source: AA:486 Film No:SR 8200; Transported in 1660; Transcript: 6:268 [SR 7348]; MSA SC 4341-3776. http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1661 Thos Gaynor – p, 235, Bristoll, Indenturo made 21st June 1661. Thos Gaynor agrees to serve George Hanoooke, from date hereof until his first noxt arrival at Virginia, and after for four years, “In consideration whereof the sd master doth hereby covenant and grant to and with the sd servant to pay for his passing and to find and allow him meat drink apparroll Lodging with other nocossarys during the sd terme and at tho end of the sd term© to pay unto him one ax one hoe one years provision double apparell fifty acres of land according to the Custome of the Country”
“Inrolled upon record signed Tho Gaynor according to the custome of tho sd City the City seale” Witness And Hayes Reoorded 1st April 1662, (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pag 71)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1661 Sept 25 an Arthur Severne is indentured to John Gowing, for 4 years in Virginia, according to the Bristol Register.

1662 March 8 – John Gynes is listed as a buyer of land in a land transaction by JOHN STANUP, who receives 1350 acres in New Kent Co., 18 Mar. 1662, p. 238, (158). S. side of Yorke Riv., beg. at corner by Henry Ashwells path, running S.W. by S. &c. to corner by John Basbies path, thence S. Ely. to Thomas Collings corner &c., including 1750 acs. granted to Martin Baker 28 Nov. 1658, 300 acs. of which sd. Baker sold to Tho. Tilsey & 100 acs. to Jno. Gynes (?), which is excepted out of the bounds according to the bills of sale from Baker; 1350 acs. assigned sd. Stanup by sd. Baker. New Kent Co, Va.

1662 Evan Gwyn is transported to Maryland. Source: AA:186 Film No: Service by 1662; Transcript: 5:529; MSA SC 4341. http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1662 and 1663 Elizabeth Gaynes is transported to Maryland. Source: CC:71 Film No: Transported between 1662 & 1663; Transcript: 7:81; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1663 Arthur Gwyn is transported to Maryland. Source: AA:269-70 Film No: Transported himself 1663; Transcript: 5:607; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1663 John Gwyn is transported to Maryland. Source: 5:307 Film No: Transported by 1663; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1663 WM. GOWERS, 600 acs. Accomacke Co., 23 Feb. 1663, p. 274, (222). At Hunting Cr., bounding on land of Richard Hill, Senr., running Ely. up the Cr. & Sly. towards Deep Cr. Trans, of 12 pers: Tho. White, JefTry Moore, Margt. Mathews, Evan Powell, Tho. Smith, Owin Hopkins, Alice Wilson, Martha Atkins, John Walford, Jone Powell, John Mackton, Jno. Evans.  https://archive.org/stream/cavalierspioneer00nuge/cavalierspioneer00nuge_djvu.txt

1664 Richad Gower – p, 306. Richard Gower, John Miller, Will Howson, James Holland, John Stone and Hugh Nodon, all of London, morohants, appoint Mr. Will Hall, Commander of the ship Providence and Mr James Sumpner (?) or either of them attornoys to oolloot debts eto,, in Va,, duo on cargoes sent last yoar and consigned to tho sd. Will Hall and James Sumpner and to Mr Leonard Howson. Dated 22 Oot, 1664, signed Rich Gower James Holland Wit, Rioh Morrys Jo Miller John Stone Edmon Sheldon Will Howson Hugh Nodon Tho Johnson “Edmond Sheldon this day did swear before mo that he saw the several persons x x sign seal and deliver the within written Letter of Attorney” Dated May 12th 1665, signed Hen Corbyn Recorded 20th May 1665, (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 92). http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1664 Rich Gower – An Invoice of goods left in tho hands of Mr Ra Travers May the 26th 1664 is his ingagemt to bo accountable for the sd goods to Mr Rich Gower & Company 15.11.9 (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 92)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1664 Rich Gower – p,310. Goods of Mr Rich Gower consigned to Mr Potter
To 36 yds of red ootton at 21 d pr yd 3, 0. 6
To 50 Ells of Canvas at 15 d per Ell 3, 12. 6
eto. x x x
Total 28. 6. 11
(Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg 94)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1665 Rich. Gower – p, 307, “A list of several Bills for tobo and Bills of Exchange left in tho hands of Mr Cuth Potter by Will Hall for his own use and for several other persons hereafter signified May tho 27th 1665 vizt.
One bill of Mr Raw Travers being payable to Mr Rich Gower
8504 Payable to Mr Hall
#1 a bil of Mr Tho Glascooke for 3743
2 A bil of Mr Geo Wale for 1840
3 A bil of Mr Will Travers 1576
4 An ingagemt of Colo Goodriche 904
5 A bil of Peter Bacomes (?) 400
6 an ongagomt of Mr Ra Travers 284
7 a noto of Mr Ball for 50
8 a rect for a seale ring of white stone wth a death hoad . . .
9 a bil of Hen Ware & Hen Haslewood is an aocot 112
10 Goody Bond bil for the owners 115
11 a bil of Abraham Weekes payable to Will Hall 740
Upon tho acct of Mrs Sarah Higginson
A bil made payable to Will Hall from John Ellix of Wiococomocoo 1000
a bil of Mr Hum Booths 1077
a bil in tho hands of Mr John Hull of Donboigh for 1888
A bil of Dudloes (Dudley’s ?) for 100
A bil of Will Young payable to James Goodman 728 (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg 92)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1665 Rich Gower – p. 312. “Raw Travers of the County of Lancast Meroht do acknowledge that I have reod of Will Hall the within mentioned bills amounting to 12472 lb tobo for use of Mr Rich Gower & Company the sd bills were delivered to th© sd Hall and James Sumpner by Mr Leo Howson x x.” Dated 26th May 1665. Wit. Will Travers signed Raleigh Travers Gregory Glasoooke Recorded 29th May 1665. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 94)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1665 Tho Gaines – p, 324. Robert Gorsuch and Rich Gorsuch sell to Ralph Horton 600 acres. Refers to Tho Powell as attorney for Robt* Gorsuch. Dated 27 Feb. 1664/5.
Wit, Edw Roe signed Rich Gorsuch Howell Powell Tho Powell Roo, 1st Oot. 1665.
Power of Atty. Rich Gorsuch and Tho Powell to “our Loving friend Edward Roe to aok, above sale. Dated “27th 12th month 1664”
Wit, Tho Gaines signed Rich Gorsuch Howell Powell Tho Powell
Rec, 13th Sept.1665 (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 98)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1665 Aug 8 – Mr. Guines is mentioned in a land transaction for Thomas Dennett, who receives 700 acres beg’g at Mr. Guine’s Corner by the Dyascun Swamp. James City Co, Va.

