0001 English wills and land records

1345 June 1. Westminster. Membrane 9. Adam Gowyne, Joan his wife. Edward and Robert his sons.  Inspeximus and confirmation, saving all rights of the king in times of voidance of the sec of Salisbury, of a chirograph of the locum tenens of the dean of the cathedral church of St. Mary, Salisbury, and the chapter of that place, dated in their chapter house, on 4 October, 1344, inspecting and confirming a charter of Robert, bishop of Salisbury, to Adam Gowyne, Joan, his wife, and Edward and Robert, their sons, dated at Wodeford, on Friday after St. Matthew, 18 Edward III, shewing that, whereas he lately granted by an enrolment of his court of the manor of Wodeford to Adam Gowyne, his servant, a messuage and half a virgate of land in Wodeford Minor, which William de Godeshull lately held of him in bondage, to hold at will after the custom of the manor, for the rent of 5s. and the accustomed services and works, for good service to him and the said church he had granted to the said Adam that he and his said wife and children should hold the same in survivor-ship rendering 5s. yearly at the four terms usual and further paying to the bishop and his successors yearly 35. ill. at Michaelmas in lieu of all services and works pertaining to the tenement, saving suit at the court of the bishop of Wodeford, royal service when that shall happen, and a heriet due for such a tenement after the death of any one of them, Joan excepted of whom by the custom of the manor no heriet is due, provided nevertheless that after the death of Adam and Joan Edward shall hold the tenement in form aforesaid, and shall give the bishop 20s. as a fine for entry, also that after the death of Adam, Joan and Edward, Robert if then surviving and willing to hold the tenement shall give a like fine. And it is not the intention of the grantor that they or any of them by this writing shall be in any wise discharged of common prests, aids, talliages, recognitions, quota or other charges affecting the bishop’s homage of the manor in common. They shall not be elected or compelled by the bishop or his successors to the oflice of reeve, hayward, shepherd, herdsman or other servitude whatsoever against their will. By fine of 10s. Wilts.  Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1343 to 1345. pg. 473.

1390 Feb 22. Westminster. John Gowen
Commission to Thomas Hungerford, knight, Ralph Cheny, knight, Henry Popham, John Wikyng, John Lie and John Gowen to enquire touching waste in the manors, lands and tenements late of Reginald Perot, tenant in chief, in the county of Wilts, since the custody thereof came into the king’s hands by reason of the minority of Ralph, his son and heir.
Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1388 to 1392. pg. 215.

1390 May 18. Westminster. Membrane 13d. John Gaweyn, escheator in the county of Southampton.  Commission to John Lovell, Ralph Cheyney and William Sturmy, knights, John Wykyng and John Gawayn to examine the condition of the castle of Marlebergh, co. Wilts, and enquire and certify touching all defects in its walls, gates, turrets, etc.
Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1388 to 1392. pg. 272.

1391 June 3. Westminster. Membrane 4d. Commission to the sheriff of Wilts, Robert Russell and John Gawayn to enquire what were the goods and chattels of the alien prior of Clatford on the day he died, into whose hands they have come, what is their value and into all matters touching the same.  Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1388 to 1392. pg. 444.

1391 Oct 18. Westminster. Membrane 21d. Commission to John Moigne, knight, Nicholas Benton, Roger Manyngford, John Gawayn, John Belval and John Thomer to enquire by jury of Dorset touching waste in the houses and possessions in England of the abbess of the alien monastery of St. Leger, Preaux, in Normandy, in the king’s hand on account of the war with France. By bill of treasurer.  Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1388 to 1392. pg. 521.

1405 Aug 17. Leicester. Richard Gaweyn. Membrane 8.  Pardon to Geoffrey Allonc, goldsmith, for all treasons, insurrections, rebellions and felonies committed by him. By K.
The like to Richard Gaweyn his servant. By K. Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1405 to 1408. pg. 45.

