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Eleven families of Gowens were listed in Maine in the 1790 census, according to “Heads of Families, Maine, 1790.” All of them were located in York County. The 61 individuals living in these eleven households were the entire Gowen population living in Maine in 1790.
Aaron Gowen, Jr. was married to Miss Mary Smith on June 3, 1832. Both were from Waterborough. Of Aaron Gowen, Jr. and Mary Smith Gowen nothing more is known.
Abbie M. Gowen, who was born in 1837 and died in 1922. Was married to Joseph M. Goodwin in 1857, according to her Wells tombstone inscription.
Agatine Gowen who was born in Portland in 1841 was married about 1860 to Frederick J. Lamson, according to “Biographical Sketches” by Bouley. Two children were born to Fredrick J. Lamson and Agatine Gowen Lamson. One was Harris Lamson who was born in 1902 at Everette, Mas­sachusetts. He was graduated from Harvard University in 1924. He was employed by Sawyer Lumber Company in Worchester, Massachusetts in 1934 and was a vice president of that firm in 1943. He was shown to be a Mason and a member of the First Unitarian Church of Worchester. About 1930 he was married to Lesa Hillard of Ottawa, Canada. Two children were born to this union. Charlotte Ann Lamson was born in 1931. She was married to Thomas Clarke of Manhasset, Long Island, New York. In 1953 Thomas Clarke and Charlotte Lamson Clarke lived in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. They are the parents of Fred­erick Lamson Clarke.
Alpheus Gowen, Lyman, Maine, served in the War of 1812 in Capt. James Ayers’ company of Massachusetts militia, ac­cording to “War of 1812 Pensioners” by Virgil D. White. He was married to Mary Noble of Wells, December 19, 1816 at Wells. Mary Noble Gowen was born in 1787. Alpheus Gowen died at Lyman May 18, 1849. Mary Noble Gowen was the re­cipient of Bounty Land Warrants in 1850 and 1855 while a resident of Lyman. Mary Noble Gowen drew Widow’s Pension No. WC-15886 until her death January 14, 1879 at Kennebunk, Maine.
Ann Gowen was married about 1765 to Col. Joseph Hubbard. She died August 18, 1792, according to “History of York County, Maine.”
B. Gowen, age 25, and John Gowen, age 23, goldminers in California in 1850 were shown in the 1850 census to have been born in Maine.
Benjamin F. Gowen was married July 5, 1875 to Sarah Hayes and lived in Waterloo, Maine, according to “John Hayes of Dover, New Hampshire” by Catharine F. Richmond. Sarah Hayes Gowen was born September 13, 1839 and died March 18, 1880. She was buried in Hillside Cemetery, Limerick, Maine.
Alice M. Gowen of Saco, Maine was married January 20, 1894 to Judson F. Carter, also of Saco, according to Maine BVS records.
Annie J. Gowen of York, Maine was married January 12, 1896 to Edward E. Freeman, also of York, according to Maine BVS records.
Corp. Benjamin H. Gowen was 28 years old when he en­listed in the National Guard June 29, 1917 at Portland, Maine, his place of residence. He was born in Wells in 1889. He went overseas on September 4, 1918 and remained in France until July 8, 1919, seeing action in the Meuse-Ar­gonne sector. He was dis­charged August 1, 1919.

Benjamin H. Gowen, purchasing agent, and his wife Ada L. Gowen, a secretary, lived at 621 Sawyer, South Portland, Maine, according to the 1961 city directory of Portland. Also living at this address, according to the directory was John H. Gowen and his wife, Virginia Gowen.
Blanche Gowen of Clinton, Maine was married August 8, 1895 to John H. Jacobs of Pittsfield, Maine, according to Maine BVS records.

Bradford Gowen of Maine wrote Oma Mullins of Bedford County, Tennessee about 1970 seeking Gowen family research information.
Charles E. Gowen was born October 26, 1832 and died March 23, 1927, according to his tombstone in the cemetery at Wells. His wife, Elizabeth F. Gowen, buried alongside him, was born July 4, 1838 and died May 2, 1915.
Charles G. Gowen was born in Sanford, Maine about 1858. He was married about 1881 to Susan L. Ridley of Dover, New Hampshire.