1665 Richard Gwyne is transported to Maryland. Source: EE:24 Film No: Transported by 1665; Transcript: 9:25; 15:116-17. Original: LL:112-13; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1666 June 29 – James Gaynes is noted in a land transaction for Grantee(s): Gray, Wm., and Xtop. Blackbourne. Description: 775 acres on the South or Rappa: County; bounding upon the land of James Gaynes. Source: Land Office Patents No. 6, 1666-1679 (pt.1 & 2 p.1-692), p. 134 (Reel 6). Rappa Co, Va. http://image.lva.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/drawer?retrieve_image=LONN&dir=/LONN/LO-1/006/006&image_number=0136&offset=%2B2&name=Patents+No.6+1666-1679+(PartI+%26+PartII)&dbl_pgs=no&round=

1666 John Goare – Power of Atty, Augustino Moore to John Goare to aok. in Court the sal© of the above land. Dated 29th Nov. 1665* signed Augustine Moor© Wit, Rich Rant© Adam Taylor Reoordod 1 June 1666,) (Virginia Colonial Abstracts. Vol. I. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 105 )  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1667 March 11 – James Gaynes – receives 519 acres on the south side of the river; beginning &c nigh the head of a branch called Popomons) Bounded – to marker of land – 519 acres formerly granted to Thomas Hawkings. Va. Land Trans – Rappahannock County.


1668 Feb 8 – Mihill Gowree receives a 30 to 40 acre deed from Capt Barnhouse. Formerly belonging to John Turner.  James City County, Va. The deed read: “Mihill Gowree. 30 or 40 acres situated in Merchants Hundred Parish in James City County, formerly belonging to John James, decd, and by him purchased of Capt. Richard Barnhouse and lately bound to escheat [forfeiture and reversion to the crown] and by a jury for said county under hand and seal of Col. Miles Carey, 20 December 1666 and now granted to said Gowree 8 February 1668.” By the time Mihil Gowen died, apparently November 24, 1708, the property was again in escheat, according to “York County, Virginia Wills, Deeds and Orders:” “Inquisition, James City County, Virginia, 11 September 1717. It appears that Mihill Goen, late of said county of James City, dyed seized of 30 or 40 acres escheat 24 November 1708 by Christopher Jackson, surveyor of James City County is found to contain 37 acres.” “Mihil Goen” [either the estate of Mihil Goen or Mihil Gowen, Jr.] “transferred 37 acres of escheat land to Robert Hubbard February 2, 1718,” according to James City County Deed Book 9. The metes and bounds read: “Yorkhampton Parish; beginning at the corner of Mihil Goen, Hubbard & Francis Moreland, adjoining Graves Pack; down the Beach Spring Branch to the place called Horse Bridge,” according to James City County Patent Book 10, page 415. Other notes reveal: “Escheated from Mihil Goen, dec’d, by inquisition under Edmund Jennings, Esqr, Escheater 11 September, 1717.”


1668 March 1 – John Gawen is born to parents William and Ann Gawen according to Charles Parish Records, York Co, Va. http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=charle2&gss=angs-d&new=1&rank=1&gsln=Gain&gsln_x=0&MSAV=1&uidh=m37&ct=983


1668 Sarah Gwynn is transp by husb John Gwynn to Maryland. Source: GG:484 Film No: Transported by 1668 by John Gwynn, her husband
Transcript: 11:525; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1670 Thomas Gwyn is transported to Maryland in service to John Homewood of Anne Arundel County. Source: AA:270,273 Film No: Transported 1658; service to John Homewood of Anne Arundel County by 1670. Transcript: 5:607,610; 12:474; Original: JJ:74; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1670 Mr William Head brough A saruant to Colt by name Thomas Guinn who hath Absented himselfe from his saruice at seüall tymes thirty & Fower days, the sd saruant being examined by this Court wherefore he soe absented himselfe, did declare that he had no Cause, but that he had ouer soaked his Come to beat: & that he had rec: noe other abuse, whereupon this Court doth Ordr that he shall sarue for his soe unlawfull departure from his Masters saruice three hundred & Forty days according to act of Assembley in that Case prouided. And this Court doth Further Order that the said Tho: Guinn shall haue tenn Lashes well Layd on upon his bare backe For stealeing of Peopls Connoas from theyer Landings.  http://aomol.msa.maryland.gov/000001/000054/html/am54–297.html

1671 May 13 Thomas Going is transp to Talbot Co, MD by Francis Stanton of London, who sold rights to the 500 acres of land to Bryan Omaly of Talbot Co, MD. Source: WT:133 Film No: Transported by 1671 ; Transcript: 16:135; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/ SERNO: S11. LAND OFFICE (Patent Record)#16, p. 135 Thomas Going, 1671 [MdHR 17,350, 1-23-1-21]. 06/02/92. Tracking No.: 17596. Circ. No.: 6395. http://msa.maryland.gov/msa/refserv/quickref/html/photodup.html .

