Map 1676 to 1725 Maryland and Northern Neck of Virginia

Locations where Going, Gowing, Gowen-type names were living from 1676 to 1725.  Names such as Gwyn, Gower, Gorin, etc included due to similar spellings and potential that transcribers may have missed on a letter or two in certain entries.

1676 to 1725 Northern Neck and Maryland marked fin

Maryland and Northern Neck Va


203 Mary Gary 1677
221 John Games Husband of Mary Games 1679, Maryland
231 William Gain 1680, Maryland
233 Phelemy Garry 1681, Maryland
234 William Gaines 1682, Maryland

213 John Goane 1679. St Marys Co, MD

218 Robert Gover, Elizabeth, his wife, & Robert, his son 1679. Ann Arundel Co, MD
225 William Gorenn to Ann Arundel Co, Maryland 1679

220 Edward Gary and Lawrence Gary, his father 1679, Somerset, Maryland
223 Lawrence Gary & Edwd & Lawrence Jr, his sons, and Mary, his wife 1679. Somerset Co, MD

227 Gespert Guring 1679 Newcastle Co, Maryland

243 George Goer 1689, Charles Co, Maryland

256 William Goyne 1699, Balt, MD

203) 1677 Mary Gary, Wife of Lawrence, service by 1677 MD
213) 1679 John Goane is transported on the ship The Globe of London, to St Mary’s County, Maryland.
218) 1679 Robert Gover, By 1679 transported himself, Elizabeth, his wife, & Robert, his son
“Gover’s Venture” — 295 acres, surveyed August 31, 1678, for Robert Gover. Ann Arundel Co, MD.
220) 1679 Edward Gary Transported 1679 by Lawrence Gary, his father. 250 acres in Somerset, Md.
221) 1679 John Games Husband of Mary Games, service by 1679
223) 1679 Lawrence Gary Of Somerset County, in 1679 was granted 200 acres for transporting himself & Edwd & Lawrence, his sons, & 50 acres more for the service of Mary, his wife
225) 1679 William Gorenn, transp to Ann Arundel Co, Md
227) 1679 Gespert Guring, In Maryland by [1679], when he had taken up land on Bohemia River, Newcastle County, Md
231) 1680 William Gain transp to Md
233) 1681 Phelemy Garry in Md
234) 1682 William Gaines Of Baltimore County by 1682, when 156 acres on rhe north side of Patapsco River were surveyed for him
243) 1689 – George Goer in Charles County, Md – is listed in Inventory Probate papers .
256) 1699 – William Goyne – servant, with 3 years left to serve in 1699 inv. of Capt John Ferry. Balt, MD.


237 John Gowry 1686
238 John Gowry 1687
239 John Gowry and Rachell his wife,1687
240 John Gowry and Rachell his wife, 1687
241 John Gowry and wife Rachel 1687
242 John Gowry 1687
244 John Gowry 1691
245 John Gowry 1691
248 John Gwyn 1694
249 George Mason adj Giles Brent 1694
258 William Gowing, James Gowing and John Gowing 1701
261 Thomas Baxter, son of Thomas Baxter decd, 1703
271 William Gowen was married about 1704, wife’s name Catherine.
278 John Gowry 1706
280 Thomas Goin 1707
284 Cornelius Keith 1709
285 William Goins, Thomas Goins, John Goins and James Goins 1710
288 Cornelius Keiffe and Richard Kirkland 1713
289 Wm Going 1713
290 Thomas Going 1714
291 William Gowen 1714
292 Cornelius Keeiffe and Richard Kirkland 1714
294 Cornelius Keeife 1715
295 John Gowen 1716
296 Thomas Going 1716
298 Thomas, John, William and James Goin 1719
299 William Goin 1719
301 John Gowrey 1719
303 John Goin 1721
304 John Gowry 1722
305 Gowry 1723/24
306 John Gowry 1724
307 Goin’s estate 1724
308 William Gowring 1725/26
309 William Gowing 1726
310 William Goin 1727
311 William Gowry 1727/28
312 John Goin 1730
313 John Gowry 1730
314 William Gowry 1730
315 Thomas Gowing 1724
316 William Gowen 1724
317 William Gowen 1724
318 William Going 1724
319 Peter Gooing 1724
321 William Gowen 1725
322 William Gowing 1725
323 Ambrose Gowing, Catherine Gowing and William Gowing 1725
324 William Gowen, Catherine and Ambrose Gowing 1725


