1811 John M. Goins b. 1811 m. Mary Clippard in Lincoln Co, NC, lived in Lincoln & Cleveland Co, NC

From GRF Newsletter Nov 1998:

John M. and Polly Goins Were Parents of 11 in North Carolina

By David Goings
Editorial Boardmember
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John M. Goins was born May 29, 1811 and was married October 5, 1833 to Mary “Polly” Clippard, according to “Marriages of Tryon and Lincoln Counties” by Curtis Bynum. She was born March 2, 1816.

“John Goin” was shown as the head of a household in the 1840 census of Lincoln County, page 74. His family was composed of “a white male 20-30, a white female 20-30, a white male 5-10, a white male 0-5 and a white female 0-5.”

He was a farmer and the notation “Upper Regiment Militia” appeared opposite his name in the census. His location was near that of “Oran Gouins,” page 81, whose entry also carried the notation “Upper Regiment Militia.” “Oran Gouins” is regarded as a kinsman.
Cleveland County, North Carolina was organized in the following year, and John M. Goins in 1841 found himself in the new county. “John Gowen” was enumerated October 1, 1850 as the head of a household in the census of Cleveland County, Household 1212-1212, page 198:

“Gowen, John, 36, millwright, born in NC,
Polly 33, born in NC
Joseph 16, farmer, born in NC
Mitchel 12, born in NC
Daniel 11, born in NC
John 10, born in NC
Lucinda 5, born in NC
Francis 1, born in NC, male”

John M. Goins reappeared June 11, 1860 as the head of Household 161-161:

“Goins, John M. 49, millwright, born in NC
Mary 33, born in NC, illiterate
Joseph 26, born in NC, $125 personal
property, illiterate
Michael 18, born in NC
Nancy 22, born in NC, illiterate
John C. 14, born in NC
Lucinda 12, born in NC
Daniel 10, born in NC
Benjamin F. 8, born in NC
Miles H. 6, born in NC
Philip E. 4, born in NC
Mary E. 2, bonr in NC
Sophie 3/12, born in NC”

John M. Goins died November 22, 1869. Mary “Polly” Clip-pard Goins appeared June 30, 1870 as the head of Household 62-98 in Golden Valley township of adjoining Rutherford County, North Carolina:

“Goins, Mary 44, born in NC, keeping house,
Martha 22, born in NC
Doctor 19, born in NC, farming
Miles H. 17. born in NC, working on farm
Philip 15, born in NC
Mary 12, born in NC
Sophia 10, born in NC”

On June 11, 1880 “Mary Gowens” was emumerated as the head of a Household 86-86 in the Brindletown township of Burke County, North Carolina, Enumeration District 48, page 9:

“Gowens, Mary 65, born in NC, illiterate, farmer, widow
Mary E. 25, born in NC, daughter, illiterate

The household of her daughter, “Lucinda Gowens,” No. 87-87. adjoined hers:

“Gowens, Lucinda 31, laborer, single
Mary L. 6, daughter
Lois 4, daughter
Guirda 1, daughter”

Mary “Polly” Clippard Goins died April 11, 1887 probably in Burke County in the home of her son, Miles Henderson Goins who was enumerated there in 1880. She was interred at Silvercreek Baptist Church Cemetery in Morganton, North Carolina in Burke County.

Mary ‘Polly’ Clippard could be the daughter of John Clipard and Nancy Lailors who were married in Lincoln County, NC October 15, 1814. There are several marriages of Clipard, Clippard, Clipperd, Going, Goings, and Goins listed in “Marriages of Tryon and Lincoln Counties.”

The name variants which have been encountered in records concerning this branch include Gowen, Gowens, Goun, Gouns, Goins, and Goings. The 1850 Cleveland County census, page 198 on the microfilm, shows a spelling of Gowen. Page number 24 of the 1860 Cleveland County census shows a spelling of Goins. Page number 6 of the 1880 Brindletown Township, Burke County census shows a spelling of Gowens. Sheet number 25 of the 1900 Henrietta, Rutherford County census shows a spelling of Goins.
The Scottish and Irish patronymic forms would have included Gowen and MacGowen. The genitive “s” could have formed the Gowens surname which was used by my forefathers. The name appears to have been phonetically Americanized into Goins. My grandfather added the extra “g” which resulted in the spelling “Goings.”

“North Carolina Troops 1861-1865, Infantry,” Volume V lists a Michael H. Goins. He resided in Cleveland County where he enlisted at age 21 on 14 May 1861. I am suspicious of the stated age due to the fact that many of the men who ap-pear in this listing were exactly 21 years old. This could be the 1860 Michael Goins age 18 of Cleveland County.

The 1910 census for Miles and Rachel Goins of Henrietta, Rutherford County, NC shows a daughter-in-law Merimar [?], age 26 with granddaughter Carrie, page 4. John W. Goins, son of Miles and Rachel, died December 11, 1906 at age 29 ac-cording to his tombstone at Providence United Methodist Church cemetery in Henrietta. Therefore, he could be the fa-ther. On the back of his tombstone is “Pearlie V. daughter of J. W. Goins and Wife born December 26, 1901 and died July 11, 1902.” John W. Goins is single in the 1900 census for Miles and Rachel Goins of Henrietta, NC.

Children born to John M. Goins and Mary “Polly” Clippard Goins include:

Joseph Goins born about 1834
Nancy Goins born about 1835
Mitchel [Michael?] Goins born about 1838
John C. Goins born about 1842
Martha Lucinda “Cindy” Goins born April 16. 1847
Daniel Francis Goins born about 1848
Doctor Benjamin Franklin Goins born January 16, 1849
Miles Henderson Goins born January 31, 1852
Phillip E. Goins born Feb. 19, 1856
Mary E. Goins born about 1857
Sophia Goins born in March 1860