1845 James Munro Goins b. 1845 of GA & AL

From GRF Newsletter March 1994:

James Munro Goins Honored by UDC  And 16th Alabama in Ceremony

By Vickie Rumble
Route 13, Box 179
Florence, Alabama, 35630

James Munro Goins, son of Washington Joshua Goins and
Hannah J. Goins, was born September 28, 1845 at Calhoun,
Georgia in Gordon County, according to his enumeration in
the 1907 census of “Confederate Soldiers Living in Alabama.”

He appeared in the 1850 census of Hall County as a four-yearold.
He reappeared in the 1860 census of Franklin County at age 14.

He was enlisted as a private in Company C, Eleventh Alabama
Cavalry Regiment April 1, 1863 at Frankfort, Alabama in
Franklin County “for three years or the duration of the war” by
Capt. Wisdom. He was paroled at Pond Springs, Alabama in
Lawrence County.

“Monroe Goins” was married to Nancy Ramsey December 29,
1867, according to Colbert County, Alabama Marriage Book
A, License No. 73. Apparently “Monroe Goins” obtained a
second license, No. 79, two days later, and they were married
again, by a different official.

Nancy Ramsey Goins died in January 1870, apparently in
childbirth. James Munro Goins appeared as the head of a
household in the 1870 census of Colbert County at age 24 with
his daughter, Laura, “age five months, born in January 1870.”

James Munro Goins was married a second time to A. E.
Moore July 30, 1874, according to Colbert County marriage
records. . When she was drowned in a flood, according to
family legend, he was married a third time, about 1880, to
Esther Warren.

In a pension application dated April 22, 1899 he stated that he
had received a knee injury and also cited a head injury that he
received in the Battle of Selma. He stated that at Selma, Alabama
he was struck on the head by a falling treetop which
was cut off by an enemy shell. He stated that he “can’t work
in the sun” because of his head injury. He stated that he was
55 and a resident of Colbert County. He owned “2 hogs and
sheep and goats valued at $1.50 and household and kitchen
furniture valued at $25; total $26.50.”

James Munro Goins appeared as the head of a household in
the 1900 census of Colbert County:

“Goins, James M. 55, born in September 1845
Easter M. 43, born in August 1857
Charley 16, born in November 1883
Leslie W. 14, born in September 1885
James M. 6, born in February 1894
Hannah A. 3, born in May 1897”

The county pension board attached an endorsement stating
that he should be accepted as a Class 4 pensioner. On July 10,
1912 James Munro Goins, having attained the age of 70
applied to have his pension class elevated from Class 3 to
Class 2. T. W. Williams, probate judge of Colbert County
sent an undated letter to M. C. Allgood, Alabama State

“There was an old Exconfed came into my office this morning
by the name of J. M. Goins who came here from Decatur. He
wants his pension check sent to Tuscumbia instead of Decatur.
He says his warrants comes to J. M. Gains; it should be

Easter M. Warren Goins died January 7, 1928 and was buried
in Crooked Oak Cemetery. James Munro Goins died
December 1, 1929 and was buried beside her.

Sixty-four years later the United Daughters of the
Confederacy, James W. Stewart Chapter, No. 2479 held
graveside services April 17, 1993 to place a Confederate
marker at the grave of James Munro Goins. The Sixteenth
Alabama Regiment Re-enactment Group fired a 21-gun salute
at the conclusion of the ceremony and honored the soldier
with a resounding rebel yell.

The headstone was unveiled by Matthew Rumble, g-g-ggrandson
of James Munro Goins. He is the son of Darrell and
Vickie Rumble. Leander Moore, grandson of James Monro
Goins, laid a wreath on the grave. The U.D.C. acknowledged
the assistance of Leander Moore and Amelia Wanner, a g-g-ggranddaughter
of James Munro Goins, in making an exact
location of the previously unmarked grave. Amelia Wanner is
the daughter of Allen and Rebecca Wanner.

Children born to James Munro Goins and Nancy Ramsey
Goins include:

Laura Goins born in January 1870

Children born to James Munro Goins and A. E. Moore Goins

Ada Rosella Goins born about 1874

Children born to James Munro Goins and Easter M. Warren

Charley Goins born in November 1883
Leslie W. Goins born in September 1885
James M. Goins born in February 1894
Hannah A. Goins born in May 1897

United Daughters of the Confederacy members assisted by
representatives of the 16th Alabama Infantry Regiment
honored Pvt. James Munro Goins, 11th Alabama Infantry,
CSA in dedicating a Confederate marker for his grave April
17. Left to right are UDC members Mary Ellen Ahlstrom,
Linda Brown, Vickie Rumble, Jennifer Malinsky, Iva
McClure, and Mava Barfield.