237) 1686 Oct 11 John Gowry recd a deed from Henry Blagrave of New Kent Co for 600 acres in Stafford Co, Va. Henry Blagrave indicated that he had recd deed from his late grandfather Capt David Mansell – who had recd the patent on Oct 6, 1654. Deed was executed in New Kent Co.
Witnesses: Richd. Wood, Will. Ballard. Sarah Blagrave, wife of Henry, acknowledged and signed sale. Mary Mansfield assigned her rights to title to the land to John Gowry, and signed as “Mary Hard”. Wit by William Williamson and John Beich. Henry Blagrave and wife Sarah gave power of atty to John Waugh for recording of sale at court.
238) 1687 June 9 – Gowry mentioned in deposition: Thomas Gregg deposition in case where Mary Blagrave suing over her late husband sale of land to son in law who then sold land to Gowry. He states that Mary Blagrave has accused Gowry of cheating her of some of the land. Stafford Co, Va.
239) 1687 June 9 – Christian Waddington deposition re: Mary Blasgrave v. John Gowry and Rachell his wife, Defendants. Re 600 acres on Potomack Cr and Edward Cary in Stafford Co, Va.
240) 1687 June 9 – John Smith deposition re: Mary Blasgrave v. John Gowry and Rachell his wife, Defendants, re sale of 600a of land on S side of Potomac in Stafford Co, Va. Says her husb did acknowledge sale/deed, and that a few days after sale he remembers Mary Blasgrave saying she would have parted with all she had and that Gowry had cheated her son in law in the purchase of some of the land.
241) 1687 June 9 – John Gowry and wife Rachel in suit with Mary Blagrave about land John Gowry purchased from Mary Blagrave’s dec’d husband in Stafford Co, Va.
242) 1687 Nov 9 – John Gowry wits a transaction where William Downinge and wife Mary Downinge received from Henry Thompson 4000 pounds of tobacco in payment for 200 acres of land on the S the Potomac R, adj to Downinge land and John Peake. Stafford Co, Va.
244) 1691 Nov 12 – John Gowry wits Hugh Tomlinson make a sale of 300 acres of land to Henry Thompson, where Henry Thompson had left said land in his will to the three eldest sons of John Sympson of Ocouia. Also witnessed was William Smith. Stafford Co, Va.
245) 1691 Nov 13 – John Gowry recvs one beaver hatt light colored stuffe mans coate & pr of plush breeches in Henry Thompson’s will made in 1691. John Gowry witnessed the will and swore to it in probate.