Children born to Charles G. Gowen and Susan L. Ridley Gowen include:

Charles Winfield Gowen June 13, 1883

Chester Winfield Gowen was born in Sanford, Maine June 13, 1883 to Charles E. Gowen and Susan L. Ridley Gowen, according to Theresa Gowen Snow, a descendant. He was married October 26, 1903 to Idelle Lillian Wakefield who was born June 24, 1886 in Hollis, Maine, according to the research of Theresa Gowen Snow, a great-granddaughter.

Children born to Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen include:

Wilfred C. Gowen born September 2, 1904
Earl E. Gowen born May 13, 1906
Vernon Elwyn Gowen born April 25, 1908
[child] born about 1909
Arlene Mae Gowen born January 15, 1911
Fred Greenleaf Gowen born February 28, 1912
Roland Burton Gowen born January 3, 1915

Wilfred C. Gowen, son of Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen, was born September 2, 1904 in Sanford, Maine. He died in January 1986 in Springvale, Maine.

Earl E. Gowen, son of Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen, was born May 13, 1906 in Sanford. He died September 28, 1992.

Vernon Elwyn Gowen, son of Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen, was born April 25, 1908, according to a granddaughter, Theresa Gowen Snow. He was married there August 22, 1936 to Isabelle Theresa Lewis who was born July 14, 1911 in Millinocket, Maine. Vernon Elwyn Gowen died September 1, 1983 in Independence, Oregon. She died October 9, 1991 in Salem, Oregon.

Children born to Vernon Elwyn Gowen and Isabelle Theresa Lewis Gowen include:

Vernon Elwyn Gowen, Jr. born April 10, 1939
Chester Winfield Gowen born April 11, 1940

Vernon Elwyn Gowen, Jr, son of Vernon Elwyn Gowen and Theresa Lewis Gowen, was born April 10, 1939. He was married about 1952 to Irene Jester in Washington state, according to Theresa Gowen Snow. Irene Jester was born in Nevada, Missouri December 11, 1942.

Children born to Vernon Elwyn Gowen, Jr. and Irene Jester Gowen include:

Theresa Gowen born about 1956.

Theresa Gowen, daughter of Vernon Elwyn Gowen, Jr. and Irene Jester Gowen, was born in Salem, Oregon February 13, 1962. She was married to Eugene Snow, Jr. July 18, 1987 in Ellsworth, Maine. In 1986 and in 1997 they lived in Henderson, Nevada.

Children born to them include:

Michael Robert Snow born October 8, 1986

Chester Winfield Gowen, son of Vernon Elwyn Gowen and Theresa Lewis Gowen, was born April 11, 1940 in Sanford. He was married about 1963 in Independence, Oregon to Maxine Weslow. He died February 22, 1968 in Portland, Oregon.

One child was born to Chester Winfield Gowen and Maxine Weslow Gowen:

Julie Gowen born about 1965

A child, name unknown was born to Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen about 1909 and died in infancy.

Arlene Mae Gowen, daughter of Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen, was born January 15, 1911 in Sanford.

Fred Greenleaf Gowen, son of Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen, was born February 28, 1912 in Sanford. He died there October 17, 1993.

Roland Burton Gowen, son of Chester Winfield Gowen and Idelle Lillian Wakefield Gowen, was born January 3, 1915 in Sanford.
David Gowen was married in Berwick April 9, 1781 to Johanna Gubtail, according to “Old Kittery and Her Families” by Everett S. Stackpole. Children born to David Gowen and Johanna Gubtail Gowen are unknown.
David Gowen, who lived in Shapleigh, Maine, joined some neighbors in signing a petition on May 20, 1788 addressed to the General Court requesting a new survey be made of their land to ward off encroachment by other citizens who held con­flicting titles, according to “Documentary History of Maine, Baxter Manuscript,” published by Maine Historical Society.

