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Charles Going was married November 4, 1842 to Nancy Fitzgerald, according to Madison County, Virginia Marriages, 1793-1750,” Children born to Charles Going and Nancy Fitzgerald Going are unknown.
Cynthia Going was married January 12, 1841 to Samuel Turner according to Madison County, Virginia Marriages, 1793-1750,”
“Britten Going” was married July 2, 1804 to Nancy Hawkins, according to Madison County, Virginia Marriages, 1793-1750,” Children born to Bitten Gowen and Nancy Hawkins Gowen are unknown.

Britten Gowen was listed as the head of a household in the 1810 census of Madison County, according to “Index to 1810 Virginia Census” by Madeline W. Crickard.


Anderson Goen was married December 24, 1838 to Sarah Stewart, according to “Mecklenburg County, Virginia Marriages, 1765-1850.” Children born to Anderson Goen and Sarah Stewart Goen are unknown.

[Later West Virginia]

John T. Gowin was married to Sarah Stanneart January 6, 1852, according to “Tuscarawas County, Ohio Marriages, 1808-1895.”

Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour, Goins researcher, wrote July 15, 1997 that children born to Sarah Stanart Goins, possibly a kinsman of Jason Goens, include:

William Goins born about 1840
Anne Goins born about 1842
Joel Goins born about 1843
Lydia Goins born about 1845
Samuel Goins born about 1850
Elizabeth Ellen “Lizzie” Goins born August 24, 1854

William Goins, son of Sarah Stanart Goins, was born about 1840.

Anne Goins, daughter of Sarah Stanart Goins, was born about 1842.

Joel Goins, son of Sarah Stanart Goins, was born about 1843.

Lydia, daughter of Sarah Stanart Goins, was born about 1845.

Samuel Goins, son of Sarah Stanart Goins, was born about 1850 and died in infancy.

Elizabeth Ellen “Lizzie” Goins, daughter of Sarah Stanart Goins, was born August 24, 1854 in Indiana. She was married about 1872 to James Atkinson who was born in 1844. He was the son of John Atkinson and Margaret Glover Atkinson. He served as a Union soldier in the Civil War. His siblings were Harry, Jean, Hezz, Joel, James, William, John and Missouri, according to Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour.

In 1880, James Atkinson was living in Astubula, Kansas where a son was born.

Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour, quoting Sarah Atkinson Presher and Dora Baker Groth, wrote:

“In 1883, Lizzy & John Atkinson loaded up their belongings and headed west over the Oregon Trail in one of the last wagon trains of the Great Western Migration. At that time the family consisted of Lizzy and John, Daniel, Charles, Frank, Eugene, and their half-sister Molly. Molly was the product of an earlier marriage between John and Mary Ann Stevens, she would later marry a man named Edwards.

After their arrival in Oregon the family settled at Tillamook on the north-central Oregon coast. Soon after Dot And Joel came along, the family moved again, about 20 miles south of Tillamook to a community called Sandlake. This would have before 1890, and the only transportation in such a remote area was by horse and wagon, so though only 20 miles, the move took two days.

Today Sandlake would barely qualify for ‘community’ status, but then it was even smaller. The Atkinsons built a log house and a barn, far removed from their neighbors in that area of virgin fir forest. The next step was to clear land for farming. Their new home was about two miles from the Pacific Ocean, at the end of a small bay, and families were connected only by dirt roads.

In the winter of 1890, a lumber schooner bound for Australia was wrecked during a storm off Cape Lookout, the northern boundary of Sandlake. The Atkinson family joined their neighbors in driving their wagons over a difficult trail the four or five miles to where much lumber had washed ashore. From this bounty would come a sturdy new home.

The senior Atkinsons sold their farm and dairy to their son, Eugene or “Chub” who would live there with his wife and family for the remainder of his life. They continued with the dairy, but Chub also raised cranberries, one of the first in Oregon to do so.

James Atkinson moved back to Tillamook where he died about 1920. She died March 26, 1943 and was buried in the IOOF Cemetery at Tillamook.