1672 Elizabeth Gowing is indentured to William Temple for 5 years in Virginia, and is transported on the Katherine.
http://interactive.ancestry.com/49090/FLHG_BristolRegistersofServants-0399?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fsearch%2fdb.aspx%3fdbid%3d49090%26path%3d&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnBrowsing#?imageId=FLHG_BristolRegistersofServants-0418  (Temple, Joseph (1666- ), Essex and King and Queen counties; son of William Temple, of Bishopstrow, Wilts, and grandson of John Temple, of Kingston Deverell. https://archive.org/stream/someemigrantstov00stan/someemigrantstov00stan_djvu.txt

1672 Esau Goeing and his wife Ann Goeing are noted in service in Maryland. Source: 17:376 Film No: Husband of Ann, service by 1672; MSA SC 4341- 1672 Ann Goeing, 17:376 Film No: Wife of Esau Goeing, service by 1672; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1673 Christopher Gowin starts indenture in York Co, Virgiina – born about 1649. Source Citations: Benjamin B. Weisiger, York County, Virginia Records 1672-1676 (n.p.: n.p., 1991), 60, quoting York County, Virginia Record Book 5:49. http://www.pricegen.com/immigrantservants/servant/show.php?servant=7908

1674 July 16 – Philip Gowen, a black servant, files a lawsuit for his freedom. Court: freedom suit Gowen v Jon Lucas, 16 July 1674, James City, Virginia, USA. 1 At General Court Phillip Gowen “negro” suing John Lucas for his freedom – freedom granted and Lucas to pay Gowen 3 barrels of corn according to the will of Mrs Amye Boazlye, deceased. The Petition of Philip Gowen for his Freedom.  [Philip Gowen sued for his freedom from his master, John Lucas, in June 1675. Perhaps he was a second son born to Mihill Gowen and Amy Barnhouse‘s enslaved woman Prosta.] Phillip Gowen negro Suing Mr Jno Lucas to this Court for his freedome It is Orderd that the said Phill Gowen be free from ye Said Mr Lucas his Service and that the Indenture Acknowledg’d in Warwick County County [sic] be Invallid and that ye Said Mr Lucas pay unto ye Gowen three Barrels of Corne att the Cropp According to ye Will of Mrs Amye Boazlye decd wth Costs…
Source: McIlwaine, ed., Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, p. 441. http://www.virtualjamestown.org/practise.html This document provides a unique look at the status of African laborers in Virginia by clearly illustrating that fixed terms of indentured servitude existed, but also that they could be violated. In 1675 Phillip Gowen, an African American indentured servant, petitioned the governor of Virginia for release from servitude. In his petition, Gowen gave a detailed history of his life in bondage and the injustice he was currently experiencing. In 1664, Amy Beazley, Gowen‘s original owner, provided in her will that after serving her nephew, Humphrey Stafford, for eight years, Gowen was to be set free and given the usual “freedom dues” for an indenture, corn and a set of clothes.
Gowen indicated that Stafford sold him and his remaining indentured time to Charles Lucas. Gowen claimed that Lucas, instead of freeing him at the end of his eighth year of servitude, forced him to serve three additional years. Even worse, Gowen claimed that Lucas threatened him and forced him to sign an indenture for another twenty years.
Indentured servants, both black and white, were subject to exploitation by their masters. Many could not read and write, which made their situations even more challenging. This document was probably written by an attorney on behalf of Phillip Gowen because it follows the traditional form of petitions of the time, with which, as a servant, Gowen himself probably would not have been familiar. Despite their low status, servants did have the right to petition the courts for help, as this document shows. Records indicate that the General Court of Virginia freed Gowen on June 16, 1675, and ordered Lucas to pay him three barrels of corn and court costs. The court also invalidated the twenty-year indenture Gowen claimed that Lucas had forced him to sign that was on file with the Warwick County Court.
Phillip Gowen‘s petition offers a window to explore the development of chattel slavery in colonial America. While Africans were brought to North America as captives, most were treated like indentured servants and were freed after their terms of service. Gradually, during the 17th and 18th century, Virginia began to pass laws that made slavery—servitude for life—a reality for most people of African descent. Below is a brief timeline of such legislation and legal cases which show a decrease in freedom for African Americans:
• 1639—African Americans were excluded from being required to have firearms.
• 1640—John Punch, an African American indentured servant, was sentenced to a life of servitude after being caught running away from his master. The two white men who were with him only received one additional year on their indentures.
• 1643—Owners were taxed on African American women, but not white women laborers.
• 1662—The law declared that a person’s status depends on the status of the mother. This meant that children born to enslaved women would be slaves for life, under the law.
• 1667—The law declared that being a baptized a Christian did not change a person’s status as a servant or slave.
• 1669—A new law was established that it was not a punishable crime for a master to kill a slave in the process of “correcting” that slave.
• 1705—The law provided that “Negro, Mulatto, and Indians slaves” were considered to be property, or real estate, under the law. This same statute also declared that all Africans were considered to be slaves.
The practice of indentured servitude in England grew out of older feudal systems and apprenticeship practices that had their roots in the Middle Ages. The Virginia Company of London contracted with the first Virginia settlers for their labor, and, when the Company started trading land for service and tobacco became the first profitable cash crop, Virginia’s style of indentured servitude coalesced. By the 1620s, a standard system had been put into place whereby servants negotiated the terms of their indentures with a merchant, ship’s captain, or other agent before sailing to Virginia. Their indentures were then sold to planters when the servants arrived in the colony.
The beginning of lifelong servitude or slavery in Virginia is very hard to trace. There is evidence that Africans may have already been in the colony before the first documented appearance of them in John Rolfe’s 1619 letter, which mentions, “20. and odd Negroes” arriving in Jamestown. Whether or not a person of African descent was held in slavery was a matter of circumstances unclear to modern historians. The person’s status as a Christian or a non-Christian, and whether or not the person had previously been enslaved definitely affected how he or she was treated in the colony. The most important thing to note is that some African Virginians were not held as slaves at the beginning of the colony’s history. Although many of the laws restricting African Virginians were passed in the 1660s, slavery did not become codified in Virginia law until 1705.
Phillip Gowen was the son of Mihill Gowen, a free African Virginian, who had once worked for Amye Beazlye, the woman who had freed Phillip in her will. This petition to Governor William Berkeley and the Council of State was probably written for Gowen by a person familiar with the petitioning process; the document makes use of standard structure and language of petitions from that era. Gowen sought relief from his new master, whom he declared was attempting to prolong his servitude. After reviewing the petition, the governor and council ordered that Gowen be freed. This document gives an example of the precarious situation of African Americans in the early colony before slavery was completely institutionalized.  http://edu.lva.virginia.gov/online_classroom/shaping_the_constitution/doc/gowenpetition
TRANSCRIPTION of Phillip Gowen‘s Petition: Page 1 of 1
To the Rt: Honble: Sr: William Berkeley knt: Governr: & Capt. Genll: Of Virga: with the Honbl: Councill of State:
The peticon of Phillip Gowen a Negro, In all humility Sheweth: That yor. petr. being a servt: to Mrs. Amye Beazlye late of James Citty County Widdow decd. the said Mrs. Beazlye made her last will & testament in writtinge under her hand & seale, bearing date the 9th. day of Aprill An Dom. 1664: and amongst other things, did order, will, & appoint, that yor. petr. by the then name of Negro Boy Phillip, should serve her Cousin Mr: Humphrey Stafford, the terme of Eight yeares then next ensueing, and then should Inioy his freedom,e & be paid three barrells of Corne & a suit of Clothes, As by the said will appeares, Soone after the makinge of which will, the said Mrs. Beazlye departed this life, and yor petr. did continue & abide with the said Mr. Stafford (with whome he was orderd by the said will to live) some years, and then the said Mr. Stafford sold the remainder of yor. petrr. time, to one Mr. Charles Lucas, with whome yor petr alsoe continued, doeing true & faithfull Service, but the said Mr: Lucas coveting yr petrs.
Service longer then of right itt was due, did not att the expiracon of the said Eight years, discharge yor petr. from his service, but compelled him to serve three yeares longer then the time sett by the said Mrs: Beazleys will, and then not being willing yr. petr. should Inioy his freedom, did contrary to all honesty & good conscience, with threats & a high hand, in the time of yor. petrs. Service with him, and by his confedracy with some persons, compell yor. petr. to sett his hand to a writeing, which the said Mr. Lucas now saith, is an Indenture for twenty yeares, and forcet yor. petr. to acknowledge the same in the County court of Warwick.
Now for that may itt please yor. honrs: yor. petr. was att the time of the makeing thes said forst writeing, in the service of the said Mr. Lucas and never discharged from the same, the said Mr: Lucas alwaies uniustly pretending that yor. petr. was to serve him three yeares longer, by an order of Court is untrue, which pretenses of the said Mr. Lucas will appeare to yor. honrs. by t[he] testimony of persons of good creditt: Yor: Petr. therefore most humbly prayeth yor. honrs. to order that the said writeing soe forced from him be made void; and that the ssid Mr. Luca[s] make him sattisfacion for the said three yeares service above his tim[e] and pay him Corne & Clothes with costs of Suite: And yor. petr. (as in duty bound) shall ever pray &c. Source: Undated petition of Phillip Gowen to Governor Sir William Berkeley, ca. 1675. Colonial Papers, folder 19, no. 2, Record Group 1, Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.
[Proceeding from the 16th Day of June 1675]
Gowen vs LucasPhillip Gowen negro Suing Mr Jno Lucas to this Court for his freedome It is Ordered that the said Phill Gowen be free from ye Said Mr Lucas his Service and that the Indenture Acknowledg’d in Warwick County County [sic] be invalid and that ye Said Mr Lucas pay unto ye Gowen three Barrels of Corne att the Cropp According to ye Will of Mrs Amye Boazlye decd wth Costs
Source: H. R. McIlwaines, ed., Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonia Virginia, p. 441.