1407 Nov 12. Gloucester. Membrane 28. John Goweyn.
Licence for John Goweyn, Master Thomas Upton, clerk, and Master John Shirbourn, clerk, to grant in mortmain 6 messuages, 3 tofts, 300 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow and 10s. rent in Westharnham and Estharnham, not held in chief, and the reversion of a measuage, a virgate of land and 2 acres of meadow in Westharnham, not held in chief, which John Faukes and Agnes his wife hold for her life, worth in all 5 marks yearly, as appears by an inquisition taken by Thomas Bonham, escheator in the county of Wilts, to the warden and scholars of the Vale, Salisbury, in full satisfaction of a licence by letters patent of Edward II. Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1405 to 1408. pg. 375.

1407 May 12. Westminster. Membrane 23d. John Gaweyn
Commission to Thomas Boneham, John Gaweyn, William Westbury and the sheriff in the county of Wilts to enquire into the petition of the abbot of Hyde by Winchester that whereas he was seised of the advowson of the church of Peuesey, in the diocese of Salisbury, by right of his church of St. Peter, Hyde, and presented to it John Snap, who was admitted, instituted and inducted by the bishop, and the church became vacant by his death and the king by letters patent presented one William Trenerth to it without right, and he was instituted and inducted by the bishop, and the abbot was removed from the possession of the advow son, justice may be done. By K. Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1405 to 1408. pg. 477.

1439 Feb 20. Westminster. Membrane 17. Laurence Gowyn and Anne wife of Laurence Gowyn, and Thomas Gowyn, and Isabel wife of Thomas Gowyn.  Whereas William Fovent was disseised by Laurence Gowyn of the manor of Hurdecote, co. Wilts, held in chief, and then released to him all his right and title, and afterwards Gowyn granted the manor in fee to William Ryman, John Arderne and Thomas Staunton, who, being seised thereof,  granted it again to the said Gowyn and Anne, his wife, in fee tail, with remainder in tail to Thomas Gowyn and Isabel, his wife, with remainder to the right heirs of the said Laurence, without licence; the king for 8 marks paid in the hanaper has pardoned these trespasses and granted licence to the said Laurence and Anne to hold the premises.  Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1436 to 1441. pg. 241