Children born to James Atkinson and Elizabeth Ellen “Lizzie” Goins Atkinson include:

Daniel Atkinson born about 1876
Frank Atkinson born about 1877
Charles Atkinson born about 1878
[Asa?] Eugene “Chub” Atkinson born in 1880
Joel Atkinson born about 1884
Sarah Estella Atkinson born about 18884

Eugene “Chub” Atkinson, son of James Atkinson and Elizabeth Ellen “Lizzie” Goins, was born about 1880, according to Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour, a granddaughter. She wrote,

“On July 21, 1912 “Chub” was married to Elva Susan Baker at Forest Grove, Oregon. Elva was the daughter of Daniel Baker [1845-1929] and Mary Ann Darland Baker [1845-1928] who had come across the Oregon Trail with their respective families in 1865. The youngsters must have noticed each other somewhere along the trail, for they married three years later. The new Baker family settled at Cedar Canyon, near Forest Grove, Oregon where they lived their own pioneer life. Some of their stories were later written down by the baby of the family, Dora Baker Groth and are quoted here.

The Baker children were all born at Cedar Canyon, and all died in Oregon or Washington, except for Dan and Elva who died in California. The children were Joseph Flint [1868-1871], Harry Caswell [1870-1952], Albert Francis [1871-1953], Laura Belle Sears [1872-1961], Lewis Herbert [1874-1960], Effie Adella Scoffeld [1875-1952], Sylva Leona Reed [1876-1974], Arthur Delmer [1878-1879], Incy Ann [1880-1954, never married], Elva Susan Atkinson [1882-1956], Daniel Miller [1883-1969], Dora Esther Groth [1885-1979].”

At their farm in Sandlake, Chub Atkinson and Elva Baker Atkinson had five daughters:

Dora Dell Atkinson born about 1914
Mary Elizabeth Atkinson born February 9, 1916
Sarah Adelle Atkinson born December 17, 1918
Elva Louise Atkinson born June 6, 1923
Grace Eugenia Atkinson born September 21, 1926

Dora Dell Atkinson, daughter of Eugene “Chub” Atkinson and Elva Baker Anderson, was born about 1914 at Sandlake. She died in infancy and was buried in a small private cemetery there.

Mary Elizabeth Atkinson, daughter of Eugene “Chub” Atkinson and Elva Baker Anderson, was born February 9, 1916 at Sandlake. She was married about 1935 to Robert Matheny. They lived at Tillamook and Eugene, Oregon. Following a divorce, she removed to Alexandria, Virginia about 1950. There she was remarried to O’Dell Cooper.

Children born to Robert Matheny and Mary Elizabeth Atkinson Matheny include:

Norman Matheny born about 1937
Elizabeth Matheny born about 1940
Marvin Matheny born about 1944

Children born to O’Dell Cooper and Mary Elizabeth Atkinson Matheny Cooper include:

Daniel O’Dell born about 1951
Laura Sue O’Dell born about 1953

Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour wrote of the children of her aunt:

“Norman Matheney married a girl from the Tillamook area, and after serving in WWII they settled in Boston where he was a staff photographer for the ‘Christian Science Monitor’ for many years, retiring in about 1996 or ’97. They had two children, Brian and Dale, who currently live on the east coast. Both receiving college degrees, they work in the computer field.

Elizabeth Matheney, or ‘Betsy’ as she was known, would have two children, Marsha and Robin Perry. Betsy married Jim Perry, and they lived in Eugene, Oregon many years before moving to the Seattle area, probably during the late 1960s. Jim brought Betsy’s step-daughters Dianne and Debbi Perry, to the marriage with him. He retired from railroad work about 1995. In 1997, both Marsha and Robin both have children of their own . Marsha lives in the Eugene area, while Robin and her husband live closer to her folks near Seattle.

Marvin Matheny married Vicki, and they had three children, Marci, Mindy, and Scott. Marvin and Vicki live in Shelton, Washington in 1997. They are near Vicki’s folks and have a lovely home in the woods. The kids are pretty much grown and gone now, with at least one grandchild in the fold.

Daniel O’Dell in 1997 lived in the Eugene area.

