1760 Jason Goen b. abt 1760 in Va, lived in Monongalia Co, Va

From GRF Newsletter Aug 2000:

 Jason Goen, Nonegenarian, Regarded as Melungeon By Some Descendants 240 Years Later.

Although he lived outside of the area known as Melungia
in the juxtaposition of Virginia, North Carolina, Ken-
tucky amd Tennessee, Jason Goen is regarded as a Melun-
geon by some of his descendants.

Jason Goen, “free colored” was born about 1760 in Vir-
ginia, according to his 1850 census enumeration. “Jason
Gowings” was listed as the head of a household in the
1810 census of Jefferson County, Virginia [later West
Virginia], according to “Index to 1810 census of Vir-
ginia” by Madeline W. Crickard.

He appeared in the tax records of nearby Monongalia
County from 1816 to 1828. A daughter, Sophia Goen was
married there in 1816. Other Monongalia taxpayers dur-
ing this time included “Joel W. Goens,” “John Wesley
Goens” and “George W. Goens,” according to Bernard
Mayhle, a descendant of Spokane, Washington. Jason
Goen appeared in the 1820 census of Monongalia County,
page 87, as the head of a household.

About 1827 “Jason Goings and his son, Joel W. Goings”
removed to Ohio, locating in Guernsey County, accord-
ing to the research of Rosemary Dunne, a descendant
and Foundation Member of Amherst, Virginia.

Before 1850, the family removed to Shelby County, Ohio
and lived in the Rumley Settlement there, according to
the research of Douglas S. Harger.
“Jason Goens” appeared in the 1850 census of Guernsey
County at age 90, living the household of his son-in-
law and daughter, Benjamin Simpson and Mary Goens Simp-
son. Benjamin Simpson was her second husband.

Generally the children of Jason Goen adopted the sur-
name Goens. His children are regarded as:

Harriett Goens born about 1789
Sarah Goens born about 1790
Edward Goens born about 1792
George W. “Samuels” Goens born about 1795
John Wesley Goens born about 1796
Sophia Goens born about 1798
Joel Weslin Goens born March 16, 1799
Mary “Molly” Goens born about 1804
Salathel Goens born about 1807