1439 May 30. Windsor Castle. Membrane 29. John Goion of Thurleigh
General pardon for all offences committed on 12 January last, for a fine to be paid in the hanaper by the two first named, to Thomas Waweton of Eton, co. Bedford, knight, John Enderby of Stratton, “gentilman,’ Henry Etwell of Puttenhoo, ‘gentilman, John Fitz of Westhay, “gentil man, Robert Mordaunt of Turvey, “gentilman, Thomas Herteshorne of
Ekewell, ‘gentilman, Valentine Baillief of Luton, “gentilman, Stephen Creweker of Bereford, ‘gentilman, John Fitz Geffrey of Thyrlye, ‘gentilman, John Lounde of Shefford, ‘gentilman, Walter Lounde of Shefford, ‘gentilman, John Fitz Geffrey the younger of Thyrlye, ‘gentilman, John Laurence of Wyboldeston, “gentilman, Thomas Chaum
berleyn of Little Stoughton, “gentilman, Thomas Tappe of Bedford, ‘gentilman, William Brytvyle of Bereford. ‘gentilman, William Blok of Bereford, ‘gentilman, John Cook of Brokburgh, “yoman, William Kene of Cravenhurst, ‘yoman, William Marham of Gravenhurst, ‘yoman, John Blondell of Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, Richard Stokes of Harewold, ‘yoman,’ William Jacob of Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, William Tupryst of Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, John Forstall of Bedford, ‘yoman, William Hunte of Kempston, “yoman, William Clerke of Kempston, “yoman, Richard Fouler of Kempston, “yoman, Richard Lyncolne of Harlyngdon, ‘yoman, William Hardyng of Harlyngdon, “yoman, John Rode of Eton, “yoman, Thomas Neweman of Eton, “yoman, Thomas Aylbern of Stratton, “yoman, William Spycer of Bedford, ‘yoman, John Say of Stratton, “yoman, Robert Trygge of Stratton, “yoman, John Flax of Goldyngton, “yoman, Thomas Herbard of Goldyngton, “yoman, Roger de Lastable of Puttenhoo, ‘yoman, William, servant of Henry Etwell of Puttenhoo, ‘yoman, John Sutton of Mylton Erneys, “yoman, John Goion of Thyrlye, ‘yoman, Valentine Welles of Luton, “yoman, Robert, servant of John Fitz of Westhay, ‘yoman, Thomas Stratton, of Bekeleswade, ‘gentilman, William, servant of John Enderby of Stratton, “yoman, Thomas Totenhale of Shefford, ‘yoman, Richard Grey, servant of John Enderby of Stratton, “yoman, John Wayte of Syveleshoo, ‘gentilman, Richard Merston of Shefford, ‘gentilman,’ Richard Goldston of Stacheden, “gentilman, Robert Waryn of Puttenhoo, chaplain, Henry Gynore of Elnestowe, ‘gentilman, John Willesson of
Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, and Roger Willesson of Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, all of the county of Bedford, John Robynson of Yerdley, co. Northampton, ‘yoman, Thomas Hoggekyns of Eston, co. Northampton, “yoman,’ Thomas Baker of Harewold, co. Bedford, ‘yoman, John Person of Shefford, ‘yoman, John Taillour of Shefford, ‘yoman, John Mylward of Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, Thomas Elys of Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, Nicholas Hardyng of Harewald, ‘yoman, John Felyp of Weketon, co. Bedford, ‘yoman, and William Adam of Yerdeley, co. Northampton, “yoman,” William Falet of Brokburgh, ‘yoman, William Botiller of Blounham, ‘yoman, Thomas Hunte of Syveleshoo, ‘yoman, William Milward of  Gravenhurst, ‘yoman, William Kegyll of Totyngton, “yoman, Thomas Horley of Dunton, “yoman, William Grene of Stotfold, ‘yoman, William Miles of Eddeworth, ‘yoman, Robert Miles of Eddeworth, ‘yoman,’ William Miles of Flytton, “yoman, John Spencer of Forth, ‘yoman,’ Thomas Lane of Colmorth, ‘yoman, Thomas Brey of Bereford, ‘yoman,’ John Stable of Ryslee, ‘yoman, Richard Carpenter of ‘Faldoo, ‘yoman,’ Thomas Rolt of Cayshoo, ‘yoman, William Colet of Cayshoo, ‘yoman, Edmund Atlee of Harlyngdon, co. Bedford, ‘yoman, Thomas Lord, farmer of Caldewell, ‘yoman, William Rede of Pulloxhill, ‘yoman,’ John Lyghtfoot of Henlowe, ‘yoman, Thomas Byrt of Hardwyk, ‘yoman,’ Thomas Grey of Bedford, ‘yoman, John Foderby of Bykeleswade, ‘yoman, Edmund Waryn of Eton, “yoman, Robert, servant of John Enderby of Stratton, “yoman, John Fyssher of Bykeleswade, ‘yoman,’ John Fyssher of Bereford, ‘yoman, William Braunche of Bereford, ‘yoman, John Beard of Thyrlye, ‘yoman, William Blanchard of Shefford, ‘yoman, William Ropere of Shefford, ‘yoman, William Barbour of Shefford, ‘yoman, Laurence at Wode of Puttenhoo, chaplain, John Pekworth of Polton, “yoman, and John Auncell of Bykeleswade, ‘yoman,’ all of the county of Bedford, who were certified by John Cornewaill,
knight, William Loudsop and William Pecke, justices of the peace and of oyer and terminer for the county of Bedford, to have appeared at the sessions of the peace held at Bedford on the date mentioned with a multitude assembled from divers counties to the number of 800 and more, for the most part girt with swords, and to have uttered contumelious words in the presence of the said justices; it appearing from the examination of the two first named that all are to be excused and that the said certificate was made of mere malice. Release to them also of all sureties of peace that may have been taken of them in the matter, and of all fines, amercements and proceedings except the above mentioned fine in the hanaper. By K. Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1436 to 1441. pg. 282

1467 Nov 7. Westminster. Membrane 20. John Gowyn
John Gowyn of Cratfeld, co. Suffolk, “taillour, for not appearing before the justices of the Bench to answer Robert Clyfton, esquire, touching a debt of 8 marks. Norfolk. Calendar of the Patent Rolls Preserved 1467 to 1477. pg. 10.