1675 June 10 – Ezekiel Gowering with Thomas Gowering on his tithe in Surry County Titheables: Same household as James Reduck, Surry Co, Va. http://interactive.ancestry.com/6131/VGS_2002_01_01_0386/525370754?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.com%2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3fdb%3dvgs%26gss%3dsfs28_ms_db%26new%3d1%26rank%3d1%26msT%3d1%26gsln%3dGoin%26gsln_x%3d0%26MSAV%3d1%26uidh%3dm37&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnSearchResults&rc=510,1721,605,1750#?imageId=VGS_1984_01_01_0093

1675 William Goun is transported to Maryland. Source: LL:400 Film No: Transported in 1675; Transcript: 15:300; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1675 John Gwyn is transported to Maryland. Source: LL:441 Film No: Transported 1675 ; Transcript: 15:331; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1675 – 1676 – Daniel Gowen is listed in Colonial Soldiers who fought in King Philip’s war – 1675-1676 p. 189. Extracts from the Registers of the Protestant Episcopal Church of, from 1720 to 1758. This appears to be Daniel Gowen from Mass. or Maine. BARBADOS

1677 Feb 5, Stephen Goun is indentured to a John Fern for 4 years in Barbados transp by Batchelor.

1678 – Wm Gowin is listed as a an English merchant importing goods from Virginia to England. LinkPublic Record Office Class E 190/75/1. Title LinkPort Books; Port of London; English merchant’s imports to London; record made by the Controller of Tunnage and Poundage. Publication 29 Dec. 1677 – 28 Dec. 1678. Gen. note: DONE BY JTK, 24 May 1991 SEE ALSO 5762A – 5762C. Note: 677, 678
http://image.lva.virginia.gov/VTLS/CR/05762/index.html (pg. 76)

1678 – Christopher Gowen, is married, wife’s name Anne.
Michael Gowen, (G9/1.4), son of Christopher Gowen (G10/1.1) and Anne Gowen, was born in January 1679, according to Abingdon Parish Register, Gloucester Co, page 2.  Of this individual nothing more is known.
1679 January – Michael Gowen, son of Christopher Gowen and Anne Gowen, was born according to “Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia Register, 1678-1761,” page 275. Glaucester Co, Va

1679 May 1- Daniel Gowen receives a patent May 1, 1679 to 100 acres in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, “adjoining his own land,” and a Henry Preston according to Gloucester County Deed Book 6, page 679. He received another grant of 52 acres April 26, 1698, according to “Irish Settlers in America” by Michael J. O’Brien. Gloucester Co, Va.

