1 Gapeing surnames

1 Gapeing surnames

1643 Aug 22, WILLIAM GAPINGE, 140 acs. James City Co., Aug. 22, 1643, Page 887. From Sunken Marsh near Upper Chippokes. W. N. W. towards Henry Neale & Henry White. Trans, of 3 pers: Robert Browne, Phillipp Hawkins Henry Moore.

1651 October 6, William Gapeing. 250 acres. S of Burcher swamp, S side of upper Chipokes Creek. In James Co, Va.

1653 Jan 24, CAPT. FRANCIS POTT, 1500 acs. Northampton Co., 24 Jan. 1653, p. 49. Beg. at the end of a point of land on the N. side of a branch runing out of Matchepungo Cr. &c. to land of Richard Allen. 500 acs. by venue of an order of the Quarter Court, 7 Dec. 1633, and 1,000 acs. for trans, of 20 pers: Joseph Filch, Jno. George, Walter Horton, Cha. Greene, Wm. Gapin, Richd. Osborne, Tho. Price, Wm. Price, Randall Holt, Walter Daniel, Joseph Hill, Edwd. Grimes, Richd. Taylor, Ed- ward Harryson, Nich. George, James Hall, Susan Wilson, Eliza. Blore, Susan Holston, Margery Little.

1653 Mar 31, WILLIAM KNOTT, 200 acs. in Surry Co, on S. side of James Riv, about V/i mi. from same. Last of Mar. 1653, p. 256. S. W. by S. into the woods, cross the reedy Swamp runn, on the N. W. by W. side of Mr. Benjamin Harrysons devdt, by the round island, and N. W. by W. towards upper Chip Oakes Cr. Trans, of 4 pers: William Rose, & his wife, Anto. Wightman, Dorothy Woofe. BEE it knowne unto all men by these presents that I Wm. Knott, of the parrish of Southwark, in Virginia, planter, doe Acknowedge that I have Surveyed and Since patterned the Sum of two hundred Acres of Land through the mis- take of Certaine Marked trees within the bounds & Pattern of Mr. John Dibdall, Minister, lying in the parrish of Southwark aforesaid, and to relenquish all pretence of right to the said two hundred Acres of Land by vertue of the said Pattent or Otherwise, and doe promise and Engage my Self to deliver to Mr. Dibdall or his Assignes the said Pattent to be anihilated and made void, and also doe by these presents before the partyes, whose names are under written, Certifye the Error and mistake in the said Survey and pattent, hereby humbly presenting to the right honble. the Governor and Councell, now setting at the Quarter Court at James Towne, my acknowledgmt. of my Error & mistake, that the record of the said pattent in the Office of the said Court may be Oblicerated thereby to stay all further Suites which may happen between me and the said Mr. Dibdall or his Assignes by reason of the said land for the future. In Witness whereof I Subscribe my hand this sixth day of March 1653. The marke of Wm. Knott. Read, Subscribed & Delivered in the presence of Wm Gaping Rab: (or Rob.) Wood, George B Boucher.

1654 Wm Gopeinge sells 100a to Jno King on Chipoaks Creek in Surry Co Va.

1666 Mar 28, WILLIAM KNOTT, 312 acs. Surry Co., 28 Mar. 1666, p. 482, (588). 112 acs. on S. side of James Riv., on S. side of upper Chipoake Cr., bounded N.W. on land of Edward Oliver, N* upon Wm. Thomas, E. on George Gibson & S.E. on Mr. Fisher; 200 acs. on S. side of sd. Riv., Wly. on Jeremiah Clements, N.W. on Edward Oliver, Nly. on Wm. Thomas, George Gibson & Edward Minter, Ely. on Wm. Gapins land & Mr. Thomas Busbie & S.E. on Mr. Richard Hill. 112 acs. granted to Wm. Knott, dec’d., 20 Nov. 1653 & 200 acs. in sd. Knotts name 14 Oct. 1657 & now due him as son & heire of sd. Wm. Trans, of 4 pers: Peter Bray, Wm. Hawking, Sarah Willis, Mary Jones.

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