1581 June 3 Elizabeth Gawyn will in Grimsteade, Wiltshire, England
Nov 20 1580, writes will, widdow. Gives to Cathedrall Church. Gives to Parish of saint Nicholas. Gives to the poor of her parish.  To daughter Dorothie. To son Richard. To son John Parrorke. To daughter Alic Arwydge. To daughter Elizabethe Gawyn. To John Layter my servant.  To Edward Abbote. To Leonard Parrorke, son of John Parrorke. To George Baytier. To sister Philes Pyle. To Prothaze Layter. To Katherine Lenbezye servant.  To three daughters, Alice, Margery, and Dorothie. To Elizabeth Parrorke my daughter in law. To Prothaze Layter. To Dorothie Parrorte.  To Thomas Gawen. Margerye Layter my daughter as sole executor. Overseers of will are John Gawyn, Richard Pyle my brother, John Cooper.   Wits: John Cooper, John Gawyn, and Henry Pyle.

1588 Oct 29 John Gawin will in Bettenham, Wiltshire, England notes
Nov 4, 1584 John Gawin writes will.  People named in will: Marye my wyfe. My sonne Thomas Gawyn. My sonne Water Gawin. John Gawin self.  My sonne Henry Gawin. My sonne Nicholas Gawin (under 21 yrs age).  Overseers: John Thistletwaite, William Loy, Richard Whithead, Thomas Pittman gent.  Witnesses: Thomas Pittman, Ambrose Figg, John Bampton, John Purfaell, Nicholas Payne.  Signed: John Gawin.

1597 Nov 25 Anne Gawen will in Stepleton notes
Nov 11, 1597 writes will. Asks to be buried in Parrish Churchyard of Stepleton.
People named in will: Daughter in law Elizabeth Gawen. Edwarde Phipps sonne of Edward Phipps. John ap Thomas the sonne of Robert ap Thomas.  Anne Browne daughter of Pauffe Browne. William Gawen my brother in law. Alice the Peroferers wife sister to Richard Gawen.  Thomas Gawen my sonne executor. Arthur Thompfys and William Brasyer (overseers?). Witnesses: Thomas Mallt, Richarde Tompfys, Richard Ashlty, Robert ap Thomas, Thomas Cowper. Debts owed to me by William Warfter, Edwarde Tysdale.

1597 Nov 25 Richard Gawen will in Stepulton notes
People named: Elizabeth Gawen my daughter. Anne Gawen my wife. Thomas Gawen my naturall sonne. Robart ap Thomas my sonne in law.  Richard Cowper my godsonne. Richard Browne by godsonne. Mathew Teed my godsonne. John Brownlowe the sonne of Richard Brownlowe of Dodnigton my godsonne.  Richard Pope my godsonne. Richard Teysdall my godsonne. Richard Lamad my godsonne. Elizabeth ap David my servante. Anne Browne my servante.  Thomas Vees my servante. Mathew Teed my servante. Richarde Thompfys. Richard Bromlowe of Stepulton. Ioyrt Everlett wydowe.   Margarett Stemgewe wydowe. Thomas Maulle of Stepulton. William Maulle of Stepulton. William Pope servante unto William Exerell. William Gawyn.  Thomas Calcoffe. Witnesses: Richarde Tompfys, Arthur Tompfys, Yowlande Harrys.

1599 Feb 2 Thomas Gawen will in Honibrooke, Dorset, England in Latin notes
Names mentioned: Thomas Gawen, Elizabeth Jesopp, Walter Gawen, Thomas Gawen, Richard Gawen, Elizabeth Thorneborough als Gawen, Henry Chapman, Thomas South, Daniell Dun . . . need to translate to see relations of these names.