1679 May 8 – Frances Goeing wife of John Goeing is listed under Burials – Frances Goeing ye Wife of John Goeing. St James Parish, in BARBADOS. https://archive.org/stream/originallistsofp00hottuoft#page/520/mode/2up

1679 John Goane is transported to Maryland. Source: WC2:167,169 Film No: Transported 1679; MSA SC 4341- http://earlysettlers.msa.maryland.gov/

1680 – Coll. Thomas Ballard vs Robert Ruffin admr. of Jno. Goings estate.  Judgment for Pltf. July 6, 1680. 1670-91, p. 306-7. SURRY COUNTY RECORDS. Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers. VOL. I ALLEN—GRAY. p. 155

1682, April 20 – Gawen Gawin is involved in a land transaction in Virginia:

1686:  From Deed and Will Abstracts of Stafford County, Virginia, 1686-1693, Part I, page 16:  Pages 19-19a. Bee it knowne by these presents that I HENRY BLAGRAVE of New Kent County in Virga. for a valuable consideration paid by John Gowry of Stafford Parish within ye County of Stafford doe fully discharge ye said John Gowry & have granted unto ye sd Jno. Gowry all my right and demand in land to Six hundred acres of land within the sd County of Stafford and by Pattent granted unto Capt. DAVID MANSFIELD my late Grand Father deced beareing date ye 6 day Oct: Anno 1654 To Hold the sd Six hundrd acres of land to him ye sd John Gowry his heires and assignes for ever. In Witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and Seale this 11 day of Octr 1686. Signed: HENRY (HB) BLAGRAVE. Witnesses: Richd. (R) Wood, Will. Ballard.
I SARAH BLAGRAVE Wife of ye abovesd HENRY do acknowledge my right in as ample manner to John Gowry his heires as doth my husband dated ye 11 October 1686. Signed: SARAH (S) BLAGRAVE.
I Mrs. MARY MANSFIELD [sic] now here doe assigne and make over all my title of ye abovesd land unto Jno. Gowry his heires for ever. In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale this 13 October 1686. Signed: MARY HARD. Witnesses: Wm. Williamson, John (IB) Beich.
This Sale of Land was acknowledged in ye County Court of Stafford by John Waugh Attorney of HENRY BLAGRAVE and SARAH his Wife unto John Gowry this 9 day of December 1686 And was then recorded.
Know all men by these presents that I HENRY BLAGRAVE in New Kent County in Virga. and SARAH my Wife doe appoint Mr. John Waugh in Stafford County Minister to be our Lawfull Attorney and in or name to acknowledge our right to Six hundred acres of land in the aforesd County unto John Gowry which sd right is granted unto aforesd Gowrybearing date ye 11 Octr. 1686. Signed: HENRY (HB) BLAGRAVE, SARAH (+) BLAGRAVE. Witnesses: Wm. Ballard, Rich. (R) Wood.  https://ballardofvirginia.wordpress.com/allied-families/virginia-families/blagrave-of-james-city-stafford-counties/

1687:  Page 43a. (this entry is very faded) Thos. Greggs Depo…That he this Dept. in October last upon his journey to James Town in Company with Gerrard Lowther & Mr. Nelson put up at ye house of one Mr. Hoard with sd Compa. & the sd Lowther falling into discourse with MARY ye Wife of sd Hoard who was ye Relict of HENRY BLAGRAVE and Daughtr to Capt. DAVID MANSFIELD touching & concerning ye said land by the sd MARY and her Husband BLAGRAVE sold ye six hundred acres of land to Jno. Axton & that the sd. MARY…did not acknowledge ye same at ye Genll. Court at James Town and further Declared yt for sake of her Husband BLAGRAVE she would have freely parted with all she had…Deposeth yt this Difference was after ye sd Gowry that is now some purchase of sd Land from her Sonne in Law she then Declared yt the sd Gowry has cheated her of some…of ye sd land… Signed: Thomas Gregg.
1687:  Pages 43a-44. Christn. Waddington aged Fifty yeares or thereabouts Depons. that John Smith for and on behalfe of Ann his Wife an Infant undr ye age of twenty & one yeares Daughter to John Axton late of Stafford County deced agt John Gowry & Rachell his Wife Deft (entry very faded) That Mr. Wm. Horton being imployed as Agent for John Axton…share of six hundred acres of land within County of Stafford…Potomack Creeke…& Edward Cary…for one HENRY BLAGRAVE & MARY his Wife one of ye Daughters of Capt. DAVID MANSFIELD…at ye Plantation of my husband where ye sd Cary & Axton made their cropps for yt yeare ye tobo ye sd BLAGRAVE there Recd upon ye West of ye ad Parcel & being Fifteene hundred pounds nett at least… Signed: Christian (X) Waddington. Sworne & recorded in ye County Court of Stafford the 9 day of June 1687.
1687:  Page 44. In Chancery. I John Smith for & on ye behalfe of Ann my Wife an Infant under ye age of twenty & one yeares Daughtr. of Jno. Axton late of Stafford County deced agt. John Gowry & Rachell his Wife Defts.
The Depon. of Gerrard Lowther of ye sd County aged thirty yeares or thereabouts sayeth that upon his Journey to James Towne in Compa with Mr. Tho: Gregg of ye sd County &…Mr. Nelson, this Depts. with ye sd Compa went to ye house of one Mr. Heard who marryd MARY Widdow & Relict of HENRY BLAGRAVE & Daughter of Capt. DAVID MANSFIELD where this Dept. & ye sd Mr. Gregg the sd Nelson entered into discourse with ye sd MARY concerneinge ye Sale of Six hundred acres of land situate & being on ye South side of Pottomack Creeke in this ye sd County and sd MARY…her sd husband BLAGRAVE to Jno. Axton & Edw. Cary late of ye sd County (part whereof is still in Question) MARY declared yt she & her sd Husband BLAGRAVE sold ye sd Six hundred acres of land to ye sd John Axton & Edwd. Cary & yt her sd husband did acknowledge the Deede of Sale thereof to Axton & Cary at ye Genll. Court at James Towne, and further declared yt for the sake of her said husband BLAGRAVE she would truely have parted wth all shee had or words purporting ye same & further Deposeth that this Descourse was some few days after sd Gowry had purchased ye sd Land & that she then further Declared yt ye sd Gowry had cheated her Sone in Lawe & that he should not have the sd Land nor any other hereof ye sd Axton & further deposeth not. Signed: Gerrard Lowther. Recorded in ye County Courte of Stafford this 9 day of June 1687.  http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=mrmarsha&id=I048490