248) 1694 Nov 27 John Gwyn living adjacent to Mr George Mason, Mr. Ham, Giles Brent, on Roses Run and Mill Run in Stafford Co
249) 1694 George Mason 1150a land grant on Accokeeke Creek Stafford Co adj Giles Brent,
258) 1701 – “William Gowing, James Gowing and John Gowing” were included in the roster of a company of dragoons commanded by Capt. John West and Lt. John Peake. They were on duty in Stafford County in 1701, according to “Virginia Colonial Soldiers” by Lloyd Bockstruck. The dragoons who were mounted infantrymen, received their name from their weapons. The troops carried a musket called the “Dragon” and accordingly were called dragoons. Va Military.
261) 1703 – Thomas Baxter, son of Thomas Baxter decd, of Stafford Co, Va. On Oct 14, 1695. 2000 acres of land. Mr Griffin who marryed the mother of the said Thomas then in his minority . . . survey done by Theodorick Bland . . . entered in court Dec 14 1703. A Thomas Baxter is thought to be the father of Drury Goyen’s spouse, Sarah Baxter.
271) 1704 – William Gowen was married about 1704, wife’s name Catherine.
278) 1706 Dec 12 – John Gowry is Granted 129a land prev owned by David Mansill, Stafford Co, Va
280) 1707 June 8 – Thomas Goin – receives 653 acres on Potomack River side near the falls, beginning on the upper side the mouth of the Lower Spout Run by or near the land called Ousleys land. “Va Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694-1742,” page 39. Va. Land Trans – Stafford County
284) 1709 Cornelius Keith arrives in America (filed affid in 1739 in Brunswick Co, Va that he arrived 30 years earlier).
285) 1710 – “William Goins, Thomas Goins, John Goins and James Goins” jointly received a land grant of 1,215 acres in Stafford County ” located on Four-Mile Creek adjoining Maj. Robert Alexander” about 1710. Stafford Co, Va
288) 1713 Sept 4 – Cornelius Keiffe and Richard Kirkland receives 268 acres. On the North side of Occoquan River. Adj to Richard Ridgewell. Stafford County, Va. (Father of Mary Keith Gowing and Father in Law of John Gowing Sr
289) 1713 Sept 10 – Wm. Going – 5-8: Wm. Going and Evan Thomas of Stafford Co Wrnt. Survey by Mr. Thomas Hooper. 124a on Jonathan’s Cr of Occaquan R. in Stafford Co adj. road to Dogue Island Neck, Mr. Giles Traverse, Giles Tillett. 29 Oct 1714. p 54. Va. Land Trans – Stafford Co
290) 1714 March 22 – 5-44 – James Brechin of Westmoreland, receives 795 acres . . . adjacent to Tho’s Going. p 57. Va. Land Trans – Stafford Co.
291) 1714 Nov 23rd – William Gowen and Thomas Evans jointly receive a grant of 124 acres in Stafford County from the proprietors, members of the London and Plymouth Companies who had received a grant to all land between the 34th and the 45th parallels, from the Atlantic Ocean to 200 miles inland. At this time William Gowen made his home in Overwharton Parish of Stafford County. The land was described as “lying on both sides of the main run of Jonathans Creek, which creek issues out of the west or upper si the road lead de of Occoquan River, beginning at a white oak on the west side of the run nearing to Dogue Island neck and in the line of Mr. Giles Traverse,” according to Northern Neck Deed Book 5, page 8. Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, Va.
292) 1714 Nov 23, Cornelius Keeiffe (Keith) and Richard Kirkland receive a grant for 268 acres on the North side of the Occoquan River, adj to Rd. Ridgewell (Cornelius Keeiffe is the father of Mary Keith, wife of John Gowing Sr).
294) 1715 Jan 11, Cornelius Keeife receives 630 acres in Stafford County on the south side of Niapscoe Run. Source: Northern Neck Grants No. 5, 1713-1719, p. 34 (Reel 289
295) 1716 John West’s will in Stafford Co, Va. mentions John Gowen.
Item. I give and bequeath to Will Harrison, Jun’r, a young horse about three years old, bought of John Gowen, after my deceased immediately.
Item. I give and bequeath the gun I had of John Gowen to James Turley. Stafford Co, Va
296) 1716 December 20 – Thomas Going owned property adjoining James Brechin “two miles below the falls of the Potomac” according to Northern Neck Deed Book 5, page 44. image 75. – Stafford Co, Va.
298) 1719 Aug 3 – 5-212: Evan Thomas and John Todd both of Stafford Co, reveive 1215 acres in Stafford Co on Four Mile Cr adjacent to Mr. Robert Alexander, land formerly surveyed for Thomas, John, William, and James Goins. This land is apparently sold to Thomas and Todd by the Goins according to depositions regarding the land taken in 1767 of Charles Griffith and David Thomas.