1602 Oct 15 Thomas Gawen will in Honybrook, Dorset, England in Latin notes
Names mentioned: Thomas Gawen, Walter Gawen, Thomas Gawen, Richard Gawen, Elizabeth Thorneburought alias Gawen, John Burton, Thomas Pollard, Elizabeth Jesop, William Napper, Thomas South, Nicholas Gawen.  (Need to translate Latin to see what these relationships are).

1603 Oct 21 Richard Gawen will in Oldburye, Gloucestershire, England notes
July 31, 1603 date will written by Richard Gawen.  People in will: Freman Ealf. Margerie Felve. James Woods. Margarett Thorne. My sonne Richard Gawen. My sonne Thomas Gawen. My son John Gawen.  Richard Fielder. My sonne Edward Gawen. My sonne William Gawen. My sonne Richard Gawen. My sonne Samuell Gawen. My sonne Roger Gawen.  Richard, Samuel, Roger are all under 21 years of age. My daughter Agnes. My daughter Elizabeth. My daughter Phebee. My daughter Cicelie under 21 yrs.  My wife Agnes as executrix. Overseers: Thomas Harris, Thomas Adolle the younger. William Biggs, Hugnsine Tonogee.

1609 June 12 William Gowen will in London notes
February 10, 1605 William Gowen writes will, and identifies himself as William Gowen of London, yeoman.  People identified in will: My brother Thomas Gowen. Thomas Gowen’s eldest son Thomas Gowen. Thomas Gowen’s other sons to be an apprentice – under 21 yrs.  My brother Richard Gowen and his children under 21 yrs. My brother David Gowen and his sons under 21 yrs. My brother Ambrose Gowen and his children under 21.  My sister Agnes Butler and her sons under 21 yrs. My sister Seamers and her children under 21 yrs. John Smith. John Vernon.  My cosen (cousin) Thomas Gowen. My brother Ambrose Gowen. My nephew Thomas Gowen. My Brother Christopher Gowen. My brother Christopher Gowen as executor. Overseers: cousin Thomas Gowen of Norington, John Smyth of Clift.  Signed: William Gowen. Wits: John Steward, Edward Faldo.

1609 Jun 28 Richard Gawen will in Aldingborn notes
May 31, 1609 Richard Gawen writes his will.
Gives to Church of Aldingborn.
People in will: My sonne Allan Gawen under 21 yrs age. My sonne Richard Gawen under 21 yrs age. My brother George Gawen. William Gawen under 21 yrs of age as son of John Gawen my brother. Alice my wife. Executors: George Gawen my brother, John Peachie of Shripney Execnto.  Overseers: Mr. Richard Buttenife of Burye, John Cowper of Barneham, Richard Knight of Yapton. Signed: Richard Gawen.  Wits: Allan Tomson, Richard Lonet, Ellis Parson.

1613 March 22 Henry Gawen will in Calme, Wiltshire, England notes
Feb 9, 1613 Henry Gawen writes will. Identifies self as a butcher.
People identified: Mary my wife. Mentions daughter Esaved (sp?). (short will).

1613 Nov 5 Richard Gawen will notes
July 11, 1613 Richard Gawen writes will.
Richard Gawen (a Taylor).
People identified: Thomas Betsall (sailor), Arthur Sallmone, Benjamen Daye Steward, Samuell Negro a Carpenter.
Mr Nicholas Gibbons attorney in Clifford.
Signed: Richard Gawen.
Wits: William Sherman, Edward Dodsworth.

1622 Jun 24 William Gawen will in Bishops Canings, Wiltshire, England notes
July 31, 1618 William Gawen writes will.
People identified: Eldest son William Gawen under 21 yrs of age. My son Isaack Gawen under 21 yrs of age. Aggie my wife.
My brother in law Robert Weddington. Roger Bredmer my kinsman.
John Williams. Robert Abram.
Signed: William Gawen.
Wits: Robt Weddington, Roger Bredmer.