1687:  pp. 71a-72 TO ALL Know ye that I WM. DOWNINGE of Stafford County Virginia with the Consent of MARY DOWNINGE my Wife for Divers good causes but more particularly for the sume of four thousand pounds of good sound merchandable Tobacco in Caske paid unto us by HENRY THOMPSON of the aforesd County grant unto the sd HENRY THOMPSON his heires forever two hundred acres of land in Stafford County upon the South side of POTTOMACK RIVER the sd land Begininge at a marked Beach standing by the River & runninge from thence Southerly into the Woods Easterly to a marked white cake upon the River well sd land is the Westinmost part of One thousand four hundred & fifty acres of land but by the said DOWNINGE of JOHN PEAKE; To Have and To Hold the said land In Witness whereof we have sett our hands & Seales this 9 of Novembr 1687
In presence of ROT. COLSON, WM. DOWNINGE
This Sale of Land was acknowld. in County Court of Stafford by the said WM. DOWNINGE & MARY his Wife unto HENRY THOMPSON this 8 day of February 1687/8 And was then recorded. http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=grantpinnix&id=I089075

1687:  p. 44 In Chancery. I JOHN SMITH for & on ye bebalfe of ANN my Wife an Infant under ye age of twenty &one yeares Daughtr. of JNO. AXTON late of Stafford County deced agt. JOHN GOWRY & RACHELL his Wife Defts
The Depon of GERRARD LOWTHER of yee County aged thirty yeares or thereabouts sayeth that upon his Journey to JAMES TOWNE in Compa with Mr, THO GREGG of ye sd County & Mr, NELSON, this Depts_ with ye sd Compa went to ye house of one MR, HEARD who marry’d MARY Widdow & Relict of HENRY BLAGRAVE & Daughter of Capt. DAVID MANSFIELD where this Dept. & ye sd Mr. GREGG the sd NELSON entered into discourse with ye sd MARY concerneinge ye Sale of Six hundred acres of land situate & being on ye South side of POTTOMACK CREEKE in this ye sd County and sd MARY …. her sd husband BLAGRAVE to JNO. AXTON & EDW CARY late of ye sd County (part whereof is still in Question) MARY declared yet she & her sd Husband BLAGRAVE sold ye sd Six hundred acres of land to ye sd JOHN AXTON & EDWD. CARY & yt her sd husband did acknowledge the Deede of Sale thereof to AXTON & CARY at ye Genll. Court at JAMES TOWNE, and further declared yt for the sake of her said husband BLAGRAVE she would truely have parted wth all shee hade or words purporting ye same & further Deposeth that this Descourse was some few days after sd GOWRY had purchased ye sd Land & that she then further Declared yt ye sd GOWRY had cheated her Sone in Lawe & that he should not have the sd Land nor any other hereof ye sd AXTON & further deposeth not
GERRARD LOWTHER Recorded in ye County Courte of Stafford this 9 day of June 1687  http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=mrmarsha&id=I049354

1689 Henry Goring – p.59. Deed. 3 June 16 -. Tho Arnold “of the County of Rappa and Grace my wife” to Henry Goring of the same Co. 50 acres.
Wit: Jos: Rutter signed Tho: Arnold Wm x Tayler Grace Arnold Rec, 4 Nov 1689 in Rappa Co. (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg 19)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1689 – George Goer in Charles County, Md – is listed in Inventory Probate papers – Inventories Liber 1677-1717, p. 37.  http://msa.maryland.gov/megafile/msa/stagsere/se1/se4/000000/000007/html/02876.html
Liber 10, Folio 237 (Inventory).

1690 Francis Goare – p*83. Acknowledgment, 26 April 1690, Francis Goare of Rappa County acknowledges “to moko ©von x a firmo Deed of Sale of the said Land” 100 aoros, to James Orchard, Wit: signed Francis Goare Ralph Rymor Angell Jacobus Roc, 28 Juno 1693, (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg. 26)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1690 Francis Gowre – p.83, Surveyors plat 13 Nov. 1690, “Surveyed for Mr James Orchard 124 aores of Land in Rappa County above Rappa Creeke being part of a Patent formerly granted unto Mr George Jones and Mr. Henry Clarke and since purchased by Mr James Orohard of Mr Francis Gowre” Plat shows Orchard*s 124 aores with house, Adj Robt Woods land and “Mr Goures Land”, Beyond Goare’s a two story house is shown marked “Jno Fenners” (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg 26)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1691 James Gaines – p.71. Assignment, 14 July 1691. Geo, Vinson to John Mills, all right and title in foregoing. Wit: signed George Vinson, James x Gainer ( or Gaines ) Charles Dodson (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. pg 22)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1691 Henry Goring – p,58. Deed, 1 April 1691, “Henry Goring late of the Colony of Virginia now Resident in Calvert County in the Providenoe of Maryland” to Antho Carnaby of Rappa River in the Colony of Virginia, for 2500 lb tobo, 50 aores in Rappa Co at the head of Papeto Creek, “which said Land I bought of Wm Jennings”, adj land of John Jennings and land of Tho Erwin, Wit: signed Hen x Goaring , Tho x Smyth, Hen: Forneley (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. pgs 18 and 19)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1691 Hen. Goaring – p,60. Assignment, 1 Apl 1691, Hen Goaring late of Rappa River in Va, now of Calvert County in prov, of Maryland, to Antho Carnaby, a U right and title to land in foregoing. Wit: signed Hen x Goaring Thos x Smyth Hen: Ferneley (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg 19)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1691 Henry Goring – p,60« Power of Atty, 1 Apl. 1691. Henry Goring of Calvert Co., Md» to “my Loving friend Mr James Tayler of Rappa County” to aok sale of 2 pc land, eaoh 50 acres, to Antho Carnaby. Signature and Wit: as above,p.61. Certificate as above. (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg 19)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1691:  p. 217a KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that Whereas I HUGH TOMLINSON haveinge made sale to Mr. HENRY THOMPSON of three hundred acres of lande in ye within Bill of Sale and haveinge by the Last Will and Testament of ye said HENRY THOMPSON given and bequeathed ye said three hundred acres of lande unto ye three Eldest Sons of JOHN SYMPSON of OCOUIA therefore I ye said HUGH TOMLINSON doe by these presents make over the within mentioned three hundred acres of land to ye abovesaid three Eldest Sons of JOHN SYMPSON and their heires according to ye meaninge of ye last Will and Testament of HENRY THOMPSON abovesaid. In Wittness I have sett my hand & Seale this 12th of November 1691.
In presence of JOHN GOWRY. HUGH TOMLINSON WM SMITH                                         This said Confirmacon of a Sale of Land made formerly by HUGH TOMLINSON unto said HENRY THOMPSON late of this County deced was accordingly acknowledged in ye County Court of Stafford by him the said HUGH TOMLINSON unto ye Sons of said JOHN SIMSON accordinge to ye purports and true intent of ye Will of the said HENRY THOMPSON deced on ye 13th day of November 1691 & was then recorded.   http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=grantpinnix&id=I089075

