1727 Going Lanphier in Fairfax County, Virginia

Going Lanphier family info – family connections based on his mother’s depo:

From: George Washington’s Mount Vernon:

Going Lanphier’s family tree online: http://www.colonial-settlers-md-va.us/getperson.php?personID=I107154&tree=Tree1

Going Lanphier
Going Lanphier
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Going Lanphier was a carpenter and joiner from Fairfax County, Virginia, who worked occasionally for George Washington over a number of years between the 1750s and 1770s. Lanphier initially made slave clothing for the estate of Lawrence Washington, George Washington’s older half-brother, in 1753. A year later Lanphier was discharging apprentices in joinery and the following year was described as a “jointer.”

During George Washington’s first renovation of Mount Vernon in the late 1750s, Lanphier was employed by his brother-in-law John Patterson, and built the turnery for the new stairs. Lanphier worked with William Bernard Sears on Pohick Church in 1769, after which Washington hired him to build the additions on the north and south ends of the Mansion. Lanphier was paid for his work on the additions in July of 1774, and in 1775 worked on the mantel in the Family Dining Room.1

With George Washington away serving in the American Revolution, Lanphier was supervised by farm manager Lund Washington, who had difficulties with Lanphier’s work. Writing in 1778, Lund explained that: “Of all the worthless men living Lanphier is the greatest, no act or temptation of mine can prevail on him to come to work notwithstanding his repeated promises to do so.”2 In September of that year, Lanphier was working on the covered walkways between the Mansion, the Servants’ Hall, and Kitchen.

Between July of 1774 and July of 1777, Lanphier was provided with herrings, shad, salt, corn, bran, and wool. On July 31, 1777, Lanphier was paid sixty-nine pounds for working eleven and a half months, at a rate of six pounds per month. In addition, another fifteen pounds were given to Lanphier as “Extra Wages for the last Nine Months. . .you being dissatisfied with your former wages.”3

By December of 1777, Lanphier was earning nine pounds per month. In addition to carpentry, Lanphier also mended and made parts for spinning wheels for both wool and linen fabric. Lanphier does not appear in the historical record after leaving Mount Vernon. His son, Robert Goin Lanphier, was trained as a carpenter/joiner and married Elizabeth, a daughter of William Bernard Sears. The younger Lanphier took part in the design competition for the United States Capitol in the 1790s and worked at Riversdale, the Maryland estate of Charles and Rosalie Stier Calvert, the brother and sister-in-law of Eleanor Calvert Custis, Martha Washington’s daughter-in-law.4

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History of Clonmel,  By William P. Burke (pg 230 – lists mayors of Clonmel
1725 James Going
1728 James Going
1734 James Going
1737 Richard Going
1751 Richard Going
History of Clonmel,  By William P. Burke (pg 230 – lists mayors of Clonmel


Elizabeth Lamphier (Going) deposition: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=rlj63650&id=I3496&style=TABLE

Robert Going (b. abt 1670ish) m. Mary Rowe – Ireland (both dec. by 1767).
(Robert Going had 3 siblings:
-Richard Going (married and lived in Bristol)
-Mary Going (married E. White and now dead)
-James Going (married ? ) – Mayor of Clonmell several times
Children of James:
Richard Going – Mayor of Clonmell
Mary Going –
Rebecca Going –
Susanna Going –

Robert Going and Mary Rowe’s children:
John Going (b. abt 1690? – d. ) m. ?
– (Married in Plymouth, England – wife and children still there when sister Elizabeth left for America). (Unk names)
– (sister Elizabeth was still a child when John left Ireland, then came back, then left for England and got married).
Philip Going (b. d. ) m. Sarah Pike.
m. Mary Knight
m. Susanna Gedding

James Going m. Dorothy Tyeney
m. Elizabeth Kyle
Mary Going m. James Walpoole

Sarah Going m. Richard Franklin (attorney)

Robert Going m. Jane Johnston

Elizabeth Going m. Thomas Lamphier
(b. 1704 – d. )

LDS film 0014 253 item 1. p 42- 44
Liber BB #2 1767-1769 PG Co, MD

ELIZABETH LAMPHIER’s DEPOSITION Prince Georges Co., MD Deeds (transcribed by Janet B. Broadbent from the film and sent to Ellen L Martin in 1993)

At the request of Elizabeth Lamphier the following Deposition was Recorded Sept 23rd 1767.

The deposition of Elizabeth Lamphier, Widow and Relict of Thomas Lamphier Deceased , aged about Sixty Three years.

This Deponent Saith that She is daughter to Robert Going & Mary his Wife, who was a Daughter to Gregory Rowe both Deceased, by whom he had four sons and three daughters, to wit John, Philip, James, Mary, Sarah, Robert & This Deponent Elizabeth.

This Deponent further Saith that John The Eldest Son left Ireland when this Deponent was a child, and Returned some years after and Staid a year or thereabouts, from whence he went to England as She This Deponent Believes and Married at Plymouth, and after his Said Marriage Came to Ireland to see his Relations and Returned to his wife & children.

Philip The Second Son married Sarah Pike who Died, after her Death he Married Mary Knight who also died and after her Death he Married Susanna Gedding.

James The Third son Married Dorothy Tyeney who died, and after her Death Elizabeth Kyle.

Mary The first Daughter Married to James Walpoole.

Robert The Last Son Married Jane Johnston.

Sarah The Second Daughter Married Richard Franklin an Attorney [sic].

And the Deponent further Saith That all her said Brothers and Sisters, except her Sister Mary and her husband James Walpole were living in the County of Tipperary in the Kingdom of Ireland when She The Deponent left Ireland.

And This Deponent further Saith That She this Deponent married Thomas Lamphier at Leuskuvenie? In the Said County of Tipperary, who was Son to Thomas Lamphier of the Said County and Elizabeth his Wife Daughter to Mr. Kyle.

And This Deponent further Saith that her Said Father Robert Going has two Brothers and one Sister, Viz. Richard, Mary & James.

This Deponent further Saith that Richard Married and lived in Bristol.

Also That Mary Married E. White who is now Dead.

And that James lived in Clonmel.
This Deponent further Saith that the Said James had one Sone Richard and Three Daughters, Mary, Rebecca & Sussanna who were living and married except Susanna. And this Deponent further saith that The Said Richard was Mayor of Clonmel when she, This Deponent left Ireland, as his Father James had been several Times before.

And this Deponent further Saith That her Mother’s Sister Sarah Rowe was married to John Bagwell & had one son and two Daughters, Viz John, Mary, and Sarah &
This Deponent Saith that The Said John was a Banker & Merchant in the Town of Clonmell.

And this Deponent further Saith that Thomas Lamphier, This Deponents Husband was reputed Son to Thomas Lamphier of The Said County of Tipperary & that he lived at Coreigheen ? where she This Deponent married The Said Thomas Lamphier Jr. and

This Deponent Saith That the Said Thomas Lamphier had by his Wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Kyle, Daughter to the aforesaid Mr. Kyle four Sons and Three Daughters to Wit.
Elizabeth, who afterward married John Burgess.
William Lamphier, Mary who afterward married Joseph Tenson,
Joseph Lamphier,
& this Deponent’s Husband Thomas Lamphier,
John Lamphier, &
Sarah Lamphier.

And this Deponent further saith That Henry Burgess, Son to John Burgess who Married The aforesaid Elizabeth Daughter to the aforesaid Thomas Lamphier Senr a Cloathier by Trade Came with his Uncle Thomas Lamphier This Deponent’s Husband & The Rest of the Family to America, which Said Henry Burgess died a few years ago as This Deponent understood by a Letter from his widow to John Patterson This Deponent’s Son in Law informing him of his the Said Henry’s Death & also That he left Six Children, Three of Them were by a former Wife.

And this Deponent further Saith that William Lamphier eldest son to the aforesaid Thomas Lamphier Sen~ Married Elizabeth Lane, Sister to Ambrose Lane of Lane’s Park which Said Elizabeth is Since dead, as She This Deponent understood by Letter written by the Said William Lamphier to his Brother Thomas Lamphier This Deponent’s Husband & also that he had married one Evans.

And This Deponent further Saith Saith that Mary Daughter to the aforesaid Thomas Lamphier Senior Married Joseph Tinson son to Joseph Tinson of Orchard Town near Clonmell, and that After The Said Mary’s Death that he The Said Joseph Tinson Married Garter Hunt Daughter to John Hunt of Clonag.

And This Deponent further Saith that Joseph Lamphier married Elizabeth Bradshaw Daughter to Robt Bradshaw of the County of Limerick.

And this Deponent further Saith That William and Joseph Lamphier & Their Wives, John Burgess & his wife, Joseph Tinson and his Second Wife Garter Tinson, John Lamphier who was unmarried were all alive when She this Deponent left the Kingdom of Ireland.

And this Deponent further saith that Sarah Lamphier died of the Smallpox before this Deponent left the said Kingdom.

And this Deponent further Saith that Thomas Lamphier Senr & Elizabeth his Wife allowed themselves to be sponsers for this Deponent when this Deponent was Baptized.

And this Deponent further Saith that the Said Thomas Lamphier, Father to This Deponents Husband & the above mentioned Sons & Daughters Died The August Before This Deponent left The Saud Kingdom of Ireland at the aforesaid Town of Coeigheen having his Widow Elizabeth to the Care of Their Son John Lamphier, who was making Preparation to move to a Farm Called Park town.

And this Deponent further Saith That She This Deponent together with her Said Husband Thomas Lamphier & the Rest of the Family left the said Kingdom of Ireland in the Year one Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight.

And This Deponent Further Saith that Going Lamphier, Susanna who married John Patterson and Venus Lamphier are the lawful children of The Said Thomas Lamphier Begotten on This Deponent’s body.

And this Deponent further Saith that the aforesaid Going Lamphier, Susanna Patterson & Venus Lamphier are now aliving, Going in Fairfax County in The Colony of Virginia & Susanna Patterson & Venus Lamphier in The Province of Maryland.

/S/ Elizabeth Lamphier

Father: Robert GOING b: Abt 1667 in Castle Crannagh, Birdhill, co Tipperary, Ireland
Mother: Mary ROWE

Marriage 1 Thomas LANPHIER b: 1699 in Parkestowne, County Tipperary, Ireland
Married: Abt 1727 in Curragheen, Liskeveen, County Tipperary, Ireland
Change Date: 26 Feb 2007
Going (Goin) LANPHIER b: 1727 in Cork County, Ireland
Susannah LANPHIER b: 1729 in County Tipperary, Ireland
Venus LANPHIER b: 1731 in County Tipperary, Ireland

1770 May 24 – Appraisal of estate of Venus Lamphier . . . Signed: John Dalton, Harry Piper, James Connell. Will Book C, pg 80. Fairfax Co, Va.

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