1632 Oct 2 Sandy Gowne will notes
September 25, 1631 Sandy Gowne writes will.
Sandy Gowne a Quarter master to the Pinnance Dove.
People identified: Youngest sonne James Gowne. Garratt Pinson and Richard Lamson. Wife is Ellen Gowne.
Sonne John Gowne “all that shall bee found due unto mee from the honorable Company of Merchants traders East India.
My executors dwelling on the Isle of Man.
Signed: Sandy Gowne.
Wits: Mich Harrison, Paxsen Swah Bradley.

1637 Feb 22 Nicholas Gowin in St mary Hill in London notes
Feb 20, 1637 Nicholas Gowin, yeoman, writes will
People identified: My brother William Chivall and my sister Elizabeth his wife. Father in law Thomas Browne. Sister Mary Gowin.
Mr. Anthony Moursein, Nicholas Wilson. Brother Thomas Gowin. Brother Thomas Browne and Abel Browne son, sister Marrie Browne.
Brother William Chivall and Elizabeth is wife as executors.
Witnesses: John Woolston, Anne Scarborowe, Rowland Hughes.

1640 June 16 John Goynes will in Petworth, Sussex, England notes
March 7, 1639 John Goynes, yeoman, writes his will.
People identified: Brother William Goynes. Thomas Goble. John Gladson my kinsman. My godson the son of Thomas Vistnud.
Mr. Peter Dodsworth and Thomas Barnard. Mary Goyens wife of Richard Goyens. William Strange. John Goldcoyd. John Samson. all servants to
lord of Northumberland. dauther of Robert Goynes servant to the Earle of Carlile. Richard Goynes son of my brother Richard Goynes.
John Goynes sonne of my brother Richard Goynes. Fuento Goynes sonn of my cousin July Goynes. My brother Richard Goynes widdow now in Ireland.
Thomas Barnard executor of will. John Cryanes. Signed: John Goynes. Wits: Peter Godsworth, Richard (Sp?), George Cobett.

1640 Nov 20 Henry Gawen will in Powlsed, Wiltshire, England notes
Nov 18, 1636 Henry Gawen, yeoman, writes will.
Gives to Cathedrall Church of Sarum.
Sonne Henry Gawen under 24 yrs. Alice my wife executrix. Brother Thomas Gawen.
Overseers: Mr John Hitchcock of Potterne, gent, father in law John Vinber yeoman.
Signed: Henry Gawen.
Wits: John Hitchcock, William Hitchcock.

1646 April 30 Stephen Gawen will in Tynhead, Wiltshire, England notes
People identified: Sonne Abill Gawin sole executor. Daughter Anne Gawin.
My mother Anne Gawin. My uncle John Gawin.
Signed Stephen Gawin.
Wits: Edw Donivick, Thom Bertlett

1647 June 28 Anne Gawen will in Tinhead, Wiltshire, England notes
Nov 4, 1646 Anne Gawen widdow writes will.
Grandchild Abell Gawen. Anne Gawen mother of my grandchildren.
Sister’s children: Thomas, Kerly, Mary and Elizabeth Donodall. Mr Kimimon.
Thomas Bartley, Edward Dimmerck.
Signed: Anne Gawen. Witnesses: Frederick Sagetaxy, Will Noble.

1653 May 19 John Gawen will in Climping, Sussex, England notes
Jan 10, 1653 John Gawen, yeoman, writes will.
People identified: Kinsman Richard Gawen of Aldingborne in County of Sussex yeoman.
My brother Nicholas Snead of Chishestex. My sister Elizabeth Snead.
Brigett Downer my servant. My five servants Alise Smith, Robert Franklyn, William Corbite, William Chiles, and John Peachey. My sonne Johne Gawen. Richard Gawen my kinsman. Nicholas Intas my brother, John Gawen my sonne. Signed: John Gawen. Wits: William Serle, Robert Franklyn.

