1780 Basil Goins b. 1780 in Va, m. Betsy, removed to Hall Co, Ga.

From GRF Newsletter June 1992:

Basil Goins Finally Won Land
In Georgia’s Last Lottery

Prepared from data researched
By Carrie M. McGee
Foundation Editorial Boardmember
1303 6th Avenue, Jasper, Alabama, 35501

Basil Goins was born in Virginia about 1780. It is believed
that he was married about 1804, wife’s name, Betsy. After the
War of 1812, they removed to Hall County, Georgia in the
hope of receiving free land. They apparently became estranged
there about 1828.

“Basil Gowen” was married to Manerva Brown in Upson
County, Georgia March 7, 1830. “Basdal Goin,” was listed as
the head of a household in the 1830 census of Hall County
composed of a “white male 40-50; a white female, 15-20 and a
white female 0-5.”

Betsy Goin was also listed as the head of a household in the
1830 census of Hall County, composed of a “white female 40-
50, a white male 30-40, two white males 15-20, a white male
15-20 and a white male 10-15,” according to “Index to 1830
Georgia Census,” page 117.

Nearby were enumerated two Goin households, believed to be
those of her sons, “John Goin, white male, age 20-30 page
92,” and “William Goin, white male, age 20-30, page 104.”

“Basil Going, William Going and the orphans of Sherwood
Going” were successful in the Georgia gold land lottery of
1832 which was the final lottery held in the state. Basil Goins
finally had good fortune on the last chance.

Georgia had used its land since 1784 as an inducement for
settlers. In 1803 legislation provided for the lottery to continue
to be used in distributing free land to its 162,000 citizens.

White male inhabitants of the state who had reached the age of
21 and who were citizens of the United States and residents of
Georgia were entitled to one draw. A man with wife and
children was entitled to two draws, as well as widows who
were heads of households. The lottery system was used to
distribute more than 30,000,000 acres west of the Oconee
River. More than 100,000 fortunate individuals and families
benefited from the seven lotteries held between 1803 and
1832. By that time, the state’s population had quadrupled; a
tremendous buffer against the Indians had been created.

Children born to Basil Goins and Betsy Goins include:

Albert Goins born about 1805
William Goins born about 1806
John Goins born about 1808
J. Bazzil Goins born about 1810
Washington Joshua Goins born August 13, 1813
Jefferson Goins born August 13, 1813