Laura Sue O’Dell was married to Harold Nicholson who worked for the government, and they would travel and live in many exotic places around the world. They had three children, Jeremi, Astralina, or Star, and one more. Laura and James were divorced about 1983.”

Sarah Adelle Atkinson, daughter of Eugene “Chub” Atkinson and Elva Baker Anderson, was born December 17, 1918 at Sandlake. Of her aunt Sarah, Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour wrote:

“She went to Santa Barbara, California to obtain her credentials to teach kindergarten, which she accomplished in 1942. She would teach in the Oakland area until her retirement about 1967. In 1961 she went to England as an exchange teacher for a year.

Her letters from England to her family from that period have been submitted to the Foundation. In 1967 she was married to Ralph Presher. He died in 1971, but they enjoyed their brief time together as he was a dear sweet man, much like Sarah herself. In 1988, she moved to Scotts Valley, California, where she experienced at close hand the earthquake of 1989. In 1992, she moved to Birmingham, Alabama to live near her sister, Louise. No children were born to her.”

Elva Louise Atkinson, daughter of Eugene “Chub” Atkinson and Elva Baker Anderson, was born June 6, 1923 at Sandlake. Her niece, Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour wrote of her life:

“Louise Atkinson was adventuresome. During WWII she worked at a military base in Alaska. She was married to a southern boy, Pelham Woffard, and they lived in Birmingham, even after Pelham’s death. Pelham was a railroad worker, and his work frequently took him away from home. The couple never had any children, though Pelham did have some from a previous marriage.”

Grace Eugenia Atkinson, daughter of Eugene “Chub” Atkinson and Elva Baker Anderson, was born September 21, 1926 at Sandlake. Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour wrote of her parents:

“Grace Atkinson, while in high school, went to live with her sister Sarah in Ontario and again when Sarah moved to Oakland. While there Grace met a handsome sailor from Longview, Washington named Francis Earl Chaney. Grace quit school, and they were married in Ontario on Valentine Day, 1944. With their first child on the way, Francis and Grace moved to Kelso, Washington. Here, just across the river from Longview where Francis grew up, the pregnant Grace would go back to complete high school. She eventually graduated from Kelso High, the same school that several of her grandchildren would graduate from in later years.

Francis Chaney was born in Kansas on New Year’s Eve, 1924. He was the son of David Earl Chaney (1904-1974) and Susan Jane Goodfellow Chaney (NY, 1904-1990). His grandparents were and Jacob Chaney and Rachel Ann Chaney. Earlier ancestors were Charles Ulysses Chaney and Rosa Flicker Chaney. Betty Chaney, sister to Francis Chaney, while researching the history of the Chaney family, discovered that the actor, Lon Chaney, Jr. was a kinsman.”

David Earl Chaney and Susan Jane Goodfellow Chaney were the parents of six children: Francis Earl, Erma Jean Morgan, Rose LaVonne ‘Bonnie’ Easley, Betty Skidmore, Carole ‘Teddy’ Webb, and Beverly Farvour.

During the course of their marriage Francis and Grace Chaney lived where the Navy took them–San Pedro, California, and Seattle, Washington mainly. Francis would eventually make a career of the Navy, but did a few stints on the outside, during these times the family lived in Longview and Winlock, Washington. In Winlock they worked for a chicken farmer while Ginny started kindergarten. While Francis was stationed overseas, serving in WWII, Korea, and eventually Vietnam, Grace came ‘home’ to Sandlake to live.

Four children were born to David Earl Chaney and Grace Eugenia Atkinson Chaney:

Virginia Lee “Ginny” Chaney born September 2, 1946
Richard Earl Chaney born February 2, 1948
Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney born February 21, 1954
Susan Adelle Chaney born December 31, 1961

Virginia Lee “Ginny Chaney, daughter of David Earl Chaney and Grace Eugenia Atkinson Chaney, was born September 2, 1946 at Tillamook. She was married about 1964 to Ivan Gist.
She achieved fame in the family by going on a tandem skydive at the age of 51. In 1997 they lived in Kelso, Washington.