STAFFORD COUNTY VA DEED & WILL BOOK 1689 – 1693; THE ANTIENT PRESS.  1691:  pp. 219a-220 IN THE NAME OF GOD Amen. I HENRY THOMPSON of Stafford County Gentl, beinge sicke of body but of sounde & pfect memory the Lord & praise be to Allmighty God doe make & nominate this my last Will and Testament in manner & forme followinge
Impmis. I committ my body to ye Earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner & my Soull to God Allmighty who gave it in certaine hope of a joy-full resurreccon to eternall life, first of all my worldly Estate be it whatsoever may bee found I hereby appoint my trustie friende JOHN WAUGH Clarke, my whole & sole Executor to this my last Will and Testament
Imprimis I devise & bequeath three hundred acres of land lyeinge & beinge upon POHICKE CREEKE to bee equallie divided between RICH: & ALEXR. WAUGH, Sons of JOHN WAUGH abovesaid to them and their heires for ever. Also I give bequeath that plantacon & tract of land at COCK PITT POYNT to ANN WAUGH Daughter to JOHN WAUGH abovesaid & to ye heires of her body begott & for want of such to RICHD. & ALEXR, WAUGH abovesaid & to ye heires of their bodies, I alsoe give & bequeath that tract & Evident of land Iyeinge upon POWELLS RUN containinge about three hundred acres unto ye three Eldest Sonns now liveinge of JOHN SIMPSON in OCOUIA CREEKE Scotchman to them & their heires for ever.
I Will and bequeath two Rings a Mourninge Ringeh wth ye posie (prepare as follow), & ye other wth ye posie (My love to ye shall Endless bee) these two abovesaid I devise and give to ELIZA, Wife of JOHN WAUGH abovesaid, Likewise I will and Bequeath to MARY WILLIAMS now resideinge upon this Plantacon my horse Turk wth bridle & Saddle & two thousand poundes of good Tobacco to bee instantley & conveniently paid her after my decease.
I give & Will to HENRY MAN Son of JAMES MAN two young Heifers two yeares old
Item l give to Mr. ROBERT COLLE one barren Cow and what Sows 1 have now pastureinge upon this Plaantacon.
Item I give to Mr, COLLES one Cow Mare & one Steal- of three yeares old runninge on EDWARD HOLMES Plantacon next Springe
Item I give & bequeath to WILLIAM HURDY my gunne &small chest
Item 1 give will &devise to ye CHURCH of STAFFORD CHURCH ten £1 pounds Sterl to bee by ye Minister & Church Wardens laid out in plate for ye BLESSED SACRAMT. & other necessaries for ye Service of God & ornament of ye abovesaid Church att ye head of POTOMACK CREEKE
Item l give and bequeath to THOMAS KEMP what Tobacco he is indebted to me & one pott & one fryinge pan
Item I give & bequeath to PATRICK HUME my Horse named Tobie branded “DM” Item I give and devise to JOHN GOWRY one beaver hatt light colored stuffe mans coate & pr of plush breeches
Item unto JOHN SIMPSON Scotchman abovesaid one Broad Cloth co ate darke coloured, one pair of frieze breeches
Item I give to THOMAS ELZEY JUNR one halfe of my bookes and ye other halfe I give to ye Wife of Mr. ROBERT COLLES,
Item I give to WM. (blank) one serge Coate, one prof leather drawers, one prof shoes, one prof stockings seven yards of blew linnen.
I further give to JOHN SIMPSON abovesd one Horse named Spete branded wth ye figure upon ye shoulder
Item I will & bequeath to JOSEPH HENSON one Semiter with a black hilt
Item I give & bequeath to THOMAS ELZEY SENR. one case of Pistolls & holsters & one semiter wth a place hilt & heft belongings to it wth plate buckles
Item I give & Will to Capa. GEORGE MASON my Cane wth a Silver head
Item I will & desire that one large Seale tinge off twentie shillings price be delivered to JOSEPH ye Son of JOHN WAUGH abovesaid
item I give to RICHARD MARTYNE one Mare wch I bought of JAMES GALLAWAY branded with three brands
In Wittness whereof I sett my hande & Seale this twenty third day of October 1691 In presence of ROBERT COLLES, HEN. THOMPSON JOHN GOWRY. MARY WILLIAMS
The above said Will of ye aforesaid HENRY THOMPSON was sufficiently proved in Court by Mr JOHN WAUGH Clerke Exror appointed & nominated in ye said Will on ye oathes of ROBERT COLLES. JOHN GOWRY & MARY WILLIAMS Wittnesses to ye said Will Subscribed on ye 13th day of November 1691 and was then recorded  http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=thamm&id=I17755&ti=%2C