The household of David Gowen, unidentified, was enumer­ated in York County as “one male over 16, two males under and two females,” page 68 of the 1790 census.
Miss Draxey Gowen [marriage intent showed “Dracksy”] was married to Daniel Clark of Berwick, Maine December 22, 1814 by Daniel Wood, J.P, according to “Vital Records of Lebanon, Maine.”
Elizabeth S. Gowen was married to Ham W. Murrey on March 2, 1852 at Shapleigh, Maine.
Erasmus K. Gowen, born in 1751 was a revolutionary pen­sioner of Brunswick, Maine. At age 82, he was married September 28, 1833 to Miss Theresa W. Sweeney, age 22, in Montville, Maine, according to “Family Pioneer & Juvenile Key.” Of Erasmus G. Gowen and Theresa W. Sweeney noth­ing more is known.
Erwin R. Gowen, was born in Biddeford, May 26, 1889. He was shown as a resident of Biddeford when he enlisted in the U. S. Army on August 13, 1918 in York County. He was dis­charged November 27, 1918.

Erwin R. Gowen husband of Elizabeth Gowen, lived in Saco, Maine in 1961, according to the Portland, Maine city direc­tory. He was a traveling salesman.

Capt. Erwin S. Gowen, possibly father of the above, served in the First Maine Infantry during the Spanish-American War from April 21, 1898 until 1903.
Ezekiel Gowen of Kittery and Abigail Webber of York posted an “Intent of Marriage” September 6, 1771. Later the house­hold of Ezekiel Gowen was enumerated in the 1790 census of Sanford, Maine in York County:

“Gouen, Ezekel white male over 16
white female
white male over 16
white male under 16
white female
white male under 16
white male under 16
white male under 16
white male under 16

Of Ezekiel Gowen and Abigail Webber Gowen nothing more is known.
Fred Leighton Gowen, Jr. was born in 1920 in Maine of par­ents unknown. In 1944 during World War II he was stationed at Pyote Army Air Field in Reeves County, Texas. Prior to that time he was married to Edna Lealda Waterman, who was born in Maine in 1915.

Children born to Fred Lieghton Gowen, Jr. and Edna Lealda Waterman Gowen include:

Barbara Joanne Gowen born September 28, 1944

Barbara Joanne Gowen, daughter of Fred Leighton Gowen, Jr. and Edna Lealda Waterman Gowen, was born September 28, 1944 in Monahans, Texas, while her father was stationed at Py­ote Army Air Field, according to Ward County Texas Birth Book 7, page 181.
George Gowen was married March 3, 1816 to Hannah Shaw at Sanford, Maine by Rev. Moses Sweat, according to “Maine Historical & Genealogical Register.”
Hannah Gowen, a widow, was enumerated in the 1790 census of Yorktown, York County, as “Hannah Going, two females.”
Hannah Gowen of Eliot, Maine and David Moulton of York posted at meeting house a Marriage Intention. The cou­ple were married May 18, 1816.
Miss Hannah Gowen was married to Mr. Gillman Thing on October 26, 1826 according to the legal records of Waterbor­ough, Maine.
Harry Winfield Gowen, Sr. was born January 15, 1868 and died April 10, 1915, according to his tombstone inscription at Wells. His son, Harry Winfield Gowen, Jr. died March 16, 1895, age 2 years, five months and 13 days, according to his tombstone ad­joining.
Herbert Gowen, a private of Company K, 39th Infantry was “killed in the advance from Hill 304 to the Bois de Foret, France–1886-1918”, according to his tombstone, at Wells.

According to “Roster of Maine in the World War” complied by James W. Hanson, Herbert Gowen was born at Wells November 15, 1886. On April 1, 1918 when he enlisted as a private in the U. S. Army, his residence was shown as Kenneb­unk, York County. He went to France five weeks later on May 10, 1918. He participated in the battle of Aisne-Marne, St. Mehiel and Meuse-Argonne. He was killed in the action in the Meuse-Argonne on September 26, 1918 at age 32.
Howard E. Gowen was the subject of a biographical sketch in “Municipal History of Essex County, Massachusetts” pub­lished in 1922 by Benjamin F. Arrington. He, the son of Howard L. Gowen and his wife, Ella M. Gowen, was born September 13, 1875 in Springvale, Maine.

His parents moved to Lynn, Massachusetts in 1880 where he was graduated from Classical High School. He was first em­ployed by Small & Jones, tea and coffee merchants and later opened his own business dealing in the same commodities. When the SpanishÄAmerican war broke out he was a heeling machine operator for Colb & Putnam Shoe Factory. He en­listed in the Eighth Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and was later transferred to the Second U. S. Cavalry.