Children born to them include:

Jeffrey Gail born in 1966
Eric Allen Gist born in 1969

Richard Earl Chaney, son of David Earl Chaney and Grace Eugenia Atkinson Chaney, was born February 2, 1948 at Tillamook. Of his family, his sister Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour wrote:

“Richard Chaney also went the Navy way, in fact his wife, Debra Diestler from Wisconsin, was a WAVE when they met. They were married in April 1973. Since then he has been medically discharged from the Navy, yet has been active in the National Guard, achieving Warrant Officer status about 1995. In the course of their marriage they have lived in Corvallis, Oregon, where all the girls were born and where Rich earned his BA and MA from Oregon State University.

From there they ended up in Rolla, Missouri, where they have lived since the late 1980’s-early 1990s. Their eldest, Heather, graduated in 1996 and plans to enter the Navy specializing in the nuclear field.”

Children born to Richard Earl Chaney and Debra Diestler Chaney include:

Heather Novelle Chaney born in 1978
Bethany Brooke Chaney born in 1982
Tami Jane Chaney born in 1986

Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney, daughter of David Earl Chaney and Grace Eugenia Atkinson Chaney, was born February 21, 1954 at the naval hospital in Seattle. Of her life, she wrote:

“Following in her mother’s footsteps, Becky Chaney moved away from home in her senior year to live with a cousin in Longview, Washington. There she met the brother-in-law of her aunt, Bev Chaney Farvour. Becky was married to Albert E. Farvour, Jr. in 1974. He was born July 2, 1947 to Albert E. Farvour and Edna Mae Bolden Farvour. His father was born in 1916 in Iowa, and his mother was born in 1920 in West Virginia.

Edna and Al Farvour were married in 1940 and had the following children as they migrated west to Washington: John Everett Farvour, born 1941; JoAnn Farvour, born in 1945; Al, Jr; Linda Jean Farvour, born 1949, Robert Delano Farvour, born in 1950 and Richard Lee Farvour, born in 1951.

Albert E. Farvour worked as a coal miner in Virginia and West Virginia. His parents were John Everett Farvour [1882-1947] and Greta ‘Mary’ Becker Farvour who died in Washington in 1972.

Edna Mae Bolden Farvour was the daughter of Everett Bolden and Bessie Sexton Farvour. It is believed that Edna may be of Melungeon descent; her brother, Doug, was once told when inquiring about his Bolden heritage that the family was, “Dutch, German, and none of your business!”

About the time of their marriage, Albert E. Farvour, Jr. began working at Reynolds Metals in Longview, where he has remained ever since. Becky began college, but it was interrupted by the birth of their first son. It took 10 years but she finally achieved her AA degree in 1985, then went on for her BA degree from Evergreen College in 1987, teaching credentials from Portland State University in 1990, and MALS degree from Reed College in Portland in 1993. She currently works as a substitute teacher for the Kelso School District. They have lived in Kelso, on the same spot as Al’s folks originally lived when they came to Washington, since early in their marriage.

Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour, a member of the Foundation, has intensive research on the Goins family and has supplied much of the material on the descendants of Jason Goins of Monongalia County.

Children born to Albert E. Farvour and Rebecca Lynn “Becky” Chaney Farvour include:

David Eugene Farvour born February 1977
Matthew Robert Farvour born in June 1979
Daniel Stuart Farvour born in April 1983

Susan Adele Chaney, daughter of David Earl Chaney and Grace Eugenia Atkinson Chaney, was born December 31, 1961 at Tillamook. She was married about 1980 to Jack Buel. Following a divorce about 1989, she was remarried to Jeff Owens. In 1997, they lived at Hebo, Oregon.

Children born to Jack Buel and Susan Adele Chaney include:

Bryan George Buel born in 1982
Kei Michelle Buel born in 1985
Stephen Christopher Buel born in in 1987
Samuel G. Gowen appeared as the head of a household in the 1820 census of Monongalia County, page 69:

“Gowen, Samuel G. white male over 45
white female 0-10”

Samuel G. Gowen did not reappear there in the 1830 census.

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