1692 Henry Goaring – p,59, Certifioate. 21 June 1692. James Keith and Hen Mitchell, two Justioes of Peaoe for Calvert Co. in the Province of Maryland re. the Signature of Henry Goaring, Wit: Tho, Tasker, Reo, 15 April 1693, (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704,
Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg 19)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1692 April 29 – Ralph Jackson is the name of one of the people who is appointed guardian of the Going orphans in Virginia in the late 1730s. Here a Ralph Jackson receives land (possibly father or grandfather of Ralph Jackson appointed guardian). Grantee(s): Ralph Jackson, Joseph Maddox, and John Dugles. Description: 784 acres in the parish of Bristol. Beg. &c. on a small branch falling into Moncuseneck main creek. Charles City Co, Va.
http://image.lva.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=244&last=&g_p=P8&collection=LO Patent

1693/94 William Gower – page 90. Abstract. Judgt to Roger Jones and Comp’a merchants of London agst Robt Boiling admr of Wm Gower decd for 3668 lb tobo by bill under Gower’s hand dated 24 Maroh 1693/4. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol. 13. Charles City County, Va, Court Orders. Beverley, Fleet. Pg. 102)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1693 May 31 – In the case of “Abraham Smith vs. Thomas Goen,” Smith appeared in court and “withdrew in person” the charge against the defendant May 31, 1693. Va
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/gowenms002.pdf , http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/westmore.htm

1693 Anthony Lawson recd 60a of land formerly owned by George Mason in Norfolk Co

1694 Nov 27 John Gwyn living adjacent to Mr George Mason, Mr. Ham, Giles Brent, on Roses Run and Mill Run in Stafford Co, Va.

1694 George Mason 1150a land grant on Accokeeke Creek Stafford Co adj Giles Brent,

1694 Thomas Ousley 1000a land adj Mason, Speak, along Accotink R., Mr. Jones, John Thomas decd.

1694 Apr – James Gowin and Cornelius Gowin – On page 121 James and Cornelius Gowin are listed among headrights for Richard Cragg, April 1694, Albemarle – 650a. On page 155, Cornelius Gowin is listed for Cragge on 500a grant Pasquotank District 1 Jan 1694. On page 133-4 James and Cornelius Gowin listed July 1694 in a Craig grant for 500a. Immigration: headright for Richard Craig, Apr 1694, Pasquotank, North Carolina, USA. http://ourberryfamily.com/berry/21179.htm

1695 Francis Gowre – p,162. Deed, 1 Apl 1695. James Orchard of Westmorland Co., Gent., to Arthur Spioer of Riohmond Co,, Gent*, for 12000 lb tobo, 343 aores, “all that the Plantation or Traot of Land now oommonly known or called by the name of the new Court House situate lying and being in the Parish of Sittenburn and County of Riohmond aforesaid and now in tho Tenure or Occupation of Richard Hill”, Adj “main Branoh of Chonamun”, land of Major John Weire. 120 aores of this land bought of Mr Francis Gowre of Riohmond Co, The other part granted to the said Jas, Orohard, Wit: Tho: Lloyd signed James Orchard John Soott Reo. 30 April 1696 (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg. 64)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1696 – Jason Gowen became indebted there to Gowin Corbin,. “Gowin Corbin, Gentleman, obtained an attachment against the estate of Jashen Goeing for 815 pounds of tobacco, and the sheriff made return that he had attached one gray horse branded on both buttocks with obscure brands which horse he had in custody and a bridle and saddle in the hands of Abraham Smith. Jashen Goeing having absented himself out this county, and for that it appeared by the oath of Mr. James Ellis that Jashen Goeing stands indebted to Gowin Corbin, judgment is granted him for the debt, the horse being appraised at 800 pounds of tobacco. Ordered the sheriff doe deliver him to Mr. Corbin in part of the satisfaction of the debt.” Va  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/gowenms002.pdf

1697 July 28, – “Thomas Goen” received a judgment against Joseph Bragg in the amount of 1,300 pounds of tobacco.  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gowenrf/gowenms002.pdf , http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/westmore.htm

1697 September 29, – “Thomas Goen confessed judgment” to Charles Lucas in the amount of 1,250 pounds of tobacco “due by bill.” http://www.freeafricanamericans.com/westmore.htm

1698 April 26 – Daniel Gowin receives 52 acres adjoining the land of Henry Preston, Ambrose Dudley and Capt. Ranson. Va. Land Trans – Gloucester County.


1699 – William Goyne – servant, with 3 years left to serve in 1699 inv. of Capt John Ferry (48:124).

1699 Tho. Gaines – p. 4-A, “Attachm’t issued to Charles – – (faded out) – – Estate of Tho: Gaines for Eight hundred pounds of Tobaooo by bill. Returned Executed the 9th of 9’ber 1699 in these words Then’attached two paroells of Tobaeoo hanging in two sevorall houses, One Levey Sixty Serren and a halfe being 1st paid for the use Of tho within menooned Tost Leroy George Sub Sh ” (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pg 74)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

1699 David Gwin – p, 2 – A, “An Attaohm’t Issued to David Gwin and Wm Colston as impowered to Collect the Goods and Creditts of Mr. Tho: Loyd deo’d in Right of M’r John Loyd against the Estate of Phillip SVMM- Hunings for 634 of Tobaooo by Aco Also Attachment Issued to David Gwin and Wm Colston as impowered etc: against the Estate of Phillip Huninge for 550 lb of good Tobaoco upon a b i l l aasigned by Walt’r Pavey Both Exeouted the 20th of Novemb’r 1699 • , upon the body of on Patrick Maogarr servant to the said Phillip Hunings and was valued at 1200 lb of Tobaooo by Geo: Glasoook Jno: Suggitt Fran: lewoas Jno Battin ( 1 – bottom of page worn away ) Signed John Tarpley Jr Sheriff (Virginia Colonial Abstraots, Volume 16, Richmond County, Records 1692 – 1704, Deed Book No.l 1692 – 1693, Deed Book No.2 1693/4 – 1696, Deed Book No.3 – lost., Miscellaneous Records 1699 – 1704, Beverley Fleet, Box 5161 – Saunders Station, Richmond, Virginia. Pgs 70-71)  http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/009915585

Chronological Sources of Goyen’s:
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1620 to 1699
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1700 to 1739
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1740 to 1775
Goyen, Gowing, Going, Goyne, Goin, etc. sources from 1776 to 1810