1654 June 10 John Gawen will Westbury, Wiltshire, England notes
John Gawen writes will on Feb 24, 1653.
People identified: daughter Margaret Gawen. Roger Cater in Westbury. Daughter Joane Gawen.  Sonne Stephen Gawen. Sonne John Gawen as executor. Son in law William Whittock, tanner, of Somerset County.
Roger Cater, yeoman, of Westbury.
Signed: John Gawen. Wits: John Annatt, Mary Annatt.

1654 Sept 8 Hayward Gowen will in Sainte Dunstans in The West London notes
Wife mentioned – but not named. Anne Gawen the widdow given admin.
Wits: Jo Nicholson, Tho Swetman.

1656 July 3 Thomas Gawen will in Warrington, Wiltshire, England notes
Sept 30, 1653 Thomas Gawen writes will.
People identified: My wife (unnamed). Sonne William and his wife (unnamed), Theire childen.  My sonne Lawrence. My sonne in law John Culliford and Marie his daughter, and Thomas his sonne.  Two sisters Susan and Joane. Benjamin Duene of Wilts, John Lyancourt executors.  Signed: Thomas Gawen. Wits: Miles Philipson, John Cullsorn, Lowis Ibate, William Smale.

1657 May 6 Edward Gawin will in Thrussington, Leicestershire, England notes.
Oct 24, 1654 date will written.
People identified: My sister Mrs Pantinie Weddington. Godsonn William Watts the sonne of Thomas Watts of Rattliff.  Kinswoman Elizabeth Thorpe.
Signed: Edward Gawin. Wits: William Shuttleworth. Robert Hurkling.

1658 June 10 Daniel Gowen will in Wapping, Middlesex, England notes
Daniel Gowen a mariner.
People in will: Well beloved friend Thomas Fothorgill as lawful attorney. Prior attorney was Christian Mustard, wife of Thomas Mustard.

1659 Dec 15 John Gawen will in Climping, Sussex, England notes
October 10, 1659 John Gawen writes will.
I John Gawen sonne of John Gawen, late of Climping, yeoman.
Elizabeth Lucas my Aunt, wife of Nicholas Lucas my uncle sole executor.
My uncle William Gawen. Signed: John Gawen. Wits: Tho: Marner, Thomas Marner Jr.

1659 June 17 David Gawen will in Broghton, Wiltshire, England notes
Jan 6, 1658 David Gawen writes will.
People identified: Two daughter, grandchildren (not named). My Sonne John. My wife Anne sole executrix.  Signed: David Gawen. Wits: Edmond Lewis, Edward Sealenes.

1660 Sept 18 William Gowens will in England Sussex Ashbanham notes
July 16, 1660 William Gowens, yeoman, writes will.
People identified: My loving wife Bridgett Gowen executor. Abraham Loyd yeoman, William Taylor butcher, overseers.  My children: John Gowen and William Gowen. Signed: William Gowen. Wits: Roland Casingherst, Mary Casingherst

1661 Nov 8 John Gowen will notes
November 27, 1660 John Gowen writes will.  People identified: Mr. Henry Nutting, and Elizabeth his wife. My brother Henry Gowen. Stephen South. Robert Heath, Anne Heath my sisters children. Anne Gowen my brother’s daughter. My sister Anne Heath. Signed: John Gawen. Wits: Richard Brent, Nicholas Martin.

1662 Nov 1 Richard Gawen will in Hympinge, Sussex, England notes
April 13, 1662 Richard Gawen writes will.
People identified: Alice Baird (sp?) my servant. Elianor Strong my servant. Thomas Searle my servant.  Carew Gawen under 21 yrs of age sonne of George Gawen. John Gawen another son of George Gawen.  Allan Carr and William Baldwyn executors. Richard Mitchell as overseer.  Signed: Richard Gawen. Wits: Levi Butler, William Rose, Richer Evrett the wife of Thomas Scoder, the wife of Elizabeth Hume.


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