After the war, Howard E. Gowen returned to Lynn and was em­ployed by the post office where he worked for 18 years. In November 1918 he began working for the Young Men’s Chris­tian Association and was still employed there at publi­cation time in 1922.

He was a Mason, a member of tho Sons of the American Rev­olution and a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church. About 1896 he was married to Blanche A. Bagley, daughter of Curtis A. Bagley and his wife, Edwarda Bagley of St. Johns­bury, Vermont. One son, Donald H. Gowen was born to Howard E. Gowen and Blanche A. Bagley Gowen about 1900.
Capt. James Gowen of Col. Jedediah Preble’s Regiment served in the Battle of Ticonderoga in 1758, according to “History of York, Maine.” The volume reports that York was also known as Bristol, Maine in 1632, Agamenticus, Maine in 1641 and Georgana, Maine in 1642 before being re­named York in 1652. Capt. James Gowen served in the Bat­tle of Quebec. In 1763 his company was stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia on occupation duty.
James Gowen was born about 1784. He was married June 23, 1812 to Dorothy Pary, according to “Vital Records of Lebanon, Maine” by Rev. Isaac Hasey. They were enumerated in the 1850 census as:

“Gowen, James, 66, farmer
Dorithy 63,
Isaac 28
Ann 6”

James Gowen and Dorithy Gowen are regarded by Debbie Krupke, Foundation member of Bar Harbor, Maine, as the parents of Moses P. Gowen also. Moses P. Gowen was born in November 1814 in Lebanon, Maine. He was married about 1818 in Blakesburgh, Maine [now called Bradford], wife’s name Laurilla [or Orilla].

In 1900, Moses P. Gowen was enumerated living in the household of a son-in-law, Henry P. Hall at Bradford.

Children born to Moses P. Gowen and Laurilla Gowen include:

Sylvia Gowen born about 1837
Synthia Gowen born about 1839
Draxey C. Gowen born in 1842
Sarah Gowen born about 1843
Dorcas Gowen born about 1845
Ester P. Gowen born about 1847
Moses M. Gowen born in 1849

Draxey C. Gowen, daughter of Moses P. Gowen and Laurilla Gowen, was born in 1842 at Bradford. She was married December 2, 1866 to Elijah S. Smith, son of John Smith and Harriet Mansell Smith. Draxey C. Gowen Smith died in 1884.

Ester P. Gowen, daughter of Moses P. Gowen and Laurilla Gowen, was born about 1847. She was married about 1876 to Henry P. Hall. They were enumerated in the 1900 census of Bradford as:

“Hall, Henry
Ester P.
Lynda S. 21, born in July 1878
Edwin M. 18, born in April 1883
Lizzie M. 15, born in October 1884
Gowen, Moses P. 85, born in November 1814”
James Gowen died January 30, 1888 “aged 81 years, 9 months, 6 days,” according to his tombstone at Wells. His wife, Caro­line Ewell Gowen, in an adjoining plot, died Jan­uary 16, 1892, “aged 88 years, and 20 days.”
Jane Gowen, widow, was enumerated in the 1790 census of Coxhall, York County, Maine as “Jane Going, one male un­der 16, one female.”
Miss Jerusha A. Gowen and John H. Robert, “both of York” filed a marriage of intent February 13, 1867, according to “Vital Records of York, Maine.”
John Gowen lived in Sanford on Mouse Lane in 1788. He died March 18, 1792, and his widow removed and joined the Shak­ers, according to “History of Sanford, Maine, 1661-1900.”
John Gowen received a land grant in Kittery in 1703 and an­other there in 1709, according to records of Maine Historical Society.
John Gowen, son of William Gowen and Abigail Gowen, was born in 1756.

John Gowen was married August 26, 1781 to Sarah Libby, “both of Berwick,” according to “Old Kittery and Her Families” by Everett S. Stackpole. Sarah Libby was born June 19, 1750 to Samuel Libby and Margaret Rogers Libby at Berwick.

