1 Gunne surnames

1 Gunne surnames

1658 Oct 25: p. 36 A. Cert to Mr. Thomas Michall for 650 Acres of Land for Importation of 13: John Gunne, And. Morton, Anne Shilliboe, Ellen Haslewood, William Calvert, Bridgett Blacke, Thomas Hensonn, Sarah Russell & Thomas Michell and for 4 returned. York County, Virginia. York Co, book 3, wills, deeds, and orders, pg 5-60, 1657-1659. pg 36. 45.

1691 July 10 – John Gunne writes his will:
In the name of God amen the last will and testament of John Gunne being in perfect memory praised be almighty God for it. First I bequeath my soul to God that gave it and my saviour Jesus Christ that redeemed me in whom I put all my trust and confidence in hope of assuned resurrection . Secondly I give my body to the earth to be decently buried also I freely give unto my very loving wife Eliz Gunne all my lands with houses or whard(Sp?) and fences to her and her heires(sp?) for ever. Also I give unto my forsaid loving wife all my cattell horses and mayres and all my stock of hoogs calfs I do freely unto my foresaid loveing wife all my houseall goods and all of the debts that is due to me also I desire that my wife shall pay all my debts that I do owe this bing my last will and testament my desire is that it shall be full paid(sp?) and this will to be irrevocable in witness hereof I have set my hand and seal this 10th day of July in the year of our Lord God 1691.
His Mark: John (I) Gunne (seale)
Witnesses: John Colleyton, Jeremy (I) Shepard
Proved by the oaths of the witnesses both in the County Court on 10th day of November 1698. Truely Recorded. (Later entries show this name as John Goune)

1698 Oct 10: Jno Gunn bond and appt extr: Know all men by these presents that we Eliz Gunn and Richd Brook of the County of Essex are held and firmly bound unto his Maj justices of the peace for the County in the sum of thirty thousand pds of good (?) tobo to be payment when of . . . (appointed executors) 10th day of Octber 1698. Signed: Eliz X Gunn (Seale), Richd Brooke (Seale). Wits: Ruth Covington, Robt Coleman. (Note: Later probate shows this to be the last name of “Gounn“).

1699 Nov 11 – In the name of God amen. First, bequeath my soul to Almighty God which gave it me and my body to be buried in Cristen buriel. I do bequef after the deses of my wife Elizabeth Goun my land to Sarah Green – daughter of Saml Green to have ar(sp?) for ever. Witness my hand – the second(sp?) of July won thousand six hun ninty 8(sp?).
John (I) Gowin (his mark). Witnesses: Charles Hall, John (I) Parr (his mark), Saml Greene. Proved in the County Court on 11th day of November 1699 by the oathes of Charles Hall and Saml Green (unk writing). —– The deposition of Sarah the wife of Saml Green aged forty years or thereabouts. Sayth that ye deponent being at the house of Jno Goun deceased ye night before his death for he died ye next night about the same time did here ye sd Gun desire my husband to make his will he being unwilling himselfe desired Charles Hall who was there a Freeman in Jno Guns house to make it tooke inke to paper and ye deponent did heare ye sd Jno Gun dictate to ye scribe verbatim what is written in ye will and did see him signe itt with his marke as itt appeares and ye depont did take him ye sd Gun to be in perfict sence of memory at his signeing ye sd will to ye best of my judgment and knowledge and further saith not.
Sarah (S) Greene. Examined and sworne fore me Danl Dobyns. Truly Recorded . . . County Court 11th day of Octbr 1699

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