299) 1719 Feb 28 – 5-229 – Wm Goin of Stafford County, Va received 180 acres on the main run of Actotink Cr. in Stafford Co on Goins or Turkey Branch. Surv by Mr Thomas Hooper 28 Feb 1719. p. 70 (p 75 adj land). p. 92 – according to “Grants by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1694-1742.” The grant was recorded in Northern Neck Deed Book 5, page 229. Accontink Creek is believed to be a tributary of the Rappahannock River which forms the southern boundary of Stafford County, Va.
301) 1719 Jno Gowrey of Stafford Co recd 300 acres adj to Waugh, Jones, Giles, in Richmond Co, Va.
303) 1721 -1730 – Stafford County Wills, Administrations, Inventories, Etc. 1664-1760, lists the following entries involving John and William Goin estates in Stafford County, Va. Will book K is currently lost, but its index has been found. The index shows the following information regarding John and William Goin’s wills and estates after they died. John Goin appears to have died in 1721, and William Goin in 1725.
303) 1721 – John Goin. Page 4, will; p. 76, inventory; p. 139, inventory. pg 369
304) 1722 – John Gowry. Page 25, will. pg 370
305) 1723/24 – Gowry, —-. Page 63, will. pg 370
306) 1724 – John Gowry. Page 117, inventory; p. 118, Division [sic]; p. 141, Divisional Inventory. pg 370.
307) 1724 – Straughan, —-. Page 77, a/c v. Goin’s Estate. pg 373
308) 1725/26 – William Gowring, dec’d. 1725/26. pg 360
309) 1726 – William Gowing (Goin?), dec’d. 1726. pg 360
310) 1727 – William Goin. Page 253, inventory; p. 269, Estate A/c. pg. 370.
311) 1727/28 – William Gowry. Page 268, inventory. pg 370.
312) 1730 – John Goin, dec’d. 1730. (w). pg 359
313) 1730 – John Gowry, dec’d. 1730. (w). pg 360
314) 1730 – William Gowry, dec’d. 1730. (w). (Inv.). pg 360
315) 1724 Jan 20 – A-115: George Mason Gent. of Stafford Co 250a in said Co. below falls of Petowmack adj. land Mason bought of Thomas Gowing, adjacent to Col. Tho’s Lee, in Stafford County, Va. p. 79.
316) 1724 May 6th – William Godfrey received a deed from William Gowen to 90 acres of land located on the east side of the main run of Jonathans Creek on 6th, 5th month, 1724 to William Godfrey. The 90-acre tract was described as a plot taken up by William Gowen and Evans Thomas in Overwharton Parish. Both were residents of Stafford County. John Wilson and Moses Linton were witnesses to the transaction. William Gowen later gave a release on the property. William Godfrey received a grant from the proprietors to 105 acres “on the south run of the Pohick,” according to “Northern Neck Land Grants,” Book B, page 40
317) 1724 May 13th, William Gowen appointed his “well-beloved friend, Lewis Sanders, of the County of Stafford, attorney,” to acknowledge the transfer, according to Stafford County Deed Book 1, page 125.
318) 1724 July 13 – A-40 – Capt. Charles Broadwater of Stafford Co received 388 acres . . . adjacent to Wm. Going. p. 74. Va. Land Trans – Stafford Co.
319) 1724 Oct 7 – A-86: Peter Gooing of Stafford Co receives 187 acres between Stafford Co and King George Co adj Alexander Clements, Skrine’s line, corner of Copedge and Evans. p. 77. Va. Land Trans – Stafford Co
321) 1725 Feb 12 – A-200: A land grant to Thomas Ford of Stafford Co gave him 282 acres in said County on Popeshead Br of Occaquan adj. to William Gowin. 12 Feb 1725. p 83. Northern Neck Deed Book A, page 200.
322) 1725 Nov 12 – A-171: William Gowing of Stafford Co receives 112 acres in said Co on Rattlesnake Br of Popeshead Run. 12 Nov 1725. p. 82. Grant No. 131 according to “Grants by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia.”
323) 1725 November 12 – in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia. “Ambrose Gowing, Planter,” sold to [his mother] “Catherine Gowing” for £20, land granted to “William Gowing, father of Ambrose,” 12 November 1725. The deed was signed by “Ambrose Goin, according to Stafford County Deed Book 1722-1728, page 354.
324) 1725 Nov 12th, William Gowen – received another land grant on Pope’s Head Run in Fairfax County, Virginia. Reference is made to the grant in a lease made by “Ambrose Gowing to Kathrine Gowing, widow.” Ambrose Gowen leased land from his mother described as a “grant to William Gowing, father of the said Ambrose Gowing by patent bearing date 12th, 11th month, 1725.” The lease, recorded 8th, 3rd month, 1726 in Stafford County Deed Book 1, page 353, was witnessed by George Mason, Joseph Haines and Brent Hutnall. A release appears in Stafford County Deed Book 1, page 354. Stafford Co, Va



246 Thomas Goen 1693
252 Jason Gowen and Gowin Corbin 1696
253 Thomas Goen 1697
254 Thomas Goen 1697
262 Thomas Goen 1703
263 Thomas Gowing 1703
264 Thomas Gowen 1703
265 Thomas Goen 1703
266 Thomas Goen 1703
268 Thomas Gowen 1704
268a Thomas Gowen 1704/05
269 Thomas Goen 1704
279 Thomas Goen 1706
281 Thomas Goen 1708
282 Thomas Goen 1708
287 Thomas Goen 1711

246) 1693 May 31 – In the case of Abraham Smith vs. Thomas Goen. (and other legal cases in 1690s in Westmoreland Co).
252) 1696 – Jason Gowen became indebted there to Gowin Corbin for 815 pounds of tobacco, Jashen Goeing having absented himself out this county, and for that it appeared by the oath of Mr. James Ellis that Jashen Goeing indebted to Gowin Corbin, jdgmt granted, Westmoreland Co, Va
253) 1697 July 28, – “Thomas Goen” received a judgment against Joseph Bragg in the amount of 1,300 pounds of tobacco in Westmoreland Co.
254) 1697 September 29, – “Thomas Goen confessed judgment” to Charles Lucas in the amount of 1,250 pounds of tobacco “due by bill in Westmoreland.
262) 1703 August 25 – Thomas Goen, the probate of the estate of Capt. Thomas Atwell revealed that “Thomas Goen” was listed among the creditors of the estate.
263) 1703 Jan 25 – Sept 29 – Thomas Gowing was listed as one of the owners of the “Josiah & Bettey,” “Thomas Gowing” was listed as one of the owners of the “Josiah & Bettey,” according to “List of Ships Entering Inwards in Potomack District, January 25-September 29, 1703.” The ship was described as “pink, built in Salem in 1689, 50 tons, Josiah Novell, master, Mr. Henry Coan, Thomas Gowing, Edw. Billing, owners.”
264) 1703 Thomas Gowen gave security of 2,000 pounds of tobacco for Chapman Dark to assure “that he would return to the county after traveling to Maryland to get testimony that he was a free man.”
265) 1703 August 25 – the probate of the estate of Capt. Thomas Atwell revealed that “Thomas Goen” was listed among the creditors of the estate. Court: estate Thomas Atwell, 25 Aug 1703, , Westmoreland, Virginia, USA.”On August 25, 1703, the probate of the estate of Capt. Thomas Atwell revealed that “Thomas Goen” was listed among the creditors of the estate.”
266) 1703 August 25 –the probate of the estate of Capt. Thomas Atwell revealed that “Thomas Goen” was listed among the creditors of the estate
268) 1704 March 1, 1704/05 – the Westmoreland County Court ordered Thomas Gowen to pay to Edward Barrow 1,200 pounds of tobacco which Thomas Gowen had lost to him in a horse race.
268a) 1704/05 – Thomas Gowen, Mathew Martin and Mark Chilton were arrested and required to post bond in connection with part in a jail break in connection with a plea made by Stephen Jones, according to “Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1705-1721” by John Frederick Dorman:
269) “Thomas Goen, being bound by recognizance to answer our Soveraigne Lady the Queen of a force and rescue of a prisoner out of the custody of Wm. Chandler, constable for Machotique precinct, this day upon examination the Court do sett upon him the fine of 20 shillings sterling. It is also ordered Thomas Goen enter into recognizance for his personall appeareance and in the mean tyme to bee of good behaviour. Tho. Goen assumes in the summe of £20 sterling. Mathew Martin in the sume of £5 sterling. Mark Chilton in the summe of £5 sterling.”
279) 1706 August 29, p.37 Judgment is granted John Higgins against Thomas Goen for five hundred forty five pounds of tobacco due by bill account ordered hee pay the same with costs.
281) 1708 August 29 – “Thomas Goen” was a witness to the will of John Spencer of Nominy in Westmoreland County written August 29, 1708.
Westmoreland Co.
282) 1708 October 19 – the probate of the estate of John Spencer showed that “Thomas Goen and John Wright, Gent.” were indebted to the estate in the amount of 473 pounds of tobacco.
287) 1711 April 27: p.156 Richard Kenner brought suite against Thomas Goen of the parish of Cople in the County aforesaid Labourer and declared against him for words spoke by the said Thomas against him the said Richard too his damage one hundred pounds sterl: and at a court held for the said County the 20 May 1708 The Defendant aforesaid appeared and prayed Lycence of Imparlence till the then next Court which was granted and by Severall adjournments from thence Continued over till this day and now at this Court the defendant aforesaid being called & faileing to appear upon Mocion of the pltf Judgment is granted him Nihil dicit against the said Thomas Goen, But for that is not known to the Court what damage the pltf had sustained by meanes of the words by the Defendant aforesaid spoke as the pltf in his Declaration hath set forth It is therefore ordered that the sheriff of the county doe cause to come before her Majties. Justices at the next Court to be held for the said County … the damage may be better known ..