He died in 1807. Children born to John Gowen and Sarah Libby Gowen include:

James Gowen born about 1782
Isaac Gowen born about 1784
Abigail Gowen born about 1785

Abigail Gowen, daughter of John Gowen and Sarah Libby Gowen, was born about 1785. She was married May 13, 1801 to Humphrey Lord.
John Gowen, who died June 28, 1858 at age 57 years, ten months, was buried in the Wells cemetery. His wife, Nancy Gowen, who died April 4, 1880 at age 81, was buried beside him.
John W. Gowen of York and Hannah J. Garey of Kittery de­clared a marriage intent November 7, 1867, according to “Vital Records of York, Maine.” Children born to John W. Gowen and Hannah J. Garey Gowen are unknown.
Lemuel Gowen was married December 25, 1777 to Sarah Heard, according to “Old Kittery and Her Families” by Everett S. Stackpole. Children born to Lemuel Gowen and Sarah Heard Gowen are unknown.
Lewis Gowen was a resident of Kittery in 1749, according to “Early Families of Sanford and Springvale, Maine” by Frederick Boyle. Ezekiel Gowen, son of Lewis Gowen, was born May 9, 1749 in Kittery. He was married September 17, 1771, wife’s name unknown. He died in Sanford in 1817.
Lizzie Gowen, born in July 1838, was enumerated in the 1900 census of her son-in-law, Willard S. Littlefield. The family was recorded as:

“Littlefield, Willard S. 43, born in July 1856
Cora E. 38, born in June 1862
Lisle V. 3, born in June 1897
Gowen, Lizzie C. 61, born in July 1838,

Lois Gowen, the youngest daughter of James Gowen of Eliot, Maine, was born July 18, 1771. On June 23, 1790 she was mar­ried to Capt. John Shapleigh, according to “Maine Fami­lies in 1790.” He was born March 16, 1769 to Capt. John Shapleigh and Dorcas Littlefield Shapleigh. Capt. John Shapleigh died April 15, 1847, and Lois Gowen Shapleigh died October 28, 1859.
Lloyd E. Gowen, who was born May 29, 1888 in Springvale, York County, enlisted in the U. S. Navy at Portland October 2, 1917. He served at the Newport, Rhode Island Training Sta­tion. He was discharged at Boston, Massachusetts on July 8, 1919.
Mrs. Mary Gowen, a widow and Charles Hill, both of Ly­man, Maine, signed an intention of marriage on January 2, 1808. They were married there ten days later.
Mary Gowen was baptized on November 15, 1724 at the First Church of Berwick, Maine.
Mary Gowen was born about 1766 of parents unknown. She was married May 31, 1794 to John Davis, according to “Revolutionary War Records” Vol. 9, page 44. John Davis served three years beginning in 1781 in the Continental Line as a soldier from Massachusetts and applied for a pension in York County. He had previously served eight months as a drummer in 1775.

Mary Gowen before marriage lived with her brother [unidentified] in Sanford, Maine. She often stayed “sometimes for weeks together at the house of John Frost’s father. She met John Davis while he worked for said Frost as a house joiner.” The brother [unidentified] of Mary Gowen “made much oppo­sition to her marriage with said Davis.” stated John Frost, Esq. “who made declaration in support of her application in 1850 at Plymouth, Massachusetts in Ply­mouth County.

Mary Gowen made application for a widow’s pension in 1850 at age 84, and Pension W-6975 was granted to her November 21, 1850. At that time the widow lived in Denmark, Maine in Oxford County. Abigail Allen, relationship unknown, was a witness to the application.

Recorded in the 1790 census of Sanford were “Ezekel Gouen, Stephen Gowen, Widow Gouen, John Gowen, Jr, William Frost, Elht. Frost and Moses Frost.

The 1800 census of York County includes, “Patrick Gowin, Richard Gowin, John Gowin, Widow Gowin, David Gowin, John Gowin, Widow Gowen and John Frost, Esq.”
Mary E. Gowen declared a marriage intent November 10, 1866 with William H. Woodward, “both of York,” according to “Vital Records of York, Maine.” They were married November 27, 1866.
Mercy Gowen, the daughter of William Gowen of Kittery, filed an intent to become the third wife of Nathanael Abbott of York, in September, 1764. They were married November 17, 1764.
Milton F. Gowen, a resident of Westbrook and a member of Gowen Research Foundation, was featured in a full-page spread of the December 7, 1994 edition of the “Westbrook Ameri­can-Journal.” Ten photographs of Milton F. Gowen and his maritime models were carried in the newspaper on the occasion of his donation of the models to the Maine Maritime Museum of Bath. Maine. Robert Webb, curator of the museum stated that the models would form an educational display at the museum. Included in the collection were models of SS Portland, USS Wisconsin, SS Robert E. Lee, SS Bowdoin, Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, a whale boat, U.S.S. Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” a Maine lobsterboat, and the Portland Head Lighthouse.
On February 27, 1825 Moses Gowen was married to Abigail Shap­leigh. Both were of Waterborough, Maine. Of Moses Gowen and Abigail Shapleigh Gowen nothing more is known.
Nathan Gowen “of Montville” was married to Miss Margaret Hagan of Georgetown, Maine by Benjamin Riggs, J. P. on November 23, 1815. Of Nathan Gowen and Margaret Hagan Gowen nothing more is known.
Nathaniel Gowen was married to Mrs. Eunice Dodge, widow of John M. Dodge, according to their son, T. A. [initials un­certain] Gowen. Date of the marriage was not given.
Nathaniel Gowen was married to Sally Gowen in Berwick July 30, 1809, according to “Old Kittery and Her Families” by Everett S. Stackpole. Children born to Nathaniel Gowen and Sally Gowen Gowen are unknown.
Patrick Gowen received a land grant at Kittery in 1736, ac­cording to records of Maine Historical Society.
Richard Gowen appeared in the 1790 census of Berwick, York County. His household was enumerated as “one male over 16, 2 males under 16 and one female.”
Ruth Gowen, was married to Ebenezer Gary at Sanford Maine, August 6, 1795 by Rev. Moses Sweat, according to “Maine Historical & Genealogical Register.”

Children born to them include James Gary who was born February 12, 1802. On May 31, 1832 James Gary was mar­ried to Mary Elizabeth Miller at Sanford. James Gary died at Dover, Maine in 1865, according to DAR Magazine, Vol­ume 47, page 192, September 1915.
S. William Gowen died May 13, 1902, age 53 years, 6 months and 5 days, according to his tombstone inscription at Wells.
Samuel Gowen appeared in the 1790 census of Coxhall, York County, according to “Heads of Families, Maine, 1790:”

“Gowen, Samuel white male over 16
white female
white male under 16
white female”
Samuel Gowen was enumerated as the head of a household in the 1900 census of Bradford:

“Gowen, Samuel 74, born in March 1826
Maria J. 63, born in December 1836
Lilie R. 32, born in January 1868
Gowen, Ora S. 29, born in November 1870, son
Annie W. 26, born in May 1873, dau.in-law.

Samuel Gowen and Maria J. Gowen had been married for 42 years and had five children, three of whom were living.
Pfc. Ullie E. Gowen, born at Sanford in 1895, enlisted in the U. S. Army at Sanford April 12, 1917. He was discharged March 25, 1918.
William Gowen, and Abigail Gowen were the parents of Mercy Gowen who was baptized November 30, 1755 at the First Church of Berwick.
William Gowen and Lydia Preble II, both of York, Maine, signed a marriage intent on October 5, 1840, according to “Vital Records of York County, Maine.” They were mar­ried October 27, 1840. Of William Gowen & Lydia Preble Gowen nothing more is known.
Pvt. Wilton H. Gowen, who enlisted in the U. S. Army Octo­ber 22, 1918, was born at Sanford, September 30, 1898. He en­listed at Kennebunk and was discharged on November 14, 1918.
Gowen Wilson was “a signer of The Submission” November 16, 1652, according to “History of York County, Maine.” The submission was a petition signed by the citizens of the York area requesting that the Province of Maine become a part of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Many individuals believed to be descendants of William Alexander Gowen were listed in the 1961 city directory of Portland, Maine. Included were:

Gowen, Alfred [Mary] Westbrooke
Gowen, Carrie E. widow of Frank H. Gowen
who died February 14, 1960
Gowen, Dorothy M. South Portland
Gowen, Editha, music teacher
Gowen, Mrs. Ethel J. Falmouth
Gowen, Guy F.
Gowen, Lula M. retired South Portland
Gowen, Mrs. Patricia A.
Gowen, Ralph V.
Gowen, Remi I.
Pres. of Gowen Marine Electric Standish
Gowen, Ruth L. South Portland
Gowen, Walter L. [Mary A.] South Portland
Gowen, William W. [Carol A.] trainee Westbrook
William Gowin was married in 1777 at Lee, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Davis. He enlisted at Wells in the Revolutionary ser­vice, according to “Genealogical Abstracts of Revolu­tionary War Pension Files” abstracted by Virgil D. White.

He died in May 1817 at Waterford, Vermont. Elizabeth Davis Gowin died in August 1838 at DePeyster, New York in St. Lawrence County. A daughter, Sarah Gowin Hunter, wife of Jonathan Hunter of Tuscola County, Michigan ap­plied July 30, 1856 for a pension based on her father’s ser­vice. She, age 66, stated that she was the only surviving child of William Gowin and Elizabeth Davis Gowin. She men­tioned a brother who had died in Canada.

Children born to William Gowin and Elizabeth Davis Gowin include:

Sarah Gowin born in 1790
Charles Sewell Gowen and his wife, Alice J. Fellows Gowen, were residents at Lowell, Massachusetts in 1883. Children born to Charles Sewell Gowen and Alice J. Fel­lows Gowen include:

Robert Fellows Gowen born December 30, 1883.

Robert Fellows Gowen, son of Charles Sewell Gowen and Al­ice J. Fellows Gowen, was born December 30, 1883 at Lowell. He was graduated from Mt. Pleasant Military Academy in Ossin­ing, New York in 1902. He was listed as a student at Harvard University from 1902 to 1907. He re­ceived an A.B. Degree from Harvard in 1906. In 1910, he was listed as an electrical en­gineer in Ossining in Harvard University Alumni Directory.

He was married to Grace Marie Chadeayne, daughter of Thomas T. Chadeayne, October 7, 1921. Robert Fellows Gowen maintained his residence on Overton Road, Ossining-on-the-Hudson, New York. He died in a nurs­ing home June 2, 1966 at age 82.

His obituary appeared in the “New York Times” June 3, 1966, page 39, Column 2:

OSSINING, N. Y., June 2, Robert Fellows Gowen, a pio­neer radio engineer, died here today in a nursing home. He was 82 years old and lived on Overton Road.

Mr. Gowen was a radio engineer and chief engineer for the late Lee De Forest, called “the father of radio,” dur­ing the days of his most active experimentation and in­vention. Mr. Gowen became interested in radio during his student days at Harvard, from which he graduated in 1906. He was the founder of the first ra­dio club at Har­vard in 1906. He worked in the Har­vard science labora­tory as a graduate student and joined the engineering department of American Tele­phone & Telegraph Com­pany in 1909.

In 1916 he became radio engineer for the De Forest Ra­dio & Telegraph Company and in 1921 Chief Engi­neer and plant manager. During this period Mr. Gowen was credited with pio­neering long distance ra­dio transmis­sion on low power. In 1920 he broadcast from New York to Chicago, 900 miles on 300 watts and from New York to North Dakota, 1,500 miles, on 500 watts. He was also closely connected with the de­velopment of the Audion tube, a three-electron vac­uum tube.

Subsequently he founded his own laboratory here which specialized in receiver design and construction. In 1928 Mr. Gowen went into the production of 16mm docu­mentary, educational and industrial motion pic­tures. He won awards for several of his films.

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Grace Chadeayne Gowen; a son, C. Allan Gowen; a daughter, Mrs. Eionor O. John­son and five grandchildren.

There will be a funeral service for him at 10:30 a. m. Saturday at the Trinity Episcopal Church.”

Children born to Robert Fellows Gowen and Grace Marie Chadeayne Gowen include:

Mary Elizabeth Gowen born about 1923
Charles Allen Gowen born about 1926

Mary Elizabeth Gowen, daughter of Robert Fellows Gowen and Grace Marie Chadeayne Gowen, was born about 1923 in Ossin­ing, New York. About 1944 she was married to Eionor O. John­son.

Charles Allan Gowen was born December 4, 1928 of parents [Charles Sewall gowen] unknown in Ossining, New York. He was married there October 14, 1953 to Nora Lila Ryan. In 1997 they lived at Briercliff Manor, New York. He died in November 1998.

Children born to Charles Allan Gowen and Nora Lila Ryan Gowen include:

Elizabeth Fellows Gowen born October 21, 1953
Susan Mary Gowen born August 25, 1956
Jeffrey Allan Gowen born July 19, 1958

Jeffrey Allan Gowen, son of Charles Allan Gowen and Nora Lila Ryan Gowen, was born July 19, 1958 in Westchester County. He was married May 2, 1993 to Dara Torres. In 1997, he lived New York City where he was employed by Fox Television Network as a sports director. Children born to Jeffrey Allan Gowen are unknown.
John Fellows Gowen, son of Charles Sewell Gowen and Alice Jerusha Fellows Gowen, was born September 1, 1889 at Ossining, New York. He and each of his four siblings, Robert Fellows Gowen [Newsletter, 11/98], Mary Fellows Gowen, Alice Fellows Gowen I and Alice Fellows Gowen II, all had Fellows as a middle name.

John Fellows Gowen was a student at Harvard University in the class of 1907 and was graduated in the class of 1909, according to Harvard Alumni Directory of 1910. He was a happy-go-lucky collegiate, according to his daughter, Faith Wallace Gowen Magoun of Manchester, Massachusetts. He spent as much time writing poetry and appearing in drama plays as he did in studying engineering.

After graduation, he lived with his widowed mother in Ossining. He was married September 22, 1915 at Dobbs Ferry, New York to Caroline Goldsborough Wallace, daughter of Benjamin Lawrence Wallace and Ellen Douglass Hoff Wallace.

He was soon employed as civil engineer on the construction of the New York subway. Excavation for the subway had begun in 1904, and it was being expanded to 237 miles of track to connect Manhattan with all the burroughs of New York city.

He had so much fun in digging up the city, that he turned it into a treasure hunt. “John F. Gowen” wrote “Treasure Hunting–A Game for Everybody” which was published by Putman’s Sons in 1925.

John Fellows Gowen developed an interest in genealogy. He, a descendant of William Alexander Gowen [Newsletter, 4/90] who was captured in the Battle of Dunbar and deported by Oliver Cromwell to New England in 1650, wrote a 35-page booklet in April 1942 on his Scottish ancestor and his military service under Alexander Leslie, first Earl of Leven.

John Fellows Gowen concluded that his ancestor was a Scottish Highlander. He cited the statement of fellow prisoner John Stewart who accompanied William Alexander Gowen in the “Unity” on the voyage to New England. Stewart addressed a petition to Sir Edmund Andros, the governor:

” . . . your poor petitioner was in service in five battles under the noble Marquis of Montrose [James Graham, Fifth Earl and First Marquis of Montrose] in Scotland for His Majesty King Charles the First & thereby suffered & received many dangerous wounds, having escaped with his life through mercy . . . was afterward taken by Lord Cromwell in the fight at Dunbar and sent to this land where I was sold for eight years future service to purchase my future freedom . . . ”

Research of the accounts of the military campaign leading up to the Battle of Dunbar convinced John Fellows Gowen that “none but the Highlanders would follow the banner of Marquis of Montrose.”

John Fellows Gowen directed the preparation of “Modern Ap­plication of Sheet Copper in Building Construction,” a hand book for the Copper and Brass Research Association by whom he was then employed. The vol­ume was published in New York in 1948.

In the November 12, 1949 edition of “New York Times,” was reported the death of John Fellows Gowen who died November 10, 1949 at Doctors Hospital. He was men­tioned as the father of Mrs. William Richard Russell Hay and Faith Wallace Gowen of Dobbs Ferry. Funeral services were held at Zion Church, Dobbs Ferry and interment was at Lowell Cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Children born to John Fellows Gowen and Caroline Goldsborough Wallace Gowen include:

Janet Wallace Gowen born September 14, 1918
Faith Wallace Gowen born March 18, 1930

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