Map 1616 to 1675 Virginia (south)

Going type names (or close) in Virginia (north and far east) from 1616 to 1675 time-frame: (most probably are not Goyen, Gowen or Going related names, but they are close enough to look at to verify).

1616 to 1675 Southern Va marked

Southern Virginia List:

1) 1616 Oct 13 – William Gainye arrived on “The George” in James Cittie, Va
2) 1620 William Gayne is listed in the muster report of Elizabeth Cittie, Va:
4) 1623 Feb 16 – William Gayne (age 39) is on the List of the Living in Virginia, Elizabeth Cittie.
5) 1623 Feb 16 – Thomas Guine is listed on A List of the Names of the Dead in James Cittie.
6) 1624 – William Gayne at muster with Robert Newman and Rebecca Taylor in Elizabeth City, Va
7) 1624, Jan 12, Sir Francis Wyatt to WILLIAM GAINYE, Marriner – 200 acres, Eliz. City Co., near Elizabeth Dunthorne and Wm. Gapps.
8) 1626 Jan 12 – William Gaines is listed as a tennant to Capt Tucker, in Va. James Citty.
9) 1626 Oct 13: William Gainye given a pass to go to England with Will’m English, Thos Spilman, and Ffrances Mason.
10) 1626 Oct 24th James Citty Va court testimony regarding William Gainy and wife, regarding the death of a servant they had hired.
11) 1626 Nov 6, James Cittye Court regarding an offense of Henry Gainye re improper trading of tobacco
1626 Jan 12, Henry Gainye was sentenced for drunkenness.
12) 1633 John Gowing transp to James Cittie Co, near Thomas Phillipps, S. and heirs of Mr. Richard Buck. In a land trans for Thomas Crompe.
13) 1634 -William Gayne listed on Colonial Records of Va. Elizabeth Cittie.
14) 1635 Thomas Guyer heir to Capt Robert Guyer 650a on Lawnes Cr Parish
16) 1635 John Garye grant adj to Joseph Samon on Nazemund River in Va.
17) 1635 – Aug – Thos Gowen, 18 yrs old., is listed in “Original List of Persons of Quality”. He is transported on the “Globe” of London to Va. (unknown exact location – assume Elizabeth City area due to time).
20) 1636 John Geary adj to Joseph Sammond and Humphrey Scowne on Nanzamund River in Warrasquinoke Co Va
22) 1637 Nich Gower transp to Nansamund R adj Matthew Atkinson in Upper Norf Co
23) 1637 John Gary adj to Francis Houfgh and Joseph Sammon on Nansemund River in Upper Norfolk Co Va Marked
24) 1637 John Garye recd 300a on Nansamund R adjr Joseph Sammon in Upper Norfolk Co Va marked
27) 1640 John Geary recd 250a adj Tho Powell on S. branch of Matravers (Nansemond) in Upper Norfolk Co Va
28) 1640 June 30 – Philip Gayne punished for inveigling Catherine Wilkins and indentured servant not his own, he later marries her in James City, Va.
29) 1641 March 31 – John Graweere, a black servant who may have later changed his last name to Gowen, is listed in a lawsuit to purchase his child, the child from a negro woman belonging to Lieut. Robert Sheppard which he desired should be made a christian and be taught and exercised in the church of England, by reason whereof he the said negro did for his said child purchase its freedom of Lieut. Sheppard . . . the child shall be free to Graweere.
30) 1642 Thomas Guyer recd 650a as heir of Capt Robert Guyer in Lawnes Cr Parish, Va.
32) 1643 Thomas Gyer on Lawnes Cr
33) 1643 William Gapinge 140a in James City Co
38) 1648 Leonard Guinns 150 acres adj Toby Smith in Nanesmond Va marked
39) 1648 July 17 – Thomas Gaynes adj to Mr. George Hardy. Near E. side of Lawnes Cr. Parish, near Alice Bennet. in Isle of Wight Co., Va.
55) 1651 October 6, William Gapeing. 250 acres. S of Burcher swamp, S of upper Chipokes Creek. James Co, Va.
56) 1651 William Guinsey and wife at Mattapony R. 300a, York Co Va
59) 1652 Alex Gwyn transp to Norfolk Co Va
60) 1652 Griffin Gwin transp to Lynhaven Parish on br of Mr. Woodhouses Dam in Low Norf Co Va
62) 1652 Aug 14 – Thomas Gayne transp by Nicho. George, Thos Taberer and Humphry Clark to Francis England’s land ends to the great swamp, first branch of black water. Isle of Wight Co, Va.
64) 1654 Eliz Gwin from Hugh Gwin, Isle of Wight, near Goose Hill Creek, near Bennetts Park , Va
65) 1653 Thomas Gover transp to S branch of Elizabeth R. , Norf Co Va
72) 1653 John Gorange as witness to an agreement btw John Saines and Jno Berrye in Surry Co Va
73) 1653 Apr 14 – Wm. Gowin is transp by Mr. William Hoccaday, to head of Ware Creek, near Warany Cr in York Co, Va.
79) 1654 Wm Gopeinge sells 100a to Jno King on Chipoaks Creek in Surry Co Va.
89) 1657 William Gawine living adjacent to Capt Henry Perry and Edward Oliver, Chipokes Cr, in Surry County, Va
90) 1657 October 25-Mihill Gowen, a black servant, sues for and receives his freedom and his son WIlliam’s freedom. Mother of WIlliam, Prossa, does not get her freedom. in York Co, Virginia.
97) John Gynes 1658
112) 1661 Sept 25 an Arthur Severne is indentured to John Gowing, for 4 years in Virginia, according to the Bristol Register.
117) 1662? March 3 John Gwyn buys 1350a in New Kent Co S of York R.
135) 1665 Aug 8 – Mr. Guines adj to Thomas Dennett, by the Dyascun Swamp. James City Co, Va.
145) 1665 Thomas Gorne transp to Isle of Wight Va, at the Cyprus and Western Branches with 56 people, by Wm Body for 3350 acs
148) 1667 Wm Gavin living adjr to John King and John Legrande on Burson Swamp in Surry Co Va
149) 1667 March 11 – James Gaynes – receives 519 acres on the south side of the river; near Poquoson R br Bounded formerly granted to Thomas Hawkings. Warwick Co
156) 1668 Feb 8 – Mihill Gowree (Gowen) receives a 30 to 40 acre deed from Capt Barnhouse. Formerly belonging to John Turner. James City County, Va. near Hubbard & Francis Moreland, adjoining Graves Pack; down the Beach Spring Branch to the place called Horse Bridge,”
157) 1668 March 1 – John Gawen is born to parents William and Ann Gawen according to Charles Parish Records, York Co, Va.
159) 1668 John Goring on tax list of Surry Co, Va.
160) 1669 John Goring on Tax list in Surry Co, Va.
161) 1669 John Goring wit to Henry Hollingsworth confessing judgment to Edward Napkin in Surry Co Va
162) 1669 John Gorin as wit to Edward Middleton making John Wimberly his atty in Surry Co Va
163) 1670 John Goring on tax list in Surry Co Va.
164) 1670 John Goringe wits Robert Shaw pay bill to Mrs Berber in Surry Co Va
168) 1671 Francis Gower as witness to gift of a mare from Peleg Dunstan and Andrew Robertson to Susanna Robinson in Surry Co Va
169) 1671 James Goring wit to John Rogers asking for judgment on debt of John Rogers in Surry Co Va
175) 1673 John Goring on tax list in Surry Co Va
176) 1673 Christopher Gowin starts indenture in York Co, Virginia – born about 1649.
177) 1673 Mr Goring mentioned in investigation of James Chissett and 13 others re riotous assembling in Surry Co Va
182) 1674 John Goring on tax list in Surry Co Va.
183) 1674 Walter Bartlett obtains deed fr Roger Delk and Rebecka delk wit by John Goring in Surry Co Va
184) 1674 July 16 – Philip Gowen, a black servant, files a lawsuit for his freedom. in Warwick County, in Va.
189) 1675 John Goring on tax list in Surry Co, Va
190) 1675 June 10 – Ezekiel Gowering with Thomas Gowering on his tithe in Surry County Titheables: Same household as James Reduck Surry Co, Va.