Map 1616 to 1675 Virginia (north and far east)

Going type names (or close) in Virginia (north and far east) from 1616 to 1675 time-frame: (most probably are not Goyen, Gowen or Going related names, but they are close enough to look at to verify).

1616 to 1675 Northern Va and Eastern Va marked

Northern Virginia list:

31) 1642 Hugh Gwyn receives 1700 acres neare the mouth of Pyankatanke river. Gloucester Co, Va.

34) 1643 Aug 1 – Bernard Gaying transp to N. side of Rappahannock River, bounded W. by Cannatawoman Cr. near Wiccokomocco River, and E. with the main bay.

36) 1647 Hugh Gwyn 1700a on mouth of Pyandutanke R

41) 1650 May 22 – Jane Gaynes transp to Rappa. Riv. on the S. side, beg. at a point by the N., side of Tigners Cr. in Rappa Co. , Va

42) 1650 July 29 – Anne Guyne (or Gayne) transp by Robert Bird on N. side of Rappa. Riv., adj Silvester Thacker & Thomas Whitlock, Rappa Co.

43) 1650 Sept 20 – Edw. Gaynes and Sarah wife transp by Edward Walker on Potomeck R near Thomas Hoyles near Yeacomico R, Northumberland Co, Va.

44) 1650 Oct 18 – John Goane transp by Walter Broadhurst to S. side Potomeck R., at W. side of Poore Jack Cr., to mouth of Conawoman Cr. near land of William Hardigg.

61) 1652 William Guinsey 302a on Portopotank R., Gloucester Co Va

66) 1653 John Gower transp to E br Corotoman R to Moraticon and Wicocomoco path, Lancaster Co

67) 1653 Fra. Gagen transp to N.of Wiccocomico R at a swamp near a creek at a point commonly called Perrots Point, btw Wm. Thomas and Saffron

68) 1655 William Goward transp to Northumberland N. of Wicocomoco R., btw Lambdens Cr. to Hand Cr., near William Thomas, E. N. E. upon Thomas Garrett, the land of Henry Smith, orphant, & towards land Richard Span

69) 1653 Fran Gower 230a on Hodskins Cr S of Rappa R in Lancaster Co Va

71) 1653 Hugh Gwynn 200a N of Pieantank Riv in Gloucester Co, Va.

75) 1654 Henry Gwany transp to Westmoreland Co, Va – upon Upper Machotix Riv., betwixt lands of Nich. Lambsen & Capt. Thomas Davis and John Williams & Stephen Norman, Nly. upon land of John Walton, Ely. upon land of Gervace Dodson & Nath. Jones. Trans, of 60 pers.

77) 1654 William Ginings transp to Oquia River in Westmoreland Co, Va

78) 1654 Oct 6 – Bernard Geines and Eliz. Geines transp by R. (Rowland) Lawson, near Geo Eaton land, S of Rappa R, in Rappa Co, Va

80) 1655 Edward Gower transp to Northumberland N.of Wicocomoco Cr., btw Bridge Cr. and Mr. George Colclough near Hulls Thickett

81) 1653 Frances Gower for use of his son James Gower, 530a S. side of Rappa. Riv., on Ewd. side of Hodskings Cr.

88) 1657 Hugh Gwyn 165a on Piankatank R

94) 1658 Roger Gain transp to Northumberland above Wiccocomocoe Indian Towne, adj. John Cossens & Thomas Steed & Whale by Gervase Dodson

95) 1658 Francis Gower 174a in Northumberland

96) 1658 Mary Goyne (or Goyse) transp to E. side of Chickacone R in Northumberland Co Va w 20 people for 1000 acs by John Trussell and Gervase Dodson

97) 1658 with 100 acs in New Kent Co sold to John Gynes by John Stanup noted in his 1350 ac transaction from 1662. 1662 March 8 – John Gynes is buyer of fr John Stanup, on S side York R, near Henry Ashwell, John Basbie, Thos Collings, in New Kent Co, Va.

98) 1658 May 17 – Christian Gorein transp by Rice Jones, and Anthony Jackman, to S. side of Rappa R. near great swampe or main pocosan, near Dedmans Cr, Rappa Co, Va.

110) 1661 Wm Gower transp to S side Rappa in Rappa Co, Va

111) 1661 William Gower transp to S of Rappa Eastermost cor. of land of Mr. Wm. White, Clerke, running to land of Augustine Blidenburd

118) 1662 William Gulin transp to Lancaster Co, W. of Coratoman R near Mongars Cr, near Morattico path

122) 1663 Daniel Gaines 400 acres on Porttobacco S of Rappa

133) 1665 Daniel Gaines land on Portobacco S of Rappa R

134) 1665 Daniel Gaines 1376 acres S of Rappa near Mattapony.

144) 1666 Frances Gowers land on N. side of Rappa. Co., at the mouth of Totaskey Cr., Running N.W. & bounding on land of Thomas Robbinson & Francis Gower. Trans, of 3 pers

147) 1666 June 29 – James Gaynes adjacent to Wm Gray, and Xtop. Blackbourne. Description: 775 acres on the South of Rappa:

172) 1672 Elizabeth Gowing is indentured to William Temple for 6 years in Virginia, and is transported on The Katherine. William Temple is noted in King and Queen Co, Va in 1666 